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11 Ways To Optimize the T.J.Maxx Return Policy to Your Advantage

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T.J.Maxx’s return window is on the shorter side (just 30 days), but there are so few exceptions that it almost makes up for the short timeframe. Overall, I’ve had great experiences with returns and exchanges at T.J.Maxx — even with purchases from a T.J.Maxx clearance sale.

The key to keeping things simple is to make all your returns in-store — even if you ordered online. Otherwise, you’ll get hit with return shipping fees that could effectively cancel out your refund.

While the T.J.Maxx return policy is pretty straightforward, you should know that it’s separate from the Marshalls return policy and the Ross return policy. The only things you can return at T.J.Maxx are items you picked up from an in-store T.J.Maxx restock or from But I’ll get into all the nuances of in-person and online returns in this post.

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1. How long do I have to return an item to T.J.Maxx?

TJ Maxx return policy sign

You have 30 days to make a T.J.Maxx return. If you have a receipt, T.J.Maxx will give you a full refund back to your original payment method.

TIP: The 30-day window applies to their sale items, too.


Can I return something to T.J.Maxx after 30 days?

TJ Maxx gift card

You actually can initiate the returns process after the 30-day window passes, but you’ll need a receipt for a full refund. The only way refunds get issued after 30 days is via store credit. That means if you paid on a credit card, you won’t get the money refunded back to your credit card if you’re outside the 30-day window.

TIP: Ross and T.J.Maxx have similar return policies when it comes to late returns.


2. What do I need to return an item to T.J.Maxx?

TJ Maxx shopping bag, receipt, shoes, and dress

The good news is that the T.J.Maxx return policy is pretty lenient when it comes to what is required for a return. They will give you a full refund even if your item doesn’t have the tags.

There are a few exceptions, though. Swimsuits, underwear, bras, and other intimate apparel must have the tags intact if you want to make a return.


What happens if I lost my receipt?

You don’t technically need a receipt to return items at T.J.Maxx. But in cases of a lost receipt, you will have to show a valid photo ID. With no receipt, your refund can only be issued via store credit.


3. Can I return an item that I used or wore?

Close up of clothing near a TJMaxx shopping.

You aren’t allowed to return T.J.Maxx purchases that have been worn or obviously used.

It’s one thing to cut off the tag and then realize the dress doesn’t fit. It’s another to cut the tag off the dress, wear it to your cousin’s wedding, and then try to get a full refund. Just don’t do it.

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4. Can I return an item that I bought online?

A woman pulling products wrapped in plastic from a large cardboard box. A T.J.Maxx online order receipt is visible in the background.

Yes. The T.J.Maxx online return policy gives you 40 days to return most online orders. And the 40-day countdown starts on the day you placed your order, not the day you received it. Depending on your order, though, you may be given more or less time. The only way to know your window for sure is to check your packing slip.

TIP: Once you’re outside the return window, your refund will only be issued via store credit. Though you can still technically make a return.


Can you make in-store returns?

Yes, even if you placed an order online, you can still return it in-store. Just be sure to bring your packing slip or shipping confirmation email with you. That will count as your “receipt.”

In-store returns are easier and cheaper than mail-in returns. Even T.J.Maxx recommends doing in-store returns for online purchases.

TIP: If you paid with PayPal, your in-store refund will be issued via store credit. But if you return via mail, they can process the refund back to your PayPal account.


Are there any exceptions for T.J.Maxx in-store returns?

Yes, there are a few exceptions. If you bought any of these items online, you won’t be able to make your return in-store:

TIP: Whether you’re shopping in-person or online, any items marked “final sale” are also not returnable.


Can you exchange online orders?

T.J.Maxx’s inventory is constantly changing. So while you can return your online order and ask for a refund, you won’t be able to make any exchanges.

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Does T.J.Maxx cover free return shipping?

Nope, you’ve gotta pay! You will pay a steep $11.99 return shipping fee, which gets deducted from your refund.

The only way you can get out of paying this fee is if you received a defective item.


How long do refunds take for online returns?

You will have to wait a really long time to get your refund by mail. First, your return has to get shipped to T.J.Maxx. Then, only after it’s received, you will have to wait an additional 10 – 14 days before your refund is issued. This is compared to in-store returns, which get processed right away. (Though either way, you may have to tack on a few extra days, depending on your bank.)

