I love jewelry! It doesn’t matter if it is real, fake, pricey, costume, or anything in between. The shinier and more sparkly, the more I love it.

Like most women, I have the small velvet jewelry boxes for my wedding bands and anniversary gifts. But I ran into a problem when trying to figure out how to store my everyday, fun, costume jewelry.

There’s nothing I love more than a great long multibead necklace or stack of bracelets to complete a look. But every time I went to find what I was looking for, I came across a tangled mess of beads, chains, earrings, and bracelets. Fifteen minutes later, with a few choice words muttered under my breath, I finally freed that one piece I needed to complete my outfit.

One day it occurred to me that I needed a better way to organize my jewelry. Lucky for me and my already hectic mornings, I found a solution: cutlery boxes! Talk about thinking outside of the box! Cutlery boxes make the perfect solution for organizing chains and bracelets!

At Walmart you can find bamboo cutlery trays for $7.88 each. These are a natural wood color. But for $0.97 cents you can spray paint it to match your décor. You may need several trays depending on how much jewelry you have.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Grab a pack of rubber coated hooks, located in the hardware section of most stores: $1.97.
  2. Set your tray vertically so you jewelry has room to hang. At the top of each compartment twist in one of your hooks. You may wish to drill a tiny hole first to make it go in easier.
  3. Once your hooks are secure, you can attach your cutlery box to the wall or closet door using an anchor and screw, or just prop it up on your vanity. Feel free to group your jewelry by color or style to make choosing a piece even easier.

No more tangled jewelry. No more explaining to your boss why you were late. No more heaps of beads. This simple solution will bring calm to your jewelry chaos!

Think Outside of the Cutlery Box: Easy DIY Jewelry Display