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If you’re a bargain shopper, then you’ll love Dollar Tree deals if you’re shopping in store. But Dollar Tree online shopping is a different story; usually you’re required to buy huge quantities of products in order to get delivery (like, who really needs a case of 24 spatulas?!).

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be checking out Dollar Tree’s online stuff, since there’s plenty to buy in bulk for a buck. Here’s the thing, though: they charge shipping fees on their online orders, and that can get pricey quick. Instead, just choose “Free In-Store Pickup” at checkout.

Here’s what you can grab in bulk from DollarTree.com:


1. Fill your cooler with Dollar Tree drinks for your kid’s sports team.

Gatorade bottles at Dollar Tree

Wanna be the team hero? Order a case of sports drinks from DollarTree.com for your kid’s sporting event. You can also buy energy drinks and energy shots in bulk, but the other parents might give you a dirty look.

Here’s what you can pick up from DollarTree.com:

  • Propel (12-count case) $12
  • Gatorade (24-count case) $24


2. Stock your home with toilet paper and paper towels.

Scott Comfort plus 4 packs of toilet paper

We’re all still recovering from the great toilet paper shortage of 2020. But the good news is that toilet paper’s everywhere now.

Here’s what you can pick up from DollarTree.com:

  • 4-roll Scott Comfort Plus bathroom tissue (12-count case) $12
  • Fresh N’ Up Flushable 30 count moist wipes (12-count case) $12
  • Paper towels (24-count case) $24
  • 4-roll Strong and Soft bathroom tissue (24-count case) $24


3. Make birthday party gift bags for the year.

Goofy String held in front of a Dollar Tree shopping cart

The beauty of buying kids’ birthday gift bag stuff in bulk is that you’re set for multiple parties and/or multiple kids. You’ve got all the essentials like bubbles, stickers, toys, and even name brands like Play-Doh.

Here’s what you can pick up from DollarTree.com:

  • 2-pack plastic gift bags (4-count pack) $4
  • 2-pack Bubble wands (6-count pack) $6
  • Goofy string (6-count pack) $6
  • 4-pack pencils with novelty erasers (24-count case) $24
  • Multi Colored stickers (24-count case) $24
  • Justice League action figure (24-count case) $24
  • Barbie doll (24-count case) $24
  • Confetti Play-Doh (24-count case) $24


4. Refresh your kitchen’s plates and glasses for $30.

Floral patterend mugs and bowls at dollar tree

Is your cabinet full of random glasses and plates like you’re still in college? Maybe it’s time for a refresh.

Here’s what you can pick up from DollarTree.com:

  • Dinner plates (6-count pack) $6
  • Coffee mugs (6-count pack) $6
  • Diamond pattern textured plastic tumblers (24-count case) $24
  • Colorful plastic tumblers (24-count case) $24


5. Pick up bulk wedding supplies on the cheap.

A glass jar with a list, with a geometric pattern on the outside.

I’ve told you all about Dollar Tree wedding hacks before. But I recommend picking up some of the wedding essentials in bulk like centerpieces, candles, and balloons. You can even use little photo frames to show your guests their table numbers.

Here’s what you can pick up from DollarTree.com:

  • Marble accent stones (4-count pack) $4
  • Glass jars (4-count pack) $4
  • Star balloons (5-count pack) $5
  • Golden photo frames (12-count case) $12
  • Diamond ring jar candles (24-count case) $24
  • Flower Bush centerpiece (36-count case) $36
  • 2 pack LED flower-shaped lights (36-count case) $36



6. Restock on hangers, socks, and anything else you can’t get enough of.

White plastic hangers in front of the two boxes filled with hangers

I can’t be the only one who’s always short one sock or a hanger. There are some household essentials you don’t need in bulk (48 bottles of mouthwash, really?), but I know there’s stuff I need to stock up on.

Here’s what you can pick up from DollarTree.com:

  • 7-pack plastic hangers (20-count case) $20
  • 2-pack pairs of socks (24-count case) $24
  • Kitchen towels (24-count case) $24
  • Toothpaste (24-count case) $24

Have you found something cool I don’t have on my list? Tell us what you found in the comments!

Dollar Tree Online Shopping: What Makes Sense to Buy in Bulk