Uber’s making some big moves right now, and none of them have to do with the thing that got them here — ridesharing.

The company’s been seeing huge growth with their Uber Eats service, and they’re doubling down on delivery. This week Uber announced they’re buying fellow food delivery service Postmates, and now they’re adding grocery delivery to their repertoire.

Here’s what you need to know:


Uber has already started delivering groceries in select cities.

As of July 7, customers in Miami, Dallas, and select cities in Latin America and Canada can use the Uber app and/or the Uber Eats app to order groceries.

Last year, Uber bought a majority stake in Chile-based grocery delivery startup Cornershop, and they’ve integrated Cornershop’s system into the Uber apps’ interface. Just like with food orders or rideshares, you’ll be able to track the grocery delivery every step of the way.


Eats Pass and Uber Pass subscribers get free grocery delivery on orders of $30 or more.

Eats Pass is Uber’s $9.99/month subscription that waives delivery fees on all Uber Eats purchases of $15 or more. Uber Ride Pass is the $24.99/month subscription that normalizes ride fees.

Walmart, one of the stores that will be served by Uber grocery delivery, costs $12.95/month for unlimited free delivery on orders of at least $30 through their own service.

Subscribers of either Pass get free grocery delivery in the two U.S. pilot cities (Miami and Dallas) on orders of $30 or more.

No word yet whether Uber grocery delivery will have its own subscription service.



Expect more cities to add Uber grocery delivery in the coming months.

Uber didn’t buy Cornershop to just serve Miami and Dallas. Early returns in Canada and Latin America show surging demand for Uber to deliver grocery and convenience store products, and as the company works out the kinks in Florida and Texas, the company will introduce the service to more markets.

That said, they may have a hard time competing against Instacart, who has signed exclusive deals with some grocers.


Get discounted Uber gift cards now to save on groceries later.

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This is basically like an automatic coupon on your future grocery delivery purchases through Uber.

That said, you’ll want to explore your other grocery delivery options; better deals are to be had (Walmart Grocery Delivery is cheaper and easier than you think).


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Uber Has Started Delivering Groceries