Crocs are so hot right now, but you’re probably not wanting to shell out $50 for a new pair of foam clogs.

Whether you’re wanting Crocs for kids, Crocs sandals, weird Crocs colors, or whatever, there are LOTS of ways to save money on Crocs.

We’ll tell you where to find Crocs on sale, how much you can save, and when the best time to buy Crocs is.


1. First, find the most up-to-date Crocs deals on KCL.


The first place you’ll want to check for Crocs deals is on KCL. You can find all of the current discounts on Crocs there, and if you download the KCL app, you can even get notifications sent right to your phone as soon as the deals go live.


2. Crocs’ most popular shoe — the Classic Clog — costs $50 retail. (But we’ll show you how to get them for under $30.)

Classic clogs are made entirely of Crocs’ trademark material called Croslite — a lightweight, waterproof, soft type of EVA foam.

The classic clogs come in at least 46 solid colors, but all of them retail for $49.99.

If you pay more than $30.00 for Classic Clogs, you’re doing it wrong.


3. The cheapest place to buy most types of Crocs is on Amazon.

Amazon has a bunch of different kinds of Crocs. To search for Crocs, make sure you filter by Crocs brand, to weed out the dupes. You’ll have to sort by mens or women’s which is silly since Crocs are unisex. And then I like to filter by price range of $0 to $30.

Check out my pre-set filters, and shop Amazon Croc deals under $30 here.

We’ve got lots of ways to find hidden deals on Amazon.


4. is the best place to get Crocs for kids — up to 45% off.

Your target pricing for kids’ Crocs is under $25.

We’ve seen Crocs classic clogs for kids (in both solid colors and fun patterns) at for as little as $21.85. . . that’s 45% off the regular price of $39.99.

You’ll get free shipping if you purchase 2 or more items, or if you spend $50+.


5. Get up to 42% off Crocs at Sierra Trading Post when they have the stock.

What Sierra Trading Post lacks in Crocs variety they make up for in savings. From time to time, we’ve seen huge sales at on 12 styles of men’s, women’s, and children’s Crocs. When a Crocs sale happens, grab ’em before they’re gone.


6. Keep an eye out for Crocs sales on Woot to save 50%.

Woot is the original flash-sale site, offering big discounts on a limited number of items each day. A few times a month(!!!) those items include Crocs.

Look for deals of at least 50% off. In October 2021, we found Crocs Kids Crocband Clogs for $16.99 (reg. $34.99). . . that’s 51% off.

Plus, Woot (owned by Amazon) offers free shipping to Prime members.


7. Buy Crocs dupes from Amazon to save at least 40%.

There’s no shortage of imitation Crocs out there — Crocs filed a lawsuit against 21 companies in mid-2021 — but if you want all the feels of a pair of Crocs without paying those high Crocs prices, we invite you to join the world of dupes.

Amazon has the best selection of Crocs look-alikes, including Amvoji-brand, which you can get for about $20 every day.



8. Only shop Nordstrom Rack for kids’ Crocs or Crocs dupes.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Nordstrom Rack isn’t going to be the place you find the deepest discounts on Crocs. They carry a bunch of different styles and colors, but most of the time, legit adult Crocs are only discounted around 10%.

The Rack is the a great store for buying Crocs for kids and babies. I found a ton of Crocs for kids that cost just $19.97. . . 33% off!

Generally, though, we have some helpful tips for shopping Nordstrom Rack.


9. Expect to pay $13 – $17 for Crocs dupes at Ross.

Cheap Crocs pop up from time to time — we’ve heard of multiple people getting Classic Clogs for $15 — but they’re almost immediately snatched from the shelves.

Instead, expect to pay around the same amount for some Crocs look-alikes from Nautica, Easy Spirit and Sketchers.

The cheapest pair we found for adults was $12.99 for some navy blue Nautica foam clogs.

We’ve got plenty of Ross shopping hacks to help you pay even less on your next shopping trip.


10. Pay as low as $3 for imitation Crocs for toddlers on clearance at Target.

Target sells Crocs dupes during the summer months, and during the fall, check the clearance shoes section to find big discounts on foam clogs for babies and toddlers (we couldn’t find any for adults).

We found a pair of $10 Cat & Jack foam clogs for just $2.99, 85% cheaper than the $20 retail price for the same kind of shoes from Crocs.

And then, use your Target RedCard to get another 5% off!


11. Check Amazon first for much-cheaper ‘Jibbitz.’

Jibbitz are those little charms that stick onto the circle-shaped holes on the top of Crocs shoes. They’re fun for customization, but they can be expensive — as much as $5 PER CHARM!

