The Ross return policy is on the one hand as simple and straightforward as it gets: They don’t have an eCommerce website, so you won’t see an option to make a return by mail. You have to buy and return the old fashioned way — by getting yourself into a physical store.

But other parts of the return policy are much less straightforward, including what happens when you don’t have a receipt. But we’ll get into that, along with a few tips for maximizing your Ross returns experience for the least amount of headaches possible!

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1. The Ross return policy allows you 30 days to change your mind.

With a receipt, you can return items for up to 30 days. You’ll get your money back in the form of your original payment. This is pretty standard, but I recently returned my “Hello Fall” Mickey Mouse rug, which I used a gift card to buy. Rather than restoring the balance to my gift card, Ross gave me a merchandise return card for $7.57. The only exception, then, is if you paid with a gift card.


2. Ditto for Ross’s fragrance and electronics return policy, just don’t open the container!

Ross won’t take back anything that’s been worn, altered, or opened. This goes for fragrances, electronics, and anything else. If you open it, you can’t return it, receipt or not!


3. The return policy without a receipt situation at Ross is a hairy crapshoot.

Without a receipt, you can still make a return. But only for store credit and only if you still have your item’s tags. This is the case even if you try to make your return within the 30-day window.

Ross will scan the tags, and their returns verification system will tell them what your store credit amount is. This is where it gets tricky. The system is the boss of your return when you don’t have a receipt, and you’ll have to settle for whatever it deems to be the lowest selling price…ever.

This can be what you paid, or it can be way off. In fact, the internet is rife with stories of Ross shoppers making returns just days later and being told they can only get like $1.99 in store credit for a $20 item they bought, which still costs $20. Apparently, once upon a time it went on sale for $1.99.

Also, “store credit” comes in the form of a Ross merchandise return card.



4. Expect to show your ID for all receipt-less returns.

By requiring identification, Ross is monitoring if you have a history of returns without a receipt. Rumor has it that everyone gets up to three receipt-less returns per year, and after that the returns system will reject you. Choose wisely.

When I returned some silicone wine glasses recently, I told the cashier I didn’t have a receipt. She asked for my ID, logged it into the system, and I got a merchandise return card for $10.81. One down, two more to go.


5. Make a case for your receipt-less, tagged, and under-30 day returns.

If you’re in a situation where you just bought something days ago but you forgot your receipt and you are told the oh-so-holy returns verification system wants to give you store credit that’s way less than what you paid for the item, try to find the item in the store.

If they’re still selling it for the price you paid, you’ll have a good case for why you should get the full amount back in a store credit.

I’m not promising anything, because Ross employees really do defer to the electronic system. But maybe a manager will have pity on you. At KCL we’ve had conflicting experiences. Tell me in the comments how this goes if you try it!



6. No receipt? No tags? No return.

Fuhgeddaboudit. With no receipt and no tags, Ross has no way of knowing you even bought the item at their store. You can’t make the return. But you’re not completely out of luck — I have another idea for you…


7. Sell your item on eBay or Craigslist if you can’t return it.

This is especially a good idea if you have a brand name or designer item you can’t return. You will only recover a fraction of your cost, but it’s better than nothing.



8. A store credit is the best you’ll get with a gift receipt.

At least it’ll be in the full amount you paid! Just tell your friends to keep the tags for whatever you buy them! You can scratch out the price, and as long as the barcode is still scannable, everyone’ll be fine.

What are your Ross returns war stories? Share in the comments!

Ross Return Policy Tips to Make Sure You Get Your Money Back