Every year we make store closing predictions based on how retailers performed financially over the past year. Sometimes we’re surprised and sometimes not (looking at you, Sears).

Here’s 2020’s list of stores expected to close their doors completely — or at least close another round of stores in the upcoming year:

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1. A.C. Moore is closing all of their 145 stores.

By John Phelan – Own work, CC


Citing an inability to keep up with e-commerce sites like Amazon (and online marketplaces like Etsy!) A.C. Moore is shuttering their stores after 34 years in business.

In November of 2019, A.C. Moore announced they’re no longer taking online orders. All items in A.C. Moore stores near you are on sale for up to 50% off.

Starting in 2020, we will see A.C. Moore close completely.


2. Forever 21’s store closing list for 2020 is forever long.

After declaring Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in October 2019, Forever 21 plans to close 111 stores, starting as early as December and continuing into 2020.

The good news is Forever 21 won’t be disappearing forever in 2020. They’re just closing all of their Asia and Europe stores along with about 100 U.S. stores in an attempt to make a comeback. We will see.

See the full Forever 21 store closing list (the bulk of stores closing are in California, which is where Forever 21 was born).


3. Get ready to say goodbye to 8% of Pier 1 Imports stores.

Having already closed about 70 stores in 2019, Pier 1 Imports is planning deeper store cuts for 2020, including all Hawaii and Alaska stores.

Brick and mortar stores that specialize in home decor, like Pier 1 Imports, are struggling to compete with exclusively online shopping sites like Wayfair and Overstock. Pier 1 Imports isn’t in full bankruptcy mode, yet, and they’re hoping that shutting a few less-profitable stores will turn things around. Only 2020 will tell!

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4. Victoria’s Secret store closings will reach up to 53 stores.

Never too shy about their unwillingness to sell plus-size lingerie, it’s possible Victoria’s Secret is feeling the pressure from women refusing to be body shamed.

In addition to retailers like Walmart upping their pajama and lingerie game, creating real competition for VS, people seem to be growing tired of Victoria’s Secret’s exclusive approach to women’s lingerie.

Proof? L Brands, Victoria’s Secret’s parent company, canceled the brand’s yearly fashion show citing the need to “evolve the marketing of Victoria’s Secret.”

It’s no secret, Victoria. You better evolve quickly!

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5. Office Depot is still hanging in there but plans to close another 90 stores.

Last year we predicted that Office Depot would continue to close stores, which they did. This year will be rinse and repeat for Office Depot, with 90 new store closings planned.

Office Depot is investing heavily in direct sales to mid-range and large corporations instead of focusing on their retail stores, hoping to keep the business alive in the face of competition from — you guessed it — Amazon.

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6. ZGallerie may be officially shutting their doors in 2020.

Having filed bankruptcy in 2019, ZGallerie has been closing stores left and right. With only 32 stores left open, ZGallerie is still insisting it’s not going out of business. A store near me had a huge Going-Out-Of-Business Sale, only to change their mind and re-stock at the last minute. Make your mind up, you guys.

But if Pier 1 can’t stay afloat, I’m not sure how ZGallerie thinks it will. We predict 2020 may be the year ZGallerie brick and mortar stores are no more.


7. Sears and Kmart live to fight another day, but continue to bleed.

I know, I know. These two are on prediction lists every year. And we are constantly wondering how long they can possibly last.

Even though they’re hanging in there, Sears and Kmart will experience store closures continuing into 2020. Here’s the Sears and Kmart closing list — check to see if your local store made the cut.


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8. GameStop will close 200 stores by the end of this year and more in the new year.

GameStop is the biggest brick and mortar video game retailer with over 5,700 stores. But thanks to digital games, people are buying less physical video games and GameStop is feeling the pinch.

After the first round of 200 stores close by the end of 2019, GameStop plans to close even more stores, based on store performance.


9. Macy’s is closing 30 stores nationwide including one in Seattle as big as a city block.

A store as big as a city block?! Amazon has occupied the top six floors of the same eight-story building for a few years now, breathing down Macy’s neck literally and financially. While we don’t know if Amazon will swallow up the whole building, we do know Macy’s will close its downtown Seattle doors in February 2020. Macy’s in downtown Seattle will start clearance sales in January.

