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Michaels Custom Framing: Everything You Need to Know to Save

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Michaels custom framing might not be cheap (it's hard to find a custom framing job that is), but it is convenient considering their stores are just about everywhere. Plus, if you don't have a Michaels close, you can always start an order online and ship it to them to get the job done.

Even better, there are some Michaels savings hacks that can bring that custom framing total down, given that they consistently have percentage-off sales and Michaels coupons. On top of that, you can earn Michaels Rewards on custom framing services. And even though you earn just 3% back in those rewards on purchases, you'll be raking in a considerable amount because, again, custom framing ain't cheap.

In addition, the Michaels return policy gives you 14 days to make changes if you're not thrilled with the end result. Let’s get into all the finer details of Michaels custom framing so you can save the most on the photos, artwork, and memorabilia that means the most to you. 

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Does Michaels do custom framing?


Yes, Michaels does custom framing. If you have a physical item like a diploma or jersey, you can take it into the store to get framed, or place the order online and mail the item in to be framed. If you want a digital item, like a photo or piece of digital artwork, framed, you can place an order online via They’ll print the item for you and then frame it. 

However you choose to initiate your order, you can either pick it up in-store or have it delivered to your home. 

How much is custom framing at Michaels?


Brace yourself, the range is wide: $39 - $194 (or, gulp, more). The amount you’ll pay at checkout varies a lot depending on what you’re getting framed, which glass you select, the material and size of the frame, and your mat. It’s a lot more expensive than buying a pre-sized frame at the store and just sticking your own photo or document inside. But it’s also better for preservation and display. 

Again, the price is going to vary a lot depending on the specific job, but to give you an idea, if you’re getting a digital photo printed and framed, it could cost anywhere from $39 – $194 with acrylic glazing. That covers photos as small as 5” x 5” all the way up to photo prints as large as 32” x 40”. As long as the photo is 28” x 36” or smaller, the order will include a conservation quality mat.

Of course there are ways to save on these projects, and we promise to get to that in just a minute.

The cost to frame a jersey will be between $200 - $500.

If you're bringing a jersey in to be framed, know that you're likely going to pay a bit more than your average piece of art. This is because Michaels will recommend special UV protectant glass (we're diving into this below) to keep the jersey from fading. Additionally, it's important that the jersey itself doesn't touch the glass when it's in the frame as to prevent the creation of moisture that could eventually result in damage to the jersey over time.

Does Michaels do custom matting?

Yes, Michaels will custom mat your art for the frame of your choosing. However, you cannot purchase a custom mat on its own without a frame.

Can you return a custom frame to Michaels?

There’s a couple ways to think about this. If, after seeing your order, you decide that the mahogany frame you picked out doesn’t match the mahogany in your office, you can take it back to the same Michaels’ location to make adjustments thanks to the Michaels return policy. But you have to do it within 14 days.

However, if the frame itself or the mounting stops performing at any point, Michaels’ custom framing does come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Michaels employees report that this guarantee is honored no matter how much time has lapsed — as long as you can prove it was originally framed at Michaels originally.

KCL TIP: If Little Timmy throws a baseball at the frame and the glass shatters, you’re going to have to pay for that out of your own pocket. Regardless of timing. That’s not on Michaels.  

How long does Michaels custom framing take?

That totally depends on how you placed your order. If you uploaded a digital asset for an online order, it typically takes 7 – 10 days to receive the final product. If you choose to pay for expedited shipping, you can cut that down to 3 – 5 days. 

If you mailed in an item to be framed for an online order, first, Michaels will need to receive that item in the mail. After that, you can start the same countdown: 7 – 10 days for regular orders, and 3 – 5 days for expedited orders. 

But, if you take your item into a store and initiate the order there in-person, you can expect your order to be ready for pickup 14 days later. 

Michaels Custom Framing Timelines

Does Michaels custom framing include glass?

Let’s get fancy for a minute. Technically, the clear layer that protects the framed object is called ‘glazing.’ Glazing could be glass, but it could also be acrylic. Michaels tends to recommend acrylic for items you might need to protect from Little Timmy’s baseball.

Then, there are different qualities of glass and acrylic. All of them are referred to as being conservation-quality, but Michaels in particular features Masterpiece glass, which provides extra UV protection. As you can imagine, choosing Masterpiece can be over $100 more expensive than going with less prestigious options. 

