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How Much Can You Save at Walmart Auto Center? We Break It Down

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When you’re considering where to take your car to get serviced, Walmart may not necessarily be the first place that comes to mind. Eggs? Sure. Diapers? Perhaps. But an oil change? Yeah, seriously. Walmart’s Auto Center is one of the cheapest places to get your car serviced, and you can shop while your car is under their care. They can do your tire rotations, fluid checks, and more. Heck, you can even buy a car at Walmart. But how much can you save at Walmart Auto Center, really?

It’s important to know that not every Walmart has an auto center; use their website to find a location near you. Here’s everything you need to know about Walmart’s Auto Center and how much you can save.

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1. The Walmart Auto Center offers dozens of services.

auto care center at walmart

Walmart offers dozens of maintenance services at reasonable prices, but note that some services do require a purchase from Walmart. For example, if you buy a battery from them, they will install it for free. You can have them install a battery from another retailer, but you’ll be charged $15 for that service.


2. A basic Walmart oil change starts at $22.88 and will save you at least 28%.

Pouring oil into a car

There are five different oil change packages, with prices starting as low as $22.88. They all include an oil change and additional services, like battery and tire pressure checks. But some Walmart Auto locations will do a basic oil change (with nothing else) for even cheaper. It’s not listed with their oil change pricing packages, so be sure to ask about it if you don’t need the additional maintenance checks or vacuuming.


There are five oil change packages to choose from:

  • Pit Crew: $22.88 (includes five quarts of conventional oil, filter, lube, battery, and tire pressure check)
  • Standard oil change: $32.88 (includes Pit Crew services plus air filter check, essential fluids and light checks, interior vacuuming)
  • High-mileage oil change: $42.88 (includes all Standard services)
  • Semi-synthetic oil change: $42.88 (includes all Standard services)
  • Synthetic oil change: $46.88 (includes all Standard services)

In addition to the different service packages, you can choose from five types of oil, depending on your car and mileage needs.

  • Conventional oil: Best for cars with less than 75,000 miles
  • High-mileage oil: Best for cars with more than 75,000 miles
  • Semi-synthetic oil: Best for cars with more than 75,000 miles, or cars that specifically require synthetic oil
  • Synthetic oil: Best for luxury cars or cars that specifically require synthetic oil with less than 75,000 miles
  • Full synthetic oil: Best for luxury cars or cars that require synthetic oil with more than 75,000 miles

But back to our initial question about how much you can save at Walmart Auto Center by using them for your oil changes. According to Kelley Blue Book, the average oil change with conventional oil costs between $35 and $75. So if you get the Pit Crew package from Walmart, you’ll save anywhere from 35% – 70% on a conventional oil change. For a synthetic oil change, Kelley Blue Book says the average is $65 – $125, so going with Walmart Auto Center saves you 28% – 63%.

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3. Walmart Auto Center’s tire services can save you $4 – $25 per visit.

Changing tires

Walmart is actually one of the cheapest places to buy good quality tires. All Walmart tires come with the Walmart Tire Protection Plan warranty. This gives you 90 days to drive on them to make sure you like them. You can return them any time within the 90 days if you aren’t satisfied.

There’s also additional coverage up for grabs: The Road Hazard Warranty is $10 per tire and covers your tires for three years if you get a flat, blowout, or another problem while driving. The Lifetime Balance and Rotation plan is $14 per tire and lasts forever (or as long as you own the tires).

Their tire services are typically quite a bit cheaper than a traditional mechanic shop, too. For example, tire mounting is $11 per tire at Walmart, compared to $15 – $45 per tire elsewhere, according to Tire Buyer. And tire rotation is just $5 per tire at Walmart, making it $20 total for all four tires. RepairPal says the average cost to rotate four tires is $35 – $45, so you could be saving up to $25 by using Walmart Auto Center.


Tire services at Walmart Auto Center range from free to $15 per tire.