If you’re ready to start customizing your Crocs, check Amazon first; plenty of sellers have imitation Jibbitz that’ll work with your shoes. Checkout Bockcharm on Amazon for a 30 pack of knockoff jibbitz for only $9.99 shipped.

The more generic the design, the less you pay — but even the special themed charms are much cheaper than the official Crocs Jibbitz.


12. Save up to 60% during Crocs’ Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and After-Christmas Sales. has some pretty stellar online sales around the holidays, including their doorbuster deals. For all of these sales, we saw free shipping on orders over $44.99 and free returns for all orders.

For Black Friday 2020, offered 30% off site-wide starting Thursday night and ending Friday night. They also had 40% off sitewide on Cyber Monday.

Their doorbuster deals, which were available from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, had extra items that were 50% – 60% off.

In 2020, Crocs had a great After-Christmas Sale where over 160 items were up to 60% off.


13. The rest of the time, the sale page at is either really good or a big snooze.

Most of the time, the cheapest Crocs you can find on the “Sale” page at is the Kids’ Classic Crocs Slide for $16.99 — only a 15% discount off the MRSP of $19.99.

But when Crocs holds sales throughout the year, look for discounts of up to 50% off select styles, like the Baya Clog ($24.99, reg. $49.99), the Kids Bayaband Marbled Sandal ($17.49, reg. $34.99), and the Kids Crocband Clog ($17.49, reg. $34.99).



14. Only shop Kohl’s for Crocs during a sale or if you have a bunch of Kohl’s Cash.

For the most part, your best deals on Crocs won’t be found at Kohl’s.

But you can create your own sale by using your accumulated Kohl’s Cash to cut down on your out-of-pocket price.

Make sure you come equipped with all of our Kohl’s shopping tips.


15. Finding Crocs at Marshalls and TJMaxx online is a little tricky.

Marshalls and TJ Maxx won’t show you Crocs if you search for them for some reason, but you’ll see Crocs if you search for clogs and then click “reveal designer” where the brand is normally listed.

The prices we’ve seen at these stores still aren’t cheaper than what we’ve found at Amazon, but it’s another option.

Want proof? Some deal seekers on Reddit can vouch!


16. Skip Zappos — they aren’t even close to the lowest price.

It’s weird; Zappos is one of the best places to buy UGGs or Birkenstocks, but when it comes to Crocs, they only offer retail price (or pretty close to it). Even weirder because Zappos is an Amazon company.

Other stores that don’t really offer sales include:


17. Lined Crocs and printed designs cost $5-$10 extra.

Some of the most popular Crocs are the lined clogs. They’re the same as the Classic Clog, but are lined with fuzzy material. They retail for $59.99 ($10 more than the unlined clogs).

Generally speaking, if you want your Crocs with printed designs on them (rather than just a solid color), expect to pay about $5 extra.


18. Look for less popular colors and old patterns for the biggest discounts.

Did you know white and yellow crocs just aren’t as popular as other colors? Whatever the reason, it turns out these colors give us the best prices on Crocs.


19. The best time of year to buy Crocs is in early fall.

The end of the summer season is THE BEST time to find Crocs on sale as retailers are looking to make room for winter inventory.

In late September, we were able to find Classic Crocs for adults in navy blue for just $14.99 at Ross. Although the “comparable value” says $25.00, it’s actually double that!

You’ll find the same kinds of sales play out at TJMaxx, Nordstrom Rack (kids only), and Marshalls.


20. Platform Classic Clogs are the most expensive type of Crocs — and sales aren’t ever very good.

Platform Classic Clogs have a thicker sole and more of a heel than the regular clogs, and they retail for $54.99.

The best discount on them we found was $47.99 at both Amazon and Zappos (which Amazon owns) — 12.7% off retail — but prices go up (and discounts go down) from there.


21. Not ready to commit? Amazon lets you test drive Crocs for free.

Prime Try Before You Buy (formerly known as Amazon Wardrobe) lets you try up to 8 different items for 7 days for free. I was able to try a pair of Crocs Classic Clogs, UGG Ansley slippers, Columbia fleece sweater and Columbia boots, Koolaburra Tynley boots, and Sperry slip-ons. Not all brands and models are available, but for those that are, here’s what you do:

  • Visit the product page on Amazon
  • Toggle the “Prime Try Before You Buy” slider above the size drop-down
  • Pick your size/color
  • Add to cart

Your 7-day trial doesn’t begin until your shoes are delivered. Items usually arrive in 3 to 5 business days, and those 7 days of trying start upon delivery.

If you keep something past the 7 days, they’ll automatically charge your card on file; otherwise, you just return it.

Want to know more? We have an honest Prime Try Before You Buy review.

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