Target just announced same-day deliveries in an attempt to keep up with Amazon. Here’s what you need to know:


1. Get free, unlimited same-day deliveries from Target for $99/year.

Image via: Shipt

Target purchased same-day shipping platform, Shipt, so if you’re willing to pay for a $99/year Shipt membership, Target shoppers can get unlimited free deliveries in as little as one hour. The minimum Shipt order is $35, which matches the free shipping threshold.

You can still shop and pay on, but your purchases can get delivered the same day — usually within 1-3 hours!


2. The rollout will be slow, but you can expect same-day shipping at your local Target by December 2018.

Target shoppers in Birmingham, Alabama and South Florida should be signing up for a Shipt membership right now. On Thursday, Feb. 1st, Shipt members in those areas can start virtually browsing over 50,000 products, including groceries, and have them delivered right to their door, same-day.

By February 8, Target is expanding their same-day delivery to 12 more Florida regions. Over half of Target’s 1,834 stores will feature same-day delivery by March 31, and by the 2018 Holiday Season all Target stores will offer same-day shipping. That means Christmas shopping this year is gonna be a whole lot easier.

Right now, Target will only offer same-day delivery in these areas on certain items, including groceries, essentials, home and electronics. But, by the end of 2019 you’ll be able to buy anything from and have it delivered the same day.


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Target Rolls Out Same-Day Delivery: Here's Everything You Need to Know