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17 AirTag Uses That'll Make Your Life Easier

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There are so many creative AirTag uses that make life so much easier. You can use them to find lost items, keep tabs on items you’re afraid will get stolen, or even keep track of people (with their explicit consent, of course.) Shoot, there are even super fun games you can set up with AirTags!

The cost of AirTags starts at $29/each, and you can have up to 16 loaded onto your account at a time. Luckily, while we wait for Prime Day, we’ve come across discounts where you can save up to 14% on individual AirTags and up to 9% on bundle packs.

Here are 17 ways to use your AirTag in your day-to-day life to make sure you get the best payout from your purchase.

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Here are two recent AirTag deals from early summer 2023. We expect AirTags to drop in price during Amazon Prime Day on July 11 – 12.

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The Best AirTag Uses

1. Find your keys.

Someone holding up an airtag attached to their keys

I know. We’re starting with the totally obvious. But who among us actually knows where their keys are when they need to leave the house? Using an AirTag could help you be less chronically late as you won’t have to do that last-minute key search.

$89.99$99.00(9% off)

2. Never lose your remote again.

tv remote with an apple airtag adhered to it

Confession: I have, in fact, bought a whole new Roku remote because we somehow managed to permanently lose ours. If I had attached an AirTag to the back, I could have not only avoided the drama but also the extra spending!


3. Keep tabs on your wallet.

person placing an apple airtag inside zipper pocket of wallet for tracking

You know, I’m not one to lose my wallet. When it comes to my money, I always know where it’s at.

But I know it can be a huge problem for other people — especially men who tend to carry them loose rather than in a purse. Stick an AirTag in that sucker and never lose it again — it’s one of my favorite AirTag uses.


4. Use an AirTag to locate life-saving meds.

Someone grabbing a bottle of prescription medication from a shelf next to an airtag

AirTags aren’t just for casual forgetfulness. They can be life-saving. For example, let’s say you have a severe allergy and need an EpiPen. If you’re in the middle of an allergic reaction you may not be capable of relaying where that EpiPen lives to whoever happens to be around to help you.

An AirTag can solve that problem, especially if you have the conversation beforehand to let others know it’s a tool at their disposal when looking for your meds.

It doesn’t have to be an EpiPen, either. You can use an AirTag to find any life-saving medication you may need to locate quickly when you’re already in a panicked state.


5. Find your holiday gift stash after you forgot where you stashed it.

shelf with packages and apple airtag

I have a habit of building up my Christmas gift stash well before the holidays. If I find a jaw-dropping sale in June, I’ll buy the item and store it away where the kids can’t find it until the holidays.

Because I was raised in the age of analog, I learned that the best way to do this was to have one, dedicated spot where you just put everything. That way you don’t have to remember multiple hiding spots.

The problem with that strategy is that if the kids find the stash, they find all of it. If you can split up your hiding spots, you don’t run the same risk. But you’re also less likely to remember where you hid each and every last item.

Now, this would be an expensive solution as AirTags cost $29 a pop, but you could in theory use an AirTag to hide each item, ensuring you’ll be able to remember where you hid each one when the holidays finally arrive.


6. Never let the airlines lose your bag again.

Someone putting an airtag into their suitcase to keep track of it

Headed on a big trip? Especially one with multiple legs? Investing in an AirTag for your luggage can be a good idea. That way, if the airline loses your bag, you’ll be able to tell them exactly where they can find it.

You can also use your AirTag to be the chillest person at baggage pickup. Instead of huddling around the carousel, anxiously peeking to see if your bag will be next so you can get on with your day, you can lounge out in the chairs at the back, dinking around on TikTok or whatever it is you do in your spare time.

Your AirTag will show you when your bag comes up so you can cooly walk up at just the right moment. It makes the whole experience a whole lot less stressful.


7. Find your car at a concert or other packed event.

apple airtag in a car door interior panel pocket

If you’re parking in a massive garage or attending an event like a baseball game or concert, it can be helpful to leave an AirTag in your car. That way, when it’s time to go home, you’ll be able to locate your vehicle easily.


8. Use an AirTag to find your friend at said concert.

person at a music festival looking at their phone

If the venue you’re visiting is loud – like a concert – it might be easier to exchange AirTags with your friend rather than relying on phone calls or texts. Which the other person may or may not hear.

TIP: You always, always need to get someone’s consent before tracking them with an AirTag. If you don’t, that’s called stalking. AirTags now have anti-stalking measures built in. Here’s how to recognize the warning signs if you think someone’s tracking you without your consent.


9. Find your crashed drone (in populated areas.)

person's hand holding a phone with find my drone screenshot

Drones can be fun toys, but they’re also expensive pieces of equipment! By attaching an AirTag to your drone, you can ensure you’ll be able to find it no matter where it lands (or crashes.) As long as you’re not in the middle of the wilderness with zero iPhone users nearby. Then it’ll still be pretty hard to find.


