Walmart Pet Care brings deep discounts for everything you’ll want to buy your dog or cat: food, medicine, pet sitting, and even pet health insurance.

Here’s everything you gotta know about Walmart’s pet health offerings.

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1. Walmart Pet Care insurance starts at $20.16 a month with up to 90% reimbursement.

Walmart Pet Care has teamed up with Petplan to offer pet insurance to cover the cost of accidents, injuries, and illnesses.You have to pay up front for your vet visit, but then they reimburse you. Petplan advertises their plans reimbursing up to 90% and cost an average of $25 monthly for cats and $35 for dogs, but those numbers can shoot up as you’ll see.

The cheapest I’ve seen is $20.16 a month for cats up to two years old. Before you get started, get a pet insurance quote like I got for my Yorkie mix. Here’s what you should expect to pay for Walmart Pet Care insurance compared to the competition:

PRO TIP: Last time I checked, they were offering a free $25 Walmart gift card for newcomers.


2. Walmart pet insurance costs more the older and larger your pet is.

The smaller and younger your dog is, the less you’ll pay for Walmart Pet Care insurance. While it’s not too expensive for younger pets, you’ll start paying over $100 a month once they get to double digits.

Here’s what you should expect to pay every month based on size and age:


3. Book dog walking or pet sitting through Walmart Pet Care for $40 in gift cards.

Walmart Pet Care offers the Rover dog walking/pet sitting service.

When you sign up for Rover through Walmart Pet Care, you get a $20 Walmart gift card for booking by Nov. 1, 2021, and another $20 gift card if you complete five bookings by then. It’s totally free to sign up.

Basically, that’ll cover an overnight dog sitting session (usually $35 – 50) or even a couple of walks ($15 – 20.)


4. Walmart PetRx with autoship beats the competition by at least $5.

With Walmart PetRx, owners can fill their dogs’ and cats’ prescriptions and even choose to AutoShip for automatic reorders. The overall prices are the same as competitors like PetMeds and For example, here’s a price comparison on a 30-count 100 mg order of Rimadyl chewables:

Walmart PetRX: $40.39 and free shipping with 20% for Autoship

PetMeds: $45.49 ($5 off and free shipping with Promo Code EZREFILL)

Costco Pharmacy (pick up only): $46.99 $50.49



5. Browse deals on pet food, supplies, and more for up to 50% off.

On the Walmart Pet Care site, click the Pet Savings Center link on the left, where Walmart keeps their deepest discounts on pet items.

You’ll find pet food, kitty litter, toys, carrier bags, and more. I just saw a $70 cat tree and scratching post for just $36.88.


Have you used Walmart Pet Care for your furry friend? How was your experience? Drop a comment below and share with the KCL community!




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