  • TPMS re-learn: Free (compare to $35 on average at competitors)
  • 50-mile re-torque: Free (this service is typically free at other places, too)
  • Valve stem installation: $3 per tire (compare to $25 – $100 at a mechanic)
  • Lug nut replacement: $3.50 per lug nut
  • Tire rotation: $5 per tire, or $20 for all four tires (compare to $35 – $45 on average for four tires)
  • Road hazard warranty: $10 per tire
  • Tire mounting: $11 per tire, parts not included (compare to $15 – $45 at a mechanic)
  • Lifetime balance/rotation: $14 per tire
  • Flat tire repair, tubeless: $15 per tire (compare to $10 – $20 elsewhere)


4. Walmart Auto Center can handle your general car maintenance while you shop.

Shopper in the frozen section at walmart

Walmart Auto Centers offer general maintenance with pretty cheap prices, and most services can be done in under an hour. Replace your wiper blades, install new headlights, or change your air filters while you shop. Some services (like air filter installation) do require a Walmart purchase, so double-check before you go if you’re wanting to install non-Walmart products. They usually can do it for you, but likely will charge extra for not buying their product.


General maintenance services range from free with purchase to $70+.

  • Air filter installation: Free with Walmart air filter purchase (not available for vans). This service is also free at Pep Boys but on average can cost anywhere from $40 – $60 for parts and labor elsewhere.
  • Battery installation: Free with Walmart battery purchase, $15 for non-Walmart battery. Most car repair places offer this service for free, but those who charge typically start at $15.
  • Battery non-corrosion: $5 per battery
  • Battery terminal-end: $10 + terminal
  • Miniature bulb installation: $7.50 per bulb
  • Wiper blade installation: $10 for a new blade and installation
  • Headlight installation: $10 per headlight, which is better than the average $30 – $300 for a headline change, which is what Auto Zone reports.
  • Fuel system maintenance: Starts at $20; according to Blue Devil Products, the average cost of fuel system cleaning varies greatly. We’re talking anywhere from $20 – $1,000+.
  • Headlight restoration: $26.88 per vehicle; this is really a deal because elsewhere this service can cost anywhere from $50 – $150.
  • Coolant exchange: $29.88 + parts; Jiffy Lube asserts this service generally costs $99.99.
  • Transmission fluid exchange: $59.88 + parts; for this one, Jiffy Lube estimates between $80 – $250.
  • Refrigerant recharge: $69.88 + parts; on average, you’re looking at $150 – $300 for this procedure.


5. Buy car parts and general maintenance items to take home and install yourself.

If you’re able to install things like wiper blades yourself, you can save money by buying them at the store and taking them home to install. You can also stock up on car-related tools and maintenance items like gas cans, jumper cables, and chargers. The Auto Center carries these items you can buy at Walmart along with your regular grocery items:

  • Charging and starting systems
  • Filters
  • Wiper blades
  • Gas cans
  • Body repair tools
  • Radiators and engine cooling
  • Car lighting
  • Brakes and brake parts
  • EV chargers
  • Power inverters
  • Jump starters
  • Engine/car lifts
  • Car battery starters


6. You can even trade in your car at Walmart.

cars in a row

Some Walmart Auto Centers sell new and used cars, and you can usually get a pretty good deal on them compared to dealerships. Plus, Walmart has a trade-in program so you can trade in your old car for even more of a discount on a new or used car.


7. You don’t need an appointment at Walmart Auto Center.

Walmart Auto Care center

Unlike most other car service centers, you don’t need an appointment to get a quick oil change or tire rotation at Walmart Auto Center. Next time you head to the store to stock up on groceries, drop your car off to be serviced while you shop. If your Walmart has a Tire & Lube Express station, you can drive up and get your oil changed while you shop — no appointment necessary.

You may have a bit of a wait, depending on how many other cars are being serviced, so you can make an appointment if you want to.

Or drop off your car and arrange a time to come back for it later. If your car needs extensive work or you don’t have time to take it in, they can also arrange to pick the car up from you (although you’ll pay extra for that).

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