If you’re placing your order online, you may only get the option of using acrylic depending on what you’re framing. But there’s a Masterpiece version of acrylic, too. 

Here’s how to save on Michaels custom framing.


Custom framing is expensive, and that’s true at Michaels just like anywhere else. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of ways to score extra savings on your frame job.

Keep an eye out for sales.

You should never pay for custom framing at Michaels unless there’s a sale! Sale prices can be anywhere from 50% to 80% off. And that’s before you apply any coupons. 

Use Michaels coupons on your frame job.

Michaels coupons come out regularly for 20%, 25% or 40% off any purchase – often including frame jobs. Read the fine print – some of these can be stacked on top of sales pricing, while others can’t be used on sale items. You want to use one that allows you to capture both for maximum savings. 

Be real about the materials you can afford. 

You might want the Masterpiece glass. And if it’s important enough a piece, it might be worth splurging and spending an extra $100 or more to get it. But if you really can’t afford it, switching it out for the ‘normal’ conservation glass or acrylic can save you big money. 

If you don’t want to compromise on the glass, you can compromise on the frame. (The more ornate, the more expensive they tend to be.) You could also go from double matting to single, or get a thinner mat which would shrink the overall dimensions. 

Claim the Michaels teacher discount. 

This one isn’t going to apply to everyone, but if you fit into one of these categories, you can sign up for Michaels teacher discount. It gives you 15% off your total purchase each and every time you shop — even if there are sale items or other coupons involved. You're eligible if you:

  • Work in a K – 12 school. (All faculty and staff are included. You don’t necessarily have to be a teacher.)

  • Teach at an early childhood center or day care center. 

  • Are a homeschool teacher. 

  • Work as an instructor or teacher at an after school program or through an org like The Boys & Girls Club of America. 

TIP: This discount is typically 15% off, but in years past we’ve seen it jump up to 20% off when back-to-school season ramps up in July.

Save up your Michaels Rewards.

If you shop regularly at Michaels, you can earn Michaels Rewards by getting 3% back on each purchase you make at the store. These result in rewards distributed in $5 increments. You’ll also get specialized personal offers in the Michaels app. Keep an eye on these as you plan your purchase to save even more cash. 

Why is custom framing so expensive?


Custom framing is expensive because it’s custom. It’s cheap for companies to mass produce frames in standard sizes like 8” x 11”, 5” x 7”, etc. But if you have something unique, all those measurements are going to need to be unique, too, accounting for your frame preferences, mat preferences, etc. 

Another big reason it’s expensive is that the materials you’re using are higher quality. Archival quality mats, glass that keeps out UV rays and a designer frame are all obviously going to cost more than cheaper alternatives. 

These standard frame sizes are an easy and cheaper alternative to custom framing.

If you’re cool with the lower-quality materials, picking up a standard-size frame at Michaels is indeed loads cheaper. Let’s check out some options: 

It's smart to price compare custom framing at other retailers, but don't expect any to come cheap.

Personally, I prefer Michaels for custom frame jobs. Their selection just can’t be beat. That said, you might want to run a price comparison at one of these alternatives. Depending on which promos and coupons are running, you may be able to score a lower price. It's all part of the Hobby Lobby vs. Joann vs. Michaels debate.


This is one of the most competitive options when you can find a sale. You might see coupons for 65% off a frame job, or a sale for 60% off custom framing plus a 20% off coupon. Not as many Joanns locations have a custom framing section, but if there’s one near you it’s worth getting a quote from both stores. 

Hobby Lobby

At Hobby Lobby you'll often find 50% off offers, but base pricing may be higher depending on the materials you choose. And you must place your order in-store, no online ordering available.

Frame It Easy (online only)

If you are okay mounting the picture yourself but still want to order a fancy frame with all the bells and whistles, online-only companies may be able to help you get the job done for less. For example, you can get a custom 8” x 10” frame with a single mat and non-glare glass starting at $41.20 from Frame It Easy. If you have a digital photo or artwork, Frame It Easy will print and frame it for you (for an extra fee), but if it’s a physical piece you already own, you’ll have to put it in the frame yourself.

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