Based on my experience, the T.J.Maxx return policy is a generous one. Overall, I’ve had great experiences with returning and exchanging everything from jeans and purses to home goods throughout my years as a T.J.Maxx shopper.

From getting store credit for un-receipted, untagged items to why you should never shop T.J.Maxx online, here’s the down low on the T.J.Maxx return policy.

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1. T.J.Maxx returns with no receipt or tags give store credit at the lowest price.

I’ve done this a lot.

If you don’t have tags or a receipt, they’ll go by the price tag on a different item by the same brand. T.J.Maxx prices items differently for each retailer or brand, because they negotiate separate purchasing agreements with them all.

If you wanted to return something for which you lost the receipt and prematurely cut off the tags, try to do it sooner rather than later — because if the item went on sale since you bought it or it isn’t in stock, you’d only get whatever they give you as a store credit.


2. Returns with the tags and no receipt get you full credit.

I took a dress back and — because it was clean and still had the tags — got store credit even though it was months later.

The amount on the tag — which by the way was $14 — I got back in the form of a gift card. The process was super easy, it only took a few minutes, and I didn’t get any weird looks at all. (I just didn’t tell them the dress had been sitting in my trunk for months before I decided that, in fact, taking it to get tailored was not worth it.)


3. To get a full refund, you must return the item within 30 days and have the receipt.

The T.J.Maxx return policy officially states that you must return something within 30 days of purchase to get a full refund. Obviously you need a receipt to show that it’s been within 30 days.

The good news is that they’ll give you the full refund even if it doesn’t have tags. Which is why…


4. You should always say yes to the emailed receipt.

That way, even if you lose your paper receipt or — gasp! — cut the tags off something you end up wanting to return, you will get back the full amount that you paid for it. But, not every store has this option, but if yours does, request it!

TIP: If you don’t have the receipt, don’t cut off the tags! Wait until you’re 100% sure you want to keep it. Like I mentioned earlier, I was able to get a full refund on an item I didn’t have a receipt for because it was tagged. (Even though it was a sale item.)


5. If you don’t have the receipt, you need your ID.



6. Go ahead and shop online, but definitely return in store.

For one, you avoid the $9.99 shipping fee that will be deducted from your refund or store credit if you bring your unwanted items into the store. For another, it’s way easier to get flexibility on the T.J.Maxx return policy from a store associate. (See tip #1.) A person can work with ya; a computer can’t.

TIP: Always look for T.J.Maxx deals on the KCL website before you shop.


7. You can return an online purchase in store, but not vice-versa.

You can return an item purchased online at a T.J.Maxx store, but you can’t return something you bought in store online.

And why would you want to? That $9.99 shipping fee deduction is killer. Regardless of how you got something, return it to an actual store if you can.

Find a T.J.Maxx near you.


8. Don’t make returns via mail because it’ll cost you $9.99!

If you’re shopping, you have 40 days (not 30) to return something online. But you’re still going to pay $9.99, so I don’t see the point in doing this, unless you don’t have a T.J.Maxx in your area.

FYI: If you paid with a check, you’ll have to wait 10 days after your purchase to return the item, to make sure the check cleared, before you can get your full refund.


9. If you’re returning a gift, you’ll only get store credit.

Anything with a gift receipt can only be exchanged or turned into merchandise credit, according to the T.J.Maxx return policy.

Sorry, but that ugly, high-necked frilly nightgown that your aunt got you can’t be converted into cold, hard cash. Could be swapped out for something cute, though.


10. T.J.Maxx loosens their return policy around the holidays.

While the T.J.Maxx return policy no longer explicitly states it, some associates will give extra grace to purchases made in November and December. That means you may be able to get a full refund for items you return (with a receipt) more than 30 days after purchase.



11. You can get cash back if you used a debit card and are returning something within 30 days.

If you used your debit card to buy something, have the receipt, and return it within the 30-day window, you can have the money refunded to your card — or get cash.

TIP: If you return something you bought with the TJX Rewards Credit Card, you don’t get to keep the points.


12. You can only return swimwear or intimates if they’re tagged.

Definitely don’t pull off those tags until you’re 100% positive you want to keep it.


13. Return The Runway items only to a T.J.Maxx store that has this section!

The Runway is a section of select T.J.Maxx stores that offers discounted designer items. Not every store has one, though, and if you buy an item from The Runway, you can’t return it to a different store without that section.

Why? Associates can’t look up the current price or restock The Runway items if that section doesn’t exist at their store. They’ll send you back to where you bought the item or to another store with The Runway in it.

Learn about The Runway and more T.J.Maxx savings tips.


14. You can’t make a T.J.Maxx return at Marshalls.

Marshalls won’t accept your T.J.Maxx return even though they are sister companies. You’ll have to get yourself to an actual T.J.Maxx to make a free return.

What did I miss? Share your secrets for navigating the T.J.Maxx return policy in the comments!

14 T.J.Maxx Return Policy Tips That'll Have You Loading Up Your Cart