But there’s more…Macy’s just announced in early January that they’ll be closing 30 stores nationwide — primarily in the East and Northwest. Macy’s announced these closures will help them focus on the retailer’s most profitable stores. Here’s where you’ll find those store closures:

  • Somersville Towne Center, Antioch, California
  • Westfield Meriden, Meriden, Connecticut
  • Pompano Citi Centre, Pompano Beach, Florida
  • Seminole Towne Center, Sanford, Florida
  • Indian River Mall, Vero Beach, Florida
  • The Falls, Miami, Florida (Bloomingdale’s)
  • Macon Mall, Macon, Georgia
  • The Gallery at South DeKalb, Panthersville, Georgia
  • Kings’ Shops, Waikoloa Village, Hawaii
  • Lewiston Center Mall, Lewiston, Idaho
  • University Mall, Carbondale, Illinois
  • Spring Hill Mall, West Dundee, Illinois
  • Muncie Mall, Muncie, Indiana
  • The Village, Prairie Village, Kansas
  • Towne Square Mall, Owensboro, Kentucky
  • The Centre at Salisbury, Salisbury, Maryland
  • The Mall at Whitney Field, Leominster, Massachusetts
  • Northside Center, Helena, Montana
  • Broadway Mall, Hicksville, New York
  • 2 Veterans Memorial Highway, Commack, New York
  • Hanes Mall, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • Northgate Mall, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Stow-Kent Plaza, Stow, Ohio
  • Ohio Valley Mall, St. Clairsville, Ohio
  • Nittany Mall, State College, Pennsylvania
  • Harrisburg Mall, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Rivergate Mall, Goodlettsville, Tennessee
  • 54 East Main Street, Walla Walla, Washington
  • Cascade Mall, Burlington, Washington

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10. The Gap is shutting down 230 stores in 2020 and more in 2021.

The Gap will close 230 stores in the U.S. in 2020 and plans to not only split the company in half, but close over half of their factory and outlet stores in 2021.


11. Chico’s will close 250 stores over the next three years, but we don’t know which ones yet.

12. Bed, Bath & Beyond is saying goodbye to 40 stores in 2020.

This decision seems more like a move to cut costs and drive up profit margins than a bankruptcy move, because as far as we know BB&B is doing okay.


13. Christopher & Banks is closing 40 stores in 2020 and 2021.

This is more of a strategic move as well, since the retailer reports a decrease on revenue from their brick and mortar stores, but an increase in revenue from their online sales. With rents being high, it makes sense to close some stores and ramp up marketing for online sales on christopherandbanks.com.


14. New York & Co. is closing 23 stores and 4 outlets in 2020.

With over 400 retail stores in operation (including their plus-size stores and outlets) shutting down 19 New York & Co. stores, 4 plus-size stores and 4 outlets might not seem like that big of a deal, but on the heels of dismal third quarter 2019 sales it could mean more hard times ahead. Let’s see what they report for holiday 2019, as fourth quarter sales are make-it-or-break-it for retailers.


15. CVS is closing 22 more stores in 2020 after closing 46 stores in 2019.

When I read this I had a little panic attack, because I love all the CVS deals so dang much. But then I calmed down, because the move is about bolstering the stock, not bankruptcy, and with 4400 stores still remaining, I think we’ll all be ok. If you happen to have one of the underperforming CVS stores closing near you, don’t worry, there is probably another one within a couple of miles.


16. Lord & Taylor closes two more stores and this is why you should care.

Lord & Taylor, the high end department store which happens to be the oldest luxury retailer in the U.S., only has about 45 stores left. Lord & Taylor has just been bought by…wait for it…Le Tote! Le Tote is a high-end clothing rental monthly subscription box, like Rent The Runway. They are the first clothing rental company to work backwards from purely online into brick and mortar resale stores, with plans to use the Lord & Taylor locations to further their rental studio business. I’m curious and excited to see if this will work.


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16 Stores Predicted to Close in 2020