Green tea is one fierce free-radical fighter. Consuming the antioxidants in the beverage fight off aging, stress, and illness. That same green tea can work wonders in soothing, spa-like ways at distinctly unspa-like prices (is that a word?) Try these beauty-boosters before or after you've had a dainty sip.

Bath Soak: Toss in five tea bags while filling the bathtub with warm water (don’t use hot water. It strips the skin of moisture). The bath is ready when the water is tinted a greenish hue. The vitamins and minerals released into the water nourish and moisturize the skin, fight aging, and increase elasticity. A tea bath can also soothe sunburns, razor burns, nicks, and cuts. Green body treatments at the spa include the traditional mani/pedi to full-body massages and wraps and can cost upwards of $30. Keep your plastic in your wallet and soak up the nutrients in the privacy of your own home. A box of 20 green tea bags is under $2.00. Price per bath? $0.50 cents! Save that $30 wad of cash intended for the spa and pat yourself on the back for being so savvy.

Eye Compress: Pamper tired peepers with rejuvenating and soothing compresses. Place moistened (or just used…no judgment here) tea bags over the eyes and relax. The tannin in the tea helps to reduce swelling and discoloration. Sweltering day? Chill the bags in the fridge for several minutes for an extra cool treat. With that same box of tea, you've spent $0.20 cents on an eye treatment that serves the same purpose as drugstore creams and revitalizing serums. Those can start at $10 (if you're lucky) and don't include the refreshing beverage.

Astringent: For an alcohol-free astringent, steep three green tea bags in about 2 cups of water for about 5 minutes. Remove the tea bags, add 3 Tbs. of witch hazel. Allow the mixture to cool. Pour into a clean bottle. Apply with clean cotton balls.

In a few simple steps, you have a gentle astringent that nourishes the skin and tightens pores without the harsh, burning effect of most store-bought astringents.

A 10 ounce bottle of SeaBreeze, for example, is about $4. Instead, spend about $4.50 on Witch Hazel to make oodles of astringent for months to come.

Save yourself money, and baby your face using this recipe. Oh, and be mindful to label the storage bottle and store it in your bathroom, not the kitchen.

Facial: Spa facials are relaxing and great for your skin. But for $60, I can buy a lot of groceries and school supplies for my family. So I opt for a relaxing KrazyCouponLady's night in with an easy green tea steam facial.

For less than $1.00 a pop, you can even treat your girlfriends! Bring 4 cups of water to a boil and remove from the heat. Steep three green tea bags in the water for about five minutes. Let the water cool a bit. Pour the liquid into a large bowl and drape a towel over your head to catch the steam as you lean over the bowl. Add a few drops of essential oil to add to the spa-ahhh factor. (I prefer peppermint.) After 10 minutes or so, rinse your face with cool water to snap those newly-cleaned pores shut and follow with that green tea astringent for healthy, glowing, refreshed skin.

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This has been a guest post by Tavonne of New York, NY

Gorgeous and Green: Four Ways to Use Green Tea in Your Beauty Routine