Although you can’t yet walk into a Best Buy and browse the aisles like you used to, starting in May, the home electronics retailer is taking appointments for in-store shoppers.

Best Buy announced that 200 of its 1,000 stores are introducing In-Store Consultations, a new personalized shopping experience that helps customers with their purchases while practicing social distancing.

Here’s what you need to know:


Customers may schedule shopping appointments with Best Buy associates.

Best Buy says that while curbside pickup is working for most customers, some types of purchases — like large appliances or high-value electronics — are more successful for customers when they’re able to have a conversation in person.

Customers may schedule appointments with Blue Shirts or Geek Squad Agents by phone, at the Best Buy website, through the Best Buy app, or via live chat.


Walk-in appointments aren’t a thing — yet.

The consultations are for shoppers who have an idea of what they want to buy, but just need some more information. Upon registering for a consultation appointment, customers will get confirmation of their visit, along with text and email reminders.

Customers will also get a pre-appointment call from a Best Buy employee, to walk them through the process, explain safety measures, and learn more about the purpose for their appointment.

Every shopper will have a dedicated sales associate with them, so the number of shoppers will be directly related to the number of available employees.



There will be increased safety protocols inside the stores.

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During these appointments, the shopping experience will look different in the following ways:

  • Customers will check in at the store entrance, where they’ll receive another briefing on the process, and then wait for a sales associate.
  • Employees will be wearing gloves, masks and other mandatory protective gear, and will enforce social distancing guidelines.
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes will be available for shopping carts.
  • Signs and floor stickers will provide navigation and guidance on safety.
  • Employees will wipe products before customers handle them, and then will wipe them again when they are done.
  • Before and after each appointment, Best Buy employees will sanitize areas and surfaces in the store.
  • Employees will escort customers out of the store when their appointment is over.


Don’t want to leave home? Best Buy has free virtual consultations.

Get expert help related to your home office, TV & home theater, smart home products, and appliances via Best Buy’s free virtual in-home consultations.

Find out how to install your new product, determine your next purchase, or troubleshoot Best Buy products via chat, phone, or video call.


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