Traveling on the road with kids is no easy venture. I get anxiety just thinking about all the diaper changes, “Are we there yets?” and snack requests.

Fortunately, there are ways to ease the stress and keep your sanity when you’re on the road. For me, these car hacks were life-changing.


1. Turn an empty wipes holder into a travel diaper-changing station.

Attach a small wipes package to the top of the holder with rubber bands, and store extra diapers and a change of clothes in the bottom.


2. Give kids dry erase markers and an old glove to keep them amused.


3. Make your own tablet holder.

Hold a gallon size zip bag up to your car’s headrest and poke two holes where the headrest bars are. Then, put carabiner clips or toy links through the bag to attach the bag to the headrest. You can also use string.

The sound won’t be muffled and the touchscreen will still work through the plastic. Cool, right?!


4. Reuse a wipes container to store and easily dispense plastic bags.

Transporting dirty diapers on the road just got less gross.



5. Keep toys, diapers, clothes and other road-trip essentials organized with a shoe organizer.

Thread heavy cords or zip ties through the top holes to keep the organizer in place.


6. Use a suctioned shower caddy to keep toys and snacks within arm’s reach.


7. Attach a LEGO board to the inside of a lunchbox for a DIY travel LEGO case.


8. Use a dollar store caddy to serve meals and drinks on road trips.


9. Store snacks in empty coffee creamer containers.

Snacks like crackers and cereal stay fresh, and you’re less likely to spill.


10. Use a carabiner clip to hang kids’ bags from your headrest.

Their things will be within reach, AND there will be extra space on the floor.


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11. Keep a trash bag in place with a Command hook.


12. Keep extra plastic utensils, napkins and straws in your glove compartment.


13. Store ginger ale and crackers in your car in case your child gets carsick.



14. Make cleaning up easy by covering car seats with a fitted sheet.


15. Cover your floor mats with newspaper after sporting events and during bad weather.


16. Catch cup-holder messes and sticky spills with silicone cupcake liners.


17. Prevent spills by covering a cup with plastic wrap.


18. Bring a set of gel window clings to keep kids entertained.



19. Attach chalkboard paper to an old baking tray for a portable, magnetic play board.


20. Fill a binder with coloring pages, games and scavenger hunt checklists.


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