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If your kids are wild over rare Squishmallows like mine, you gotta grab them Halloween Squishmallows! With the Halloween candy shortage upon us, this is the perfect excuse to swap out some candy and treat them to cuddly Squishmallows instead. But you have to act quickly: The Halloween Squishmallows vanish quicker than you can say BOO!

Halloween Squishmallows 2022 are one of the rarest subcategories in the Squishmallow world. They have adorable ones, like pumpkin Squishmallows, ghost Squishmallows, spiders, a grim reaper Squishmallow, and even Sanderson Sister Squishmallows. In fact, in terms of the history of Halloween squishes, Jack the Black Cat Squishmallow is the rarest Squishmallow ever created — with only 500 in circulation. Another extremely rare find is the Otto Squishmallow, a grim reaper.

Although the weather doesn’t feel like fall, Halloween Squishmallows are already popping up in stores around the nation. We have all the best tips on how to find them and the top 20 to look for.

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Where Can You Find Halloween Squishmallows?

Halloween Squishmallows stocked on a shelf at Walgreens.

If you’re wondering where to find Halloween Squishmallows, we have the best leads on where you can find them online and in stores. When shopping in big-box stores like Walmart and Target, be sure to look in the Halloween section and the toy section. Every store is different as to where they stock them. You can check out the full list of Squishmallow retailers.

My top tip for shopping for any rare or trending Squishmallow online without overpaying is to verify that the retailer is the same as the site you’re shopping on. For example, if you’re shopping on Amazon.com, be sure it says “Sold and shipped by Amazon.” With holiday releases, third-party sellers are more prominent than when you’re shopping for regular Squishmallows.

Where to buy Halloween Squishmallows:

Related: Set your alarm for the Five Below Squishmallow release that happens just about every Sunday, both online and in stores.


When Do Halloween Squishmallows Come Out?

A person holding up a Ferlize the Ghost Halloween Squishmallow.

Across all of the retailers, Halloween Squishmallows will start to pop up as early as the end of July through October. In 2021, they hit the shelves at Walgreens on Aug. 10, and Aldi had them on Oct. 14.

We’ve already spotted Halloween and fall-themed Squishmallows in Walgreens, Walmart, Meijer, and HomeGoods. My rule of thumb is that any time I’m out shopping, I look for them. You never know what you’ll find.



What Kind of Halloween Squishmallows Are There?

The Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters three piece Squishmallow set staged on a counter.

Certain Squishmallows come back year after year, like the whole Nightmare Before Christmas crew. Squishmallows for Halloween come in clips as small as 4.5 inches and all the way up to 24 inches. Clips are priced as low as $4.99. I love finding the clips because then I can buy more. Keep your eyes out for store-exclusive rare Squishmallows, too.

Here Are the Top 20 Halloween Squishmallows to Look For in 2022:

Disney or Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallows

Halloween Squishmallow three Nightmare before Christmas character Squishmallows inside cart with hand pushing it

1. Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters Squishmallows

It’s not Halloween without Hocus Pocus. The sisters are available in five inches and eight inches. We’ve spotted the sisters at Kroger and Claire’s and retail for as low as $9.99 each.

2. Jack Skellington Squishmallow

The pumpkin king is iconic for Halloween. He’s available in five inches, eight inches, and 12 inches. In 2022, we found a 5-inch Jack Skellington at Walgreens retailing for $19.99.

3. Sally Squishmallow

Can’t have Jack without Sally. She’s available in five inches, eight inches, and 12 inches. In 2022, we found a 5-inch Sally at Walgreens retailing for $19.99.

4. Zero Squishmallow

Zero is the cutest ghost dog in town. He’s five inches and in 2021, Zero was available at Five Below for $5.95. We haven’t spotted him yet for 2022.

5. Oogie Boogie Squishmallow

Oogie Boogie is available in two variants. One is green with red dice and the other is brown with a spider. We’ve spotted them in T.J.Maxx for $12.99.

6. Lock, Shock, & Barrel Squishmallow

These three are known for causing trouble. Lock, Shock, & Barrel Squishmallows are sold individually, are 12 inches, retail for $19.99 each, and were spotted at Walgreens.

7. Mayor Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallow Double-Sided

Can’t run Halloween Town without the Mayor. The Mayor Squishmallow is unique in that he is double-sided. One side has his happy face, and the other has his mad, frantic face. He’s 12 inches, retails for $19.99 each, and was spotted at Walgreens.

8. Vampire Mickey Mouse Squishmallow

Available in eight inches or 16 inches, Vampire Mickey Mouse was originally released in 2021. His retail price was as low as $9.99.

9. Hello Kitty Franken Kitty Squishmallow

Even in her horror state, this Halloween Hello Kitty Squishmallow is still darling. She’s eight inches and retails for $16.99.


Fall-Themed, Food, and Pumpkin Squishmallows

person holding Halloween Squishmallow Mac the Acorn

10. Mac the Acorn Squishmallow

I never knew I needed an Acorn Squishmallow till I saw Mac. He’s 10 inches and available now on Amazon for $24.99.