I know I sound like a broken record, but just make those returns in-store whenever possible! It’ll save you $11.99 and some valuable time.



5. What is T.J.Maxx’s return policy for gift cards?

A single gift card with the stores, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, Sierra, and Home Sense, printed on the front of it.

You can’t return T.J.Maxx gift cards for cash — ever.

But some states have laws that require T.J.Maxx to refund low-value gift cards, even though they won’t allow it anywhere else. Here are the state laws that might impact you:

  • California: Mandatory refunds for cards with a balance of $10 or less (and with an original balance above $10).
  • Colorado: Mandatory refunds for cards with a balance of $5 or less.
  • Maine: Mandatory refunds for cards with a balance of $5 or less.
  • Massachusetts: Mandatory refunds for cards with a balance of $5 or less (or after you’ve redeemed 90% of the gift card’s original value).
  • Montana: Mandatory refunds for cards with a balance of $5 or less.
  • New Jersey: Mandatory refunds for cards with a balance of $5 or less.
  • Oregon: Mandatory refunds for cards with a balance of $5 or less.
  • Puerto Rico: Mandatory refunds for cards with a balance of $5 or less.
  • Rhode Island: Mandatory refunds for cards with a balance of $1 or less.
  • Texas: Mandatory refunds for cards with a balance of $2.50 or less (and with an original balance above $5).
  • Vermont: Mandatory refunds for cards with a balance of $1 or less.
  • Washington: Mandatory refunds for cards with a balance of $5 or less.

TIP: Anything returned with a gift receipt can only be exchanged or returned for merchandise credit. You won’t walk out with cash in hand.


6. Can I return The Runway items at T.J.Maxx?

The Runway section at TJ Maxx.

The Runway is a section of discounted designer items at select T.J.Maxx stores. Not every store has this section, though, and if you buy an item from The Runway, you can’t return it to another store without that section.

Why? Associates can’t look up the current price or restock The Runway items if their store doesn’t have that selection. If this happens, they’ll send you back to where you bought the item or to another store with The Runway.

TIP: Wondering if your local T.J.Maxx has The Runway? Check out the list. You can also shop The Runway online.


7. Does T.J.Maxx accept returns on recalled items?

Check out and returns sign

Yes, T.J.Maxx will give you a refund for a recalled item. The “remedy” (this is recall-speak for the steps you need to take in order to get your refund) may vary, depending on the product. For example, with the House & Garden bistro set chair recall, there were two choices for remedy:

  1. Contact T.J.Maxx customer service to get your full refund while disposing of the chairs yourself.
  2. Take the chair set back into a T.J.Maxx store to receive a full refund.

The remedy changes with each recall. Sometimes, you’ll be dealing directly with T.J.Maxx. Other times, you’ll work with the manufacturer directly.

T.J.Maxx product recalls are listed on their website. Just find the product in question and tap the Consumer Product Safety Commission link to see who you need to contact to get your money back.


8. What is the T.J.Maxx holiday return policy?

The holiday return policy sign at the front entrance.

The T.J.Maxx holiday return policy is officially back! And, holy moly, is it generous.

Under the holiday return policy, you can return items you purchased in-store between Oct. 8 and Dec. 25, 2023, all the way through Jan. 25, 2024. For items you buy online during that period, the return window ends on Feb. 4, 2024.


9. Can I make T.J.Maxx returns at Marshalls?

marshalls store exterior storefront

Even though they are sister companies, Marshalls won’t accept your T.J.Maxx return. You’ll have to get yourself to an actual T.J.Maxx to make your return.


10. Can I return Marshalls items at T.J.Maxx?

woman pushing stroller into tj maxx store

This rule goes both ways. All Marshalls returns need to go to Marshalls, and all T.J.Maxx returns go to T.J.Maxx.


11. How do I contact T.J.Maxx customer service?

woman looking at cellphone

T.J.Maxx customer service is available via phone from 9 a.m. through 6 p.m. ET. The number you call depends on how you made your purchase:

  • In-store purchases: 800-926-6299
  • Online purchases: 833-888-0776

You can also go with live chat if that’s more your thing.


What did I miss? Share your secrets for navigating the T.J.Maxx return policy in the comments!

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