10. Track packages you send in the mail.

Someone putting an airtag into a package of gifts

Mailings something that can’t be replaced? You can include an AirTag in the box or envelope to track it as it does (or doesn’t) make its way to its final destination. Bear in mind that AirTags will work better if your package is traveling along a route with big cities – and more iPhone users. If it’s in a rural location with few iPhone users nearby, it’s gonna be harder to locate.

Note that AirTags aren’t really a great replacement for the insurance you might buy through a mail carrier. First, there’s the problem of rural post offices or shipping stops, where your package may become virtually invisible as far as AirTag tracking is concerned. Plus, if the package is lost, you’re flushing another $29 down the tube if they lose the AirTag, too. But insurance can get you the package’s value back if it does get lost.

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11. Use AirTags as a lower-cost pet tracker – with caution.

A cat sniffinf the airtag on her collar while someone holds it up

Apple actually doesn’t recommend using their AirTags as a pet tracker for exactly the reasons we covered above: If your pet takes a wilderness adventure to a locale where there aren’t people (or iPhones), it’s not gonna help you find Fido.

But that doesn’t stop people from doing it, anyways. It can be a lot cheaper than getting your pet chipped, but just remember that it also might not work depending on where your furry friend roams.

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12. Protect a child with elopement issues.

child on a bike wearing a wristband with an apple airtag

Same thing for children with elopement issues. If you truly need to be able to locate your child even if they’ve wandered off into a wooded area, there are other interventions you can use that utilize GPS technology rather than the spotty availability of iPhones. But these plans usually come with subscription fees – if you can’t afford it, an AirTag could be a less expensive (but also less effective) alternative.

TIP: We are talking about kids with elopement issues that are so serious you’ve had to discuss them with the pediatrician. These issues may be tied to a diagnosed disability. Even with your children, it’s wise to practice consent. If you sneak an AirTag onto an unknowing child, it’s likely to breed or deepen distrust in your relationship. Plus, there’s a solid chance your kid is more adept at technology than you, so odds are pretty high you’ll get caught.


13. Get better tracking on your geocache travel bug.

Someone placing a Travel Bug with an Airtag into a Geocache tupperware

Oh, hey, fellow nerds. If you’re into geocaching, you’re familiar with travel bugs, which are essentially tchotchkes you’ll find inside caches that have a tracking number attached.

Traditionally, the person who takes the travel bug would log where they drop it next, allowing you to follow along with your bug’s journeys after you set it into the wild. But sometimes travel bugs get taken, never to be logged again — disappearing into the ether.

You can use an AirTag for better tracking of your travel bug. Just be sure to disclose it in the bug’s description. If you pick up a travel bug and don’t want it tracking you to your home, just pop the battery out until you’re ready to place it in the next cache.


14. Set up a fun scavenger hunt.

Hand holding a phone with the find my device screen open

There are super fun social ways to use AirTags, too! If you put them in lost mode, they’ll display a message of your choice. That means you can hide an AirTag on a scavenger hunt item, and it’ll ping people when they get close. Then they can read the clue and find the item! Whichever individual (or team) finds the most items wins!


15. Advertise with your AirTag.

hand holding an iphone with the find my feature locating an airtag. Behind is a small bench with a collection of books with a sign that reads "Little Free Library

That same lost functionality that makes scavenger hunts so fun can also be a practical way to advertise. Let’s say you have one of those Little Free Libraries in your yard, and you’d love for it to see more traffic. Just stick an AirTag inside, compose a message that will lead passersby right to it, and stick it in lost mode. Prepare to move some books!

Another way you could do this is for your business. Let’s say you were manning a booth at an industry conference. You could use an AirTag in lost mode to draw extra attention to your booth. Heck, you could even stick a ‘secret’ promo code or offer in the message section, motivating fellow conferencegoers to engage with you even more!


16. Put AirTags on items you don’t want stolen.

person placing an apple airtag into a wagon pocket

That might be your bike. Inside your jewelry case. On your car. Or any other valuable item you think would be a big target for thieves. If it does get stolen, you’d be more likely to find it.

Note, though, that if something is stolen, you probably shouldn’t be the person going to reclaim it. Confrontation might seem like a good idea, but it’s better to have law enforcement step in and do their job rather than trying to do it for them.

If the cops don’t wanna help, even with the AirTag info? Maybe just file a claim with your insurance. That’s what it’s there for.


17. Give them to your friends before they go on Hinge dates.

Phone with the Hinge dating app open with an airtag next to it

Are you that friend that everyone’s hitting up before they go on a Hinge date? You know the messages: “In case I’m murdered, here’s the restaurant he’s taking me to.” Or, “In case things go sideways, here’s his address.”

(Yeah, 21st-century dating is scary and dysfunctional as heck.)

To keep more accurate tabs with fewer text messages, just start giving those friends AirTags (with their consent, of course!) If you don’t hear from them and start to get worried, you’ll know exactly where to start the search. (An alternative to this is sharing each other’s phone locations with each other for free, but it depends on if you’re worried your friend will get separated from their phone or not.)

TIP: Kinda the same deal on this as with stolen items. If your friend goes missing on what’s essentially a blind date, you don’t know what you’re walking into. Try to get law enforcement involved rather than handling things on your own.

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