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Target Has a New 'Dealworthy' Brand — But Are Prices Really Cheaper?

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Store brands offer some of the best savings, and Target recently launched a new budget-friendly brand of their own called “Dealworthy.” The low-cost brand offers basic items across multiple product categories with prices starting under $1. And the prices can go even lower with Circle Offers, Target coupons, and the 5% Target reloadable RedCard discount.

But wait — didn’t Target already have an affordable store brand called Up & Up? Yep, and the brand still exists. In fact, some Up & Up prices are just as low as the new Dealworthy prices. So it begs the question — will Dealworthy actually help you save money at Target?

Of course, KCL ran the numbers to find out just how cost effective Target’s new products are. Are prices similar to the Target Dollar Spot, or closer to Target's Up & Up brand? Only a small selection of Dealworthy products are available right now, but Target will continue to roll out nearly 400 items under the new brand in 2024.

We dug into the new Dealworthy brand and compared prices to Up & Up and Walmart store brands for the same items.

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Target Dealworthy offers basic, low-cost items starting at $0.99.

Target launched their new Dealworthy brand in late February 2024, with a small selection of items like cotton swabs, dental floss, toothbrushes, and iPhone accessories.

The lowest priced Target Dealworthy item is a 300-count pack of cotton swabs for $0.99, and most other items available now are under $10.

Why did Target start the new store brand? In a press release, Target stated that Dealworthy aims to give shoppers “everyday basics at incredibly low prices, without sacrificing quality for the price.”

Target will continue to roll out new Dealworthy items through early 2025, including food storage containers, paper towels, underwear, socks, soap, and more.

Most Dealworthy items are slightly cheaper than Target Up & Up items.

A comparison of target dealworthy prices to target up and up prices for cotton swabs, cotton balls, dental floss, and toothbrushes

We previously knew Up & Up as Target’s low-cost brand for basics. But the Dealworthy launch had us wondering how the two brands compare on price. All in all, the difference is small.

For items that overlap across the two Target brands, Target Dealworthy prices are $0.01 - $0.48 lower than Up & Up prices.

Can Target's Dealworthy prices compete with Walmart?

For certain products — like the iPhone screen protectors — the 5% discount for Target RedCard holders makes Target prices cheaper than Walmart. But otherwise, Target's Dealworthy prices are neck and neck with prices for Walmart’s Equate and Onn. brands, even after you factor in the RedCard discount.

While we wait for more Dealworthy items to roll out online and in stores, here’s how the available products compare when you look at Target vs. Walmart prices:

Cotton Swabs: It's a tie


Target’s Dealworthy cotton swabs are the same price as Equate cotton swabs from Walmart. Both cost less than $0.01 per swab, so the price difference is fractions of a penny.

Cotton Balls: It's a tie


Again, Dealworthy cotton balls cost about the same as Equate cotton balls from Walmart. Target's price is about $0.10 cheaper overall when you factor in the RedCard discount. But when you calculate the cost per unit, you'll pay $0.01 per cotton ball for both products.

Toothbrushes: Target is cheaper


Target takes the win for toothbrushes. Their Dealworthy two-pack of manual toothbrushes costs $0.94, or $0.47 per toothbrush. Compare this to Walmart's Equate two-pack of manual toothbrushes for $2.97, or $1.49 per toothbrush.

Dental Floss: Walmart is cheaper


Walmart wins for lower prices on dental floss. Their Equate Mint Waxed Floss costs $1.24, or $0.02 per yard of floss. The Dealworthy floss costs $1.80, or $0.03 per yard of floss.

iPhone Charging Cable: Target is cheaper


Target's Dealworthy Lightning Cable costs $5.69, which is $2.29 less than Walmart's Onn. brand lightning cable for $7.98. Both cables are three feet long, so the size is comparable.

iPhone Screen Protector: Target is cheaper


Walmart's iPhone screen protectors actually cost less than Target's Dealworthy screen protectors, as Walmart has them for $5.88 at regular prices. But when you factor in the RedCard discount, Target beats Walmart by $0.19.

iPhone Cases: Target is cheaper


Target wins again with their Dealworthy iPhone case, which costs $5.69. Compare this to Walmart's Onn. iPhone cases for $6.88 each, and you'll find that Target's price is $1.19 cheaper.

Savings tip: Dealworthy items are also eligible for Target Circle deals and offers.

You can can expect frequent Circle deals, coupons, and gift card offers on Target’s Dealworthy products, just like we see with other Target brands (like Up & Up and Good & Gather).

For example, Target recently offered a $5 gift card on beauty purchases of $25 or more, and both the Dealworthy cotton swabs and cotton balls were eligible for this deal.

As Target continues to drop new Dealworthy items and launch their new Target Circle 360 membership, we'll be keeping a close eye on prices to fill you in on the best ways to save.

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