I’ll admit it—I struggled to get through college and graduate. I attended four different universities before I found the right fit, and because of this it took me a full extra year to finish my program. By the time I was in my senior year, I was always on high alert for any student discount or deal. I carried two different student discount cards (both of which are included in this list)! Student discount cards are just great and are fabulous gifts for cash-strapped students—plus, each has a different focus so you can find the perfect fit.

1. ISEC: International Student Exchange Card

The ISEC card has the best benefits hands-down when it comes to emergency and travelers assistance, and it also offers other bonuses to help with travel insurance, medical assistance while traveling and international calling. (This is one of the cards I carried when I traveled in college!)

2. IYTC: International Youth Travel Card

This card is the best choice if you are taking time away from school, are a part-time student only, have just graduated but want to tag along with student friends on trips, or you are between the ages of 13 and 25 and just love discounts!

3. ISIC: International Student Identity Card

The ISIC card is the only card that is UNESCO-endorsed as international proof of student identity, which makes it a must-have for first-time international student travelers. (This is one of the cards I carried when I traveled in college!)

  • Price: $22
  • ISIC website: http://www.isic.org
  • Potential savings: 5-50% off depending on the merchant
  • Who is eligible: College students (full time only), parents of college students, parents of K-12 students, K-12 students (ages 12+)
  • Types of discounts: More than 42,000 different discounts and savings in 130 countries. Savings and discounts are available for domestic and international products and services. Categories include study, entertainment, travel, food, culture, shopping, sports and more.
  • View all available discounts: http://www.isic.org/benefits/
  • How to order online: http://www.isic.org/get-your-card/

4. SAC: Student Advantage Card

The Student Advantage Card is widely considered to be the best student discount card for domestic (USA) use. In addition to regular deals, the SAC card offers periodic special promotions and deals.

Student Discount Cards: Why They Make Great Gifts and How to Choose the Best One