“Retail apocalypse” might be a bit of a stretch, but if you’ve visited your local mall in the past year, you’ve probably seen empty parcels and a significant dip in foot traffic.

In 2017, we saw just under 8,000 major chain closures, and 2018 brought us 5,854. Guess what? There are 12,000 more stores predicted to close in 2019.

Want to know what stores are closing in 2019? Here are the ones that’ve already been announced for this year and a recap of the biggest retail closures of 2018.

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Stores closing in 2019:

1. Gymboree — all stores

In January this year, we found out that Gymboree would be shutting its doors to all 900 retail locations. Gymboree…we miss you already.


2. Payless Shoe Source — all stores

Stores like Kohl’s are making shoe shopping a one-stop shop and this has affected shoe stores like Payless. Payless Shoe Source stores became less and less popular and now they cease to exist.


3. Charming Charlie — all stores


That’s right, your favorite color-coordinated accessory shop is closing their doors. Sales are still happening through August, so check to see if your local Charming Charlie is having sales up to 50% off.


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4. Top Shop — all stores in the U.S.

There were only 11 in the U.S. anyway, but still, sad to see them go. Fortunately, you can still find Top Shop’s brand at stores like Nordstrom!


5. Dressbarn — all stores

Dressbarn announced in July that 53 locations will be closing in August, but by the end of the year, all Dressbarns will close.

Expect to see sales start out slowly with deals like 10% off and eventually get up to 80% off.



6. Shopko — all stores

After failing to find a buyer after closing the first chunk of locations, Shopko closed all 371 stores.


7. Charlotte Russe — all stores

This year we said goodbye to this affordable trendy-wear store.


8. Fred’s — 441 or 85% of stores

Just from April through July 2019, Fred’s has closed 441 stores. There are now only 80 locations left.


9. Family Dollar — 390 or 5% of stores

Family Dollar stores will be closing 390 of over 8,000 U.S. locations in 2019 and 200 Family Dollar locations will be turning into Dollar Tree stores. Keep an eye out for liquidation sales — you could find items up to 50% off.


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10. GNC — 233 or 3% of stores

So far 233 GNC locations have closed, but they estimate that they’ll end up closing between 700-900 locations over the next three years! If you have one closing by you, find sales starting at 25% off.


11. Gap — 230 over the next two years (32%)

We’re not sure how many will close just in 2019 or what the closing sales will look like, but earlier this year Gap claimed that they planned on 230 store closings over the next couple of years.


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12. Walgreens — 195 or 3% of stores

This is only about 3% of their total stores, so it shouldn’t affect too many people.



13. Sears and Kmart — 146 or 21% of stores

Is it just me, or have Sears and Kmart been closing stores my entire adult life? I can’t tell if it’s a slow bleed to death or a successful reorganization. Expect to keep seeing Sears and Kmart closings with sales up to 80% off.


14. Chico’s — 74 or 5% of stores

Over the next three years, Chico’s, which includes White House Black Market and Soma, is planning on 250 store closures. Expect to see sales up to 75% off.


15. Pier 1 Imports — 57 or 6% of stores

If Pier 1 Imports is unable to hit performance goals, the CEO said they could end up closing around 145 of their stores in the upcoming years. If you’re looking to shop liquidation sales, you could save up to 60%.


16. Victoria’s Secret — 53 or 6% of stores

The Victoria’s Secret locations closing are in Florida, Ohio, Iowa, New York, Virginia, South Carolina and Tennessee. The lingerie store claimed to have a decline in performance. In the past, we’ve seen liquidation sales for up to 90% off.


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17. Office Depot/Office Max — 50 or 4% of stores

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These retail closures are part of a three-year plan Office Depot made in 2016 to close 300 stores. If your local Office Depot is closing, check it out for up to 40% off.


18. CVS — 46 or 0.5% of stores

In April, CVS said 46 underperforming stores would close.



19. Party City — 45 or 5% of stores

Party City sales began dropping after going through a shortage of helium and not being able to sell the normal amount of balloons. Liquidation sales here tend to go up to 70% off.


20. JCPenney — 27 or 3% of stores

These closures have happened in 13 states including California, Florida, New Jersey, Georgia, North Carolina and New York. We’ve seen liquidation sales from JCPenney that have been up to 80% off.


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21. Walmart — 17 or 0.1% of stores

We aren’t too worried about this one. While 17 Walmarts have closed, they are mostly the Walmart Neighborhood Markets, and new Walmarts open all the time.


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Now that you know what stores are closing in 2019, here’s a recap of store closures in 2018:

  • Toys”R”Us – All stores
  • Best Buy Mobile – All stores
  • Claire’s – 92 stores (1%)
  • Sam’s Clubs – 63 stores (11%)
  • Abercrombie and Fitch – 60 stores (9%)
  • Winn-Dixie, Harveys and Bi-Lo – 94 stores (16%)
  • Footlocker – 110 (3%)
  • Sears and Kmart – 103 stores combined (11%)
  • Bon-Ton – 47 stores (16%)


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