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7 Costco Wedding Hacks That'll Save You Thousands

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Costco wedding hacks are here to save your big day. Or at least save your wallet on your big day. Cheers to that, right?

In my state (Idaho), the average cost of a wedding is $16,000. And that’s pretty low compared to the national average of $30,000. With the cost of weddings continually skyrocketing — and companies and brands super excited to make you bleed green dollar bills in order to have the wedding of your dreams — loads of us are saying “no more!”

If that’s you and you’re not interested in paying off your wedding long into the first decade of your marriage, you’re in the right place. Costco wedding hacks for the win.

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1. Anyone can set up a free Costco wedding registry — even nonmembers.

a person looking at costco gift registry on laptop

It’s true. You can register through Costco for just about anything you might need. Costco has partnered up with to create a sort of universal registry option. Categories include cookware, bedding, kitchen items, home decor, appliances, and more. You can even register for baby items like diapers if you want to.

Best part? You don’t have to be a Costco member to use this service. And folks buying presents from your Costco registry don’t have to be members either since they’ll make the purchases online.

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2. Opt to buy flowers in bulk from Costco and pick them up a day or two before your event.

Someone shopping for bulk flowers on

Most couples spend around $1,000 or more on basic flowers for their wedding. But why spend that when you can get over 100 stems or 10 bouquets for under $100 from Costco? This is one of the very best Costco wedding hacks.

When ordering bulk flowers from Costco, choose a specific delivery time, no more than a day or two before your wedding. Once your flowers arrive, ask family and friends to help you arrange them in Mason jars or dollar-store vases. Keep the most important bouquets — like those for you and your bridesmaids — refrigerated to ensure flowers stay fresh longer.

You don’t necessarily need a Costco membership to buy bulk fresh flowers, but without a membership, you’ll pay a nonmember fee of around 10%. Here’s exactly how to pay under $1 for Costco flowers.


3. Buy booze, beer, and wine on the cheap from Costco.

a woman looking wine at costco

The average couple spends up to $2,400 for booze on their wedding day. Of course, your alcohol spend depends on how many people you invite, how much you think they’ll drink, and how long the party will last. But in general, the average cost of a 750mL bottle of wine is $20, a 750mL bottle of champagne is $25, and a 750mL bottle of liquor is $30. Keep those numbers in mind so you can see what a great deal the Costco Kirkland Signature alcohol is.

TIP: Before booking any venue, make sure to ask whether you can bring in your own alcohol. It’s way cheaper than buying from the venue, and you get to choose what you serve.

Due to alcohol laws, Costco warehouse clubs can’t restrict the sale of wine and alcohol to just members. So even if you’re not a member, you can take advantage of Costco’s cheap booze and Kirkland brand vodka. Just go to member services and request a 1-day shopping pass good for only alcohol.


Here are a few examples of liquor and wine prices at Costco:

  • Kirkland Signature Malbec, 750mL, $6.99
  • Kirkland Signature Chardonnay, 1.5L, $7.99
  • Kirkland Signature American Vodka, 1.75L, $12.99
  • Kirkland Signature Champagne Brut, 1.5L, $19.99
  • Kirkland Signature Canadian Whiskey, 1.75L, $27.39
  • Kirkland Signature Añejo Tequila, 1L, $27.99


4. Prepare appetizers yourself using stuff from the refrigerated section.

costco cart with meats and cheese

I’m sure you heard of the couple who “catered” their own wedding and fed everyone for under $800 by shopping at Costco. Pretty impressive considering the average couple spends $4,000 on wedding catering.

This option will definitely require some elbow grease on your part, but your budget will absolutely thank you. Plus if you’re already in the frame of mind to pinch pennies for your wedding, you’ve probably made peace with the work involved.

Purchase bulk cheese, meats, crackers, dip, olives, and fruit to make simple charcuterie boards. Prep them in advance and refrigerate, then pull them out on the day of your event.

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5. Buy a Costco cake (or two) for your wedding.

person filling out costco cake order sheet

It’s easy to drop a few hundred bucks on a wedding cake. The average couple spends $500 on this expense alone. But you’d have to buy 25 cakes in order to rack up that bill at Costco! And you don’t need that many, do you? A couple of cakes for less than $20 a pop should do it for most weddings. (Bonus: They do free wedding cake tasting!)

And hey, there’s always this king of Costco wedding hacks that one couple discovered. They found you could cut up a cake, stack it into a tiered position, refrost it, and decorate it with flowers to transform a boring sheet cake into something lovely. They bought two sheet cakes and some flowers at Costco and spent less than $50 total.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need to place your cake order in person at the warehouse and at least two days in advance.

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6. Don’t bother with Costco engagement rings.

costco jewerly counter signage

There are a lot of reasons why you might be better served buying a diamond engagement ring from an online retailer like Blue Nile or James Allen instead of from Costco. The main one is cost. James Allen sells some rings for up to 28% less than Costco. Another reason? Costco no longer offers GIA certificates for their diamonds, and because of this, you can’t know what you’re buying. So you’re overpaying and don’t have any assurance that you’re getting exactly what you think you’re getting.

Plus there’s no way to resize your ring at a Costco location, and the selection is minimal. Skip Costco on this one and check out one of these other places to buy engagement rings instead!


7. Book your honeymoon through Costco Travel.

costco travel brochures on being opened in store

Costco Travel packages are up to 20% cheaper than what you’ll find on sites like Plus you’ll receive 2% back if you book your Costco honeymoon with your Executive Membership.

You’ll most likely get other perks, too. Here are a few common things to sweeten the pot if you book your honeymoon through Costco Travel. Note that you won’t get all of these, but probably one or two, depending on the package you book.

  • $100 digital Costco Shop Card
  • $75 – $100 spa credit
  • $150 resort credit
  • Resort fee waived
  • One extra night free


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