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7 Ways to Get Más Freebies With Taco Bell Rewards

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A telltale sign of a true Taco Bell fan is whether they’ve signed up for Taco Bell Rewards. This loyalty program will get you tons of freebies and exclusive deals you won’t find anywhere else. (Sometimes you’ll even find menu exclusives.)

We’re going to break down all the secrets to the program and let you know how to maximize your savings. You’ll see why we think this app is one of the best restaurant apps you should download.

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Join the Taco Bell Rewards program to get an instant freebie.

a person holding a doritos locos taco outside of a taco bell

​​When you first join the Taco Bell Rewards program, you’ll get a coupon for either a free Doritos Locos Taco (regularly $2.79), a Beefy 5-Layer Burrito (normally $3.69), or one Seasoned Beef Soft Taco (priced at $1.69). You can find this coupon under the “Rewards” section of the app.

This coupon will stay on your account for 14 days and can be used via the Taco Bell app for in-store and drive-thru pickup orders. You won’t be able to use this coupon on third-party delivery services.

We’ve got all the crazy facts about the Doritos Locos Tacos that you should know about.


You can join the Taco Bell Rewards program online via the app or website.

Someone looking at the menu in the Taco Bell app

To get started with the Taco Bell Rewards program, you can download the Taco Bell app and click on “Rewards” at the bottom of your screen. Then you’ll just have to enter in your information (name, birthday, and email) to get started on your rewards.

Alternatively you can join the rewards program by going to the Taco Bell Rewards website and click on the “Log In” at the top right of the screen. Once you’re there, click on “Create an Account” and enter your name, birthday, and email.

Once you’re a member, you’ll start earning 10 points for every $1 spent. Points can be earned through delivery purchases, but only via the Taco Bell app or website and not through third-party delivery services like DoorDash or Uber Eats.

You can’t earn points through merchandise (from retailers or the Taco Bell Taco Shop), alcohol (at Taco Bell Cantinas), grocery store purchases of Taco Bell products, or gift card purchases.

You earn points by using your Taco Bell app or scanning your receipt five days after your purchase.


Once you spend $25 via the Taco Bell Rewards program, you’ll get a freebie.

person holding phone with taco bell rewards and food on table

Once you hit 250 points (or $25 spent), you’ll get a freebie added to the Rewards section of the Taco Bell app.

Here are the rewards that you can get with your 250 points/$25 spend:

  • Medium Fountain Drink: $2.69 — 10.76% back in value (the best we found)
  • Chips & Nacho Cheese: $2.39 — 9.56% back in value
  • Bean Burrito: $1.99 — 7.96% back in value
  • Crunchy Taco: $1.69 — 6.76% back in value
  • Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito Sausage: $1.39 — 5.56% back in value
  • Cinnamon Twists: $1.29 — 5.16% back in value

TIP: The worst menu item to spend your points on is the Cinnatwists since they can only give you 5.16% cash-back value.


Once you spend $200, you join the ‘Fire’ tier and unlock more rewards.

A bowl of "fresco style" vegan nachos from Taco Bell sitting on a table.

Once you earn 2,000 points on your rewards account, you’ll unlock the “Fire” tier, which will get you more freebies you can claim with your points. Plus you’ll earn11 points for every $1 spent instead of 10. (That means you’ll spend only $23 for 250 points.)

The value you get for your points goes way up in the Fire Tier. Here are the added rewards that you can get for 250 points and their value:

  • Nachos BellGrande: $6.49 — 28.2% back in value (the best we found)
  • Chalupa Taco Bell Supreme: $4.99 — 21.7% back in value
  • Regular Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freeze: $3.99 — 17.3% back in value
  • Doritos Locos Tacos: $2.99 — 13% back in value



Earn more reward points during ‘Challenges’ given through the app.

Someone holding up their Taco Bell order in a bag by the counter inside Taco Bell

It’s rare, but when Taco Bell issues rewards challenges, you should jump on them. They’ll often ask you to order a specific menu item within a certain amount of time, and you’ll get 100 bonus points added to your account automatically.

These challenges pop up at random, so it’s hard to tell when they release them. (If you purchased the required item but didn’t receive the points, contact the Taco Bell Support email or tweet at them @tacobellcare.)


Your Taco Bell Rewards will expire after six months.

A pile of Taco Bell food and sauce packets with a Taco Bell bag that says "Delivering".

Once you earn your Taco Bell freebie, it’ll stay on your account for six calendar months before it expires. Same goes for points. For example, if you earn 50 points or earn a reward in mid-March, they’ll expire on Oct. 1.

The Fire Tier status on your account can also expire, but instead of six months, it’ll be one calendar year after you’ve earned it. You can maintain your upgraded status if you earn 2,000 points during that year.


The best Taco Bell coupons can be found on the app.

Someone looking at the offer for a free Crispy Melt Taco in the Taco Bell app

Taco Bell frequently releases coupons that are exclusive to the Taco Bell app. These coupons include deals like getting a free item if you purchase a certain amount or a discounted order. We keep track of all the Taco Bell coupons and promo codes for you to use.

Here are just a few of the Taco Bell coupons we’ve seen in the recent past:

  • April 6 – 9, 2023: Free Grilled Cheese Burrito (reg. $4.79) with the purchase of $15 or more
  • March 14 – 26, 2023: Get $5 off orders of $20 or more
  • Feb. 4 – 15, 2023: Free Crispy Melt Taco (reg. $2.49) with the purchase of $10 or more
  • Feb. 2 – 5, 2023: $3 off Taco Bell breakfast orders when you purchase $15 or more


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