Long gone are the days when I only visited the drugstore for prescriptions. Since my coupon conversion, I’ve found the drugstore is a hotbed for deals on a variety of products! Aside from the obvious, here are the top five things I buy at drugstores. All the examples below were from a shopping trip at Walgreens. If you’ve been considering drugstore couponing, here is my evidence that it’s worth it!

The key to finding great drugstore deals is waiting for a sale and matching it with a coupon. Here are some of the deals I’ve found in the last month. Once you’re convinced, check out the CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid deals on KCL!

1. Food

  • Free turkey bacon with a sale price and a Facebook coupon.
  • Box of Slim Fast bars for $0.49. Sale price and printable coupon.
  • One dozen eggs for $0.49. $0.99 sale price with $0.50 Ibotta offer.
  • Snickers Ice Cream bars box for $1.00 (plus free Redbox code). Sale, plus coupon, plus Catalina.
  • Post cereal for $0.99. Sale price and coupon.
  • Dr. Pepper TEN, 2L for $0.49. Sale price and Walgreens coupon.

2. Household Items

  • Windex Spray for $0.50. Combine sale price, coupons, Points, Register Reward and a Catalina.
  • Free Glade air fresheners. Sale price and coupon.
  • Kleenex, as low as $0.33 per box. Sale price, coupon, Catalina.
  • Walgreens brand bath tissue for $0.25 per roll. Sale price with “Friends & Family Discount.”

3. Oral Care Items

  • Scope Mouthwash for $0.33. Combine sale, coupons, Register Reward deal.
  • Moneymaker trial-size Colgate. Pay $1.39, Receive $1.50 Register Reward.
  • Free Crest mouthwash. Sale price, coupon, Register Reward.
  • Oral-B Toothbrush for $0.24. Sale price, coupon, Register Reward.

4. Personal Care

  • L’Oreal hair gel for $0.19. Clearance price with coupon.
  • Lubriderm lotion for $0.89. Sale price and coupon.
  • Walgreens-brand Chap-Aid for $0.25. In-Ad coupon double-dips with sale price.
  • Carmex lip balm for $0.25. Sale price, coupon, points.

5. Cosmetics

  • Rimmel nail polish for $0.27. Sale price and coupon.
  • Almay makeup removers. Sale price, manufacturer coupon and Walgreens coupon stack.
Surprising Items You Should Buy at the Drugstore