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Is Sam's Club Good Quality? What to Know About Their Meat, Gas, and More

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A common myth about Sam's Club (and all warehouse stores, I imagine) is that their products are lower quality because their prices are lower. But that's not always the case at Sam's Club, once you learn who makes Member's Mark products (hint: it's often the same manufacturers as the name brands!).

In fact, buying private label brands like Member's Mark is one of our favorite Sam’s Club hacks for saving money.

We looked into the most popular Sam's Club products to give you the bottom line about their quality and value for the money. If you're picky about gas quality, you'll definitely want to see what we found out during our research.

And if you're not satisfied with a Sam's Club purchase for any reason, remember to look into our rundown of the Sam’s Club return policy, which will give you a refund for pretty much everything.

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How Does Sam's Club's Quality Compare?

Sam’s Club is in the process of overhauling more than 1,200 Member's Mark products under a new initiative that began in 2020. So expect an improvement in quality over the coming years (if you haven't noticed some improvements already!) for their store brand.

According to the details of the initiative, here are a few of the quality standards that are coming to all Member's Mark products by 2025:

  • No aspartame or high fructose corn syrup in food products

  • Fair Trade Certified coffee, tea, and cocoa

  • Sustainably sourced seafood

  • Antibiotic-free poultry

Going beyond the news articles, though, we did a deeper dive into some of the top products at Sam's Club — including meat, gas, furniture, jewelry, and clothing — to see what experts and shoppers say about the quality.

We considered what Sam's says about their products (like how they claim to only source meat raised in the U.S.), but also factored in online reviews and customer feedback to help you decide if it's worth a buy.



On their page about their meat selection, Sam’s Club promises an "extensive range of high-quality cuts sourced from the finest farms and fisheries." But what does that actually mean?

Where it comes from

Sam’s Club sources all of their meat from within the U.S. Farms like National Beef, Farmland, and Nebraska Beef supply much of their inventory.

In 2018, Sam’s began stocking USDA prime beef at all locations. This is the highest quality ranking for red meat according to the USDA, and not a lot of grocery retailers carry it. It’s also worth noting that if you’re used to buying meat from Walmart, the meat selection at Sam’s Club is not the same as Walmart's. While you can buy some of the same things at Walmart (both stores carry USDA prime beef, for example), you’ll get a much better price at Sam’s Club.

What shoppers say

Sam’s Club meat department also gets good customer reviews. "It is pretty easy to tell that the Sam's Club meat is different than what is sold at Walmart. Our Sam's Club has top-notch quality," said one shopper I found on Reddit.

One of Sam’s top meat products is a ship-to-home “The Farm” box of assorted Member’s Mark chicken, beef, and pork. It has a 3.9/5 star rating online, but many of the non-5-star reviews are just complaints that you can’t choose the exact cuts that go in the box.

“First time buying it and loved it. Great cuts of meats. The portions were good and the variety of the box was great too,” one reviewer said.

It is also worth mentioning, however, that in the great Sam’s Club vs. Costco debate, most commenters said Costco has the best quality of meat for the price.



Sam’s Club fuel stations offer unleaded, premium, and diesel fuels. You’ll definitely save money on gas by filling up at Sam’s fuel stations (we found that Sam’s Club gas prices are typically the cheapest out of the three major warehouse clubs), but you won’t get the highest quality gas out there.

What experts say

If you (like me) thought all gas was the same, here’s what you need to know: There is a classification of gas called "Top Tier." Like the name suggests, this is the best, cleanest, highest-quality gas you can put in your vehicle. In fact, Consumer Reports and AAA recommend only buying Top Tier gas. And unfortunately, Sam’s Club doesn’t offer that. (For the record, Costco gas does.)



Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring or affordable everyday jewelry, Sam’s has a pretty big jewelry selection. You’ll find bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, watches, cufflinks, and more. They offer a wide range of stones, from diamonds to sapphires, and any diamond piece purchased at Sam’s is IGI certified and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

What experts say

Sorry to be a downer, but according to The Diamond Pro (a diamond review board that focuses on quality), Sam’s Club has high prices at an inconsistent quality. That’s not to say you won’t find a great deal there, if you're not picky. They do sell top-quality diamonds, and unless you’re an expert, there’s really no way to tell what you’re getting unless you purchase a piece and then take it to a professional.

This is another area where you may find better quality at Costco, according to The Diamond Pro. Sam’s Club doesn’t have as strict parameters as Costco does for the cut and quality of their stones, though their prices might be a tad cheaper.

What shoppers say

Reviewers are generally pretty happy with the quality of the jewelry at Sam's Club. For example, this Sterling Silver Diamond Tennis Bracelet has more than 70 five-star reviews, with reviewers commenting on its shine and durability.



From outdoor patio chairs to comfy sectionals, you’ll find that Sam's has lower prices than most major furniture retailers. Sam’s offers name-brand products, but they also have a ton of furniture pieces under the Member’s Mark brand.

However, the warehouse doesn’t share much about the kind of quality they promise. In fact, all they really say is that they’ve “partnered with top brands” to provide furniture “at low, affordable prices.”

What shoppers say

Sam’s shoppers on Reddit are generally pretty happy with their Member’s Mark furniture finds. One person said, “I'm currently sitting on a Sam's Club couch that we bought a few years ago. It's fabulous. Still comfy, although the two cushions we sit on (bottom and back) are less fluffy than other parts of the couch. The fabric is still soft and as good as new.”

Most of the Member’s Mark furniture pieces available online have 4-star (or higher) reviews. Customer favorites include the Member’s Mark Breck 4-Piece Outdoor Set (4.5 stars) and the Member’s Mark Organic Hybrid Mattress (4.5 stars). Interestingly, most of the highly-reviewed products are outdoor furniture pieces and patio sets.



The clothing selection at Sam’s is one of the warehouse’s best-kept secrets. You’ll find brands like Levi’s, Gap, Vince Camuto, Steve Madden, Calvin Klein, and Eddie Bauer — all at significantly lower prices than you’d find from the brands themselves.

You’ll also find plenty of Member’s Mark clothing options, which Sam’s promises to be comfortable and easy to care for. (No hand wash or dry clean-only options here!) 

What shoppers say

The quality of the name-brand items is the same as you’ll find anywhere else (though Sam’s has much cheaper prices). So what about the quality of the Member’s Mark clothing? It seems like this is where Sam’s really shines.

One commenter said the Member’s Mark Tech Pant is better quality than J.Crew (and just below the quality of Lululemon) — but at a fifth of the price! Other customer favorites include basics like the Member’s Mark Everyday Ankle Leggings (240+ five-star reviews) and the Member’s Mark Short Sleeve Tee (85 five-star reviews).

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