11. Torize the Pumpkin Pie Squishmallow

Torize is an adorable Pumpkin Pie Squishmallow and even has whipped topping. She’s available now on Amazon for $24.99.

12. Kendla the Pumpkin Spice Latte Squishmallow

Kendla is a Target exclusive. Rumor has it she even smells like a PSL. Grab your Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte and Kendla and have a perfect fall day. She is 14 inches and retails for $14.99

13. Riba the Pumpkin Squishmallow

Riba is a classic jack-o’-lantern with a black top hat. Riba comes in many sizes, from 5-inch clips to 12 inches. The retail price can be as low as $4.99.

14. Lon the Red Twizzler Bat Squishmallow

Lon is a 6.5-inch bat with a Twizzler outfit. He was available at Five Below and retails for $5.95.

15. Gavi the Turkey Squishmallow

Can’t have fall without a turkey! Gavi the Turkey will be a great guest at Thanksgiving dinner. He’s available now on Amazon for $24.99.


Halloween Costume and Ghost Squishmallows

shelf with vamp to wolf, Autumn the witch cat, and Saul the pumpkin Squishmallows with price tag in front

16. Johanna the Witches Brew Squishmallow

Johanna is a witches brew cauldron. She even has a fire design on the bottle. She’s 10 inches and available now on Amazon for $24.99.

17. Ferlize the Ghost Squishmallow

Ferlize is a happy ghost with a purple and orange hat with “boo!” displayed across his belly. He’s 10 inches and retailed for $12.99

18. Tally The Cat Vampire Squishmallow

Tally is a cat dressed up to the nines in her vampire costume. She’s eight inches and retails for $12.99

19. Reginald The Corgi Devil Dog Squishmallow

Reginald is a Corgi dressed up in his devil costume. He has little black horns and red wings. Reginald is available as eight inches and retails for $12.99. Currently, he’s available on Amazon.

20. Winston The Mummy Owl Squishmallow

You may not even realize Winston is an owl under all his mummy wrapping. Winston is available as eight inches and retails for $12.99. Currently, he is available on Amazon.

21. Zelina The Day of Dead Black Cat Squishmallow

Zelina is a cat dressed up in the Day of the Dead theme. Zelina is available as 12 inches and retails for $15.99. Currently, she’s available on Amazon.

22. Len the Frankenbear Squishmallow

Len is a bear dressed up as Frankenstein. Len is available as eight inches and retails for $12.99. Currently, he is available on Amazon.

23. Belanda the Cow With Devil Costume

Belanda is a cow dressed up with devil horns and wings. She’s 12 inches, retails for $9.99, and is found at Walgreens.

hand holding Halloween Squishmallow Brock the Bulldog Vampire in Walgreens

24. Brock the Bulldog With Vampire Cape

Brock is a bulldog dressed up with a vampire cape. He’s 12 inches, retails for $9.99, and is found at Walgreens.

25. Gildie the Spider With Witch’s Hat

Gildie is an adorable spider with a witch’s hat. She’s 12 inches, retails for $9.99, and is found at Walgreens.

26. Calio the Vampire Owl

Calio is an owl dressed up as a vampire — red bowtie and all. He’s 12 inches, retails for $9.99, and is found at Walgreens.

27. Autumn the Black Cat With Witches Hat and Lollipop

Autumn is a black cat with a witch’s hat and lollipop. She’s 12 inches, retails for $9.99, and is found at Walgreens.

28. Quill and Wade Vampire to Wolf Flip-a-Mallow

This 12-inch Squishmallow transforms from a vampire to a wolf. He retails for $24.99 and is found at Walgreens.

29. Wexla and Johanna Witch to Cauldron Flip-a-Mallow

This 12-inch Squishmallow transforms from a witch to a cauldron. She retails for $24.99 and is found at Walgreens.

30. Benny the Bigfoot With Candy Corn Headband

Bennys is a brown bigfoot with a candy corn headband. He’s 12 inches, retails for $9.99, and is found at Walgreens.


Rare Halloween Squishmallows to Look For:

Rare Halloween Squishmallows Jack the black cat and Otto the Grim Reaper on a white background.

There’s a handful of Squishmallows that are very hard to find. Listed below are some of the rarest of the rare. They may not come back into circulation for Halloween 2022, but if you see one of these cuddly ghouls, grab it immediately!

Otto the Grim Reaper Squishmallow

The Otto Squishmallow was originally available in the United Kingdom. Eventually, he was found at Aldi and Walgreens in 2021. There’s chatter in the Squishmallow community that there will be a new release of Otto for Halloween 2022 at Kroger and Learning Express.

Jack the Black Cat Squishmallow

Don’t expect to stumble across Jack the Black Cat Squishmallow in a store. Jack was the first Squishmallow part of the new “Select Series” line. You could only purchase these through Squishmallow.com, with only 500 available. Select Series Squishmallows have the black tag, and you can learn all about the different levels of rare Squishmallows here.

If you find a Halloween Squishmallow, be sure to post about it in our Brags!

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