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Overall, I’ve had great experiences with returning and exchanging everything from jeans and purses to home goods throughout my years as a T.J.Maxx shopper. But the T.J.Maxx return policy can be confusing at times.

Today I’ll teach you how to get store credit for returns — even if you don’t have a receipt and you’ve already removed the tags. I’ll also explain why it’s almost always better to return online orders in-person rather than online.

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1. The T.J.Maxx return policy gives you 30 days.

Check out and T.J.Maxx returns sign with people standing in line

If you have a receipt, T.J.Maxx will give you a full refund via your original payment method. Just make sure you make your return within 30 days. This applies to their sale items, too, just in case you shop online or in-store during a T.J.Maxx clearance sale.


2. Does T.J.Maxx accept returns on recalls — like the egg chair recall?

T.J Maxx egg chair recall

Yes, T.J. Maxx will give you a refund for a recalled item. The “remedy” (recall-speak for the steps you need to take in order to get your refund) may vary, depending on the product. For example, with the egg chair recall, you’d take the chair back to T.J.Maxx to get your return. But in other recall cases, you’d actually work with the manufacturer directly.

T.J.Maxx product recalls are listed on their website. Just find the product in question and tap the Consumer Product Safety Commission link to see who you need to contact to get your money back.

If you have questions about a product that’s not listed, just call T.J.Maxx customer service — 1-800-926-MAXX (1-800-926-6299) — to find out what you need to do to get a refund.


3. You can make T.J.Maxx returns without tags — for the most part.

TJ Maxx bra's with blue price tags.

The good news is that the T.J.Maxx return policy will give you a full refund even if your item doesn’t have tags.

There are a few exceptions, though. Swimsuits, underwear, bras, and other intimate apparel must have the tags intact if you want to make a return.

Even though there aren’t tag rules on other items, you also technically aren’t allowed to return purchases that have been worn or obviously used. It’s one thing to cut off the tag and then realize the dress doesn’t fit. It’s another to cut the tag off the dress, wear it to your cousin’s wedding, and then try to get a full refund.

Just don’t do it.

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4. You can make T.J.Maxx returns after 30 days for store credit.

TJ Maxx Merchandise card held in front of a credit card reader

You actually can initiate your return outside the 30-day window with a receipt for a full refund. But the only way refunds are issued after 30 days is via store credit. That means if you paid on a credit card, you won’t get the money refunded to your credit card.

TIP: Ross and T.J.Maxx have similar return policies in this regard. Check out which store has the best deals for the items on your shopping list.


5. The T.J.Maxx return policy lets you make returns without a receipt.

A person holding an ID in side TJ Maxx

You don’t technically need a receipt to return items at T.J.Maxx. But without a receipt, you will have to show a valid photo ID. With no receipt, your refund can only be issued via store credit.



6. If you’re returning a gift, you’ll only get store credit.

Tj Maxx gift receipt

Anything with a gift receipt can only be exchanged or returned for merchandise credit, according to the fine print of the T.J.Maxx return policy.

Sorry, but that ugly, high-necked frilly nightgown that your aunt got you can’t be converted into cold, hard cash. Could be swapped out for something cute, though.

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7. You usually have 40 days to return online orders.

TJ Maxx box on a doorstep

The T.J.Maxx online return policy gives most people 40 days to return their online orders. And the 40 days starts the day you placed your order, not the day you received it. Depending on your order, though, you may be given more or less time. The only way to know your window for sure is to check your packing slip.

TIP: Once you’re outside the return window, your refund will only be issued via store credit. Though you can still technically make a return.


8. You cannot make exchanges on online orders.

National Geographic kits at tjmaxx

T.J.Maxx’s inventory is constantly changing. So while you can return your online order and ask for a refund, you won’t be able to make any exchanges.


9. The T.J.Maxx online return policy allows for in-store returns.

A women purchasing items at the register.

Even if you placed an order online, you can still return it in-store. Just be sure to bring your packing slip or shipping confirmation email with you. That will count as your “receipt.”

TIP: If you paid with PayPal, your in-store refund will be issued via store credit.


10. Return shipping fees ($10.99) are on you.

A woman holding Lucky Brand jeans.

You technically can return online orders via mail, but I wouldn’t recommend it. You will be charged a steep $10.99 return shipping fee, which will get deducted from your refund.

The only way you can get out of paying this fee is if you received a defective item.



11. Your refund can take up to two weeks by mail.

A pair of brown ankle boots with a yellow clearance tag on them.

You will have to wait a really long time to get your refund by mail. First, your return has to be shipped to T.J.Maxx. Then, only after it’s received, you will have to wait an additional 10 – 14 days before your refund is issued.

It’s way more convenient to do the return in-person if possible.


12. These online orders cannot be returned in-store.

In some cases, in-store returns won’t be possible. These online orders must be returned by mail:


13. Returning items from The Runway gets a little tricky.

The Runway section at TJ Maxx.

The Runway is a section of select T.J.Maxx stores that offers discounted designer items. Not every store has one, though, and if you buy an item from The Runway, you can’t return it to a different store without that section.

Why? Associates can’t look up the current price or restock The Runway items if that section doesn’t exist at their store. They’ll send you back to where you bought the item or to another store with The Runway in it.

TIP: Wondering if your local T.J.Maxx has The Runway? Check the list. You can also shop The Runway online.


14. T.J.Maxx doesn’t have a holiday return policy anymore.

The holiday T.J.Maxx return policy sign at the front entrance.

The T.J.Maxx return policy doesn’t include special exceptions or timelines for holiday returns anymore. But some store associates will still give extra grace to the purchases you make in November and December.

That means you may be able to get a full refund for items you return with receipt more than 30 days after purchase.


15. Do T.J.Maxx Squishmallows exist?

They do at my store. Over recent months, shoppers have found Squishmallows at T.J.Maxx, and while you can never count on consistent inventory of anything at T.J.Maxx, Squishmallows are definitely around near the holidays — especially Halloween Squishmallows.

I had to dig through a bin of other brands of plush, but I managed to fish this one out. It’s selling for $9.99 with a Compare At price of $13. And yes, Ross also sells Squishmallows — usually the sequined ones.

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16. You can’t make T.J.Maxx returns at Marshalls.

empty marshalls shopping cart in the marshalls store

Marshalls won’t accept your T.J.Maxx return even though they are sister companies. You’ll have to get yourself to an actual T.J.Maxx to make your return.


17. You also can’t return Marshalls items at T.J.Maxx.

This rule goes both ways. All Marshalls returns need to go to Marshalls, and all T.J.Maxx returns to T.J.Maxx.

What did I miss? Share your secrets for navigating the T.J.Maxx return policy in the comments!

17 Ways to Optimize the T.J.Maxx Return Policy to Your Advantage