I love contributing to my globetrotting friends’ passion for exploring by gifting them something that they’ll find useful during their travels, but you can only give so many toiletry bags and adapters! If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the frequent flyer in your life, check out these nine unique and fun gifts that any traveler would love to have:

1. Scratch Map

Travelers love showing off where they’ve been, but gone are the days of sticking pins in maps. Now you can mark off your travels in style with the Scratch Map. Explorers can scratch off areas on the map that they have visited, revealing bright pops of color while entertaining friends and family with tales of their travels. The Scratch Map is priced at $20 at Uncommon Goods.

Scratch Map $20.00
Pay $20.00, and $4.95 shipping
Final Price: 24.95

2. Grid-It Gadget

When you ask most travelers how they pack their gadgets and chargers, many will tell you that they throw them into a small bag or pouch. I’ve even seen travelers pull their electronics out of sandwich baggies only to find that they have become a tangled mess! Help your explorer stay organized with Grid-It. This intricate weave of rubberized plastic bands provide numerous configurations to stow everything from phones and chargers to USB ports and cameras. The Grid-It even features a zippered pocket on the backside for added storage. Grid-It is currently available for $13.97 at Amazon.

Grid-It $13.97
Free shipping with Amazon Prime
Final Price: As low as $13.97

3. Portable Power Bank

If you’ve ever found yourself out and about with a dead phone, iPod or other gadget, you know how frustrating it can be. Help the traveler in your life avoid these types of headaches by giving them a Portable Power Bank. This nifty device will charge cell phones, iPods and just about any other USB-powered device while being small enough to carry in a bag or purse. The Portable Power bank is currently priced at $19.95 and is available on Amazon.

Portable Power Bank, $19.95
Free shipping with Amazon Prime
Final Price: As low as $19.95

4. Lighted Travel Mirror

One of the complaints that I often hear from travelers is the inadequate mirrors found in most hotels. After all, most women prefer to use a magnifying mirror when putting on makeup or grooming, and very few hotels have these available. Wayfair offers a 15x Lighted Adjustable Mirror that folds flat for easy traveling. Another great perk to this hands-free mirror is that it is equipped with LED bulbs that never need replacing. Priced at $19.99, the 15X Lighted Travel Mirror is available at Wayfair.com.

15x Lighted Adjustable Travel Mirror, $19.99
Free shipping on orders over $49.00
Final Price: As low as $19.99

5. QR Code Luggage Tags

Although luggage tags may seem like a less-than exciting gift, having sturdy, reliable luggage tags is a must for any avid traveler. After all, it is estimated that nearly 2 million bags go missing in the U.S. every year! This set of two tags is embossed with a QR code which, when scanned, leads to a secure site that hosts your information. Not only do these tags hide your info from prying eyes in the airport, but if your luggage is lost, you can quickly log onto the website and update the information to your current location. Priced at $14.95, the QR Code Luggage Tags are available on Amazon.

QR Code Luggage Tags, $14.95
Free shipping with Amazon Prime
Final Price: As low as $14.95

6. Map passport cover

For an avid traveler, getting a passport stamped is a badge of honor. Most travelers love showing off their stamps and will usually have at least one story to accompany each one. Help the traveler in your life keep that prized possession protected with a cute passport cover. Etsy shop SugarCaneTrain808 offers vinyl passport covers in numerous designs, like this Vintage Map Cover. And if you’re looking to stay within a tight budget, this gift is a wonderful option at only $5!

Passport Cover $5.00
Pay $5.00, and $1.95 shipping
Final Price: $6.95

7. Bag Bungee

One of my pet peeves when traveling is trying to make my way through the airport with a suitcase in one hand, a carry-on on one shoulder and my purse on the other. By the time I get to my gate my shoulder is throbbing! The Bag Bungee, which is priced at $10.97 on Amazon, is designed to eliminate that shoulder pain by securing a second bag securely to your suitcase, making it much easier to wheel your way around the airport. The bungee works on laptop bags, purses, carry-on bags and even coats.

Bag Bungee $10.97
Free shipping with Amazon Prime
Final Price: As low as $10.97

8. Travel Stub Diary

Forget about storing those travel mementos in a shoebox or shoving them into a drawer where they inevitably disappear into a mysterious abyss. Give the gift of organization with this adorable Travel Stub Diary. This book features 48 acid-free pages that can easily store maps, ticket stubs, photos and other travel-related keepsakes. One of the nice features of this Travel Stub Diary is the various-sized pockets to accommodate different items. Priced at $13.45, the Travel Stub Diary is available on Amazon.

Travel Stub Diary $13.45
Free shipping with Amazon Prime
Final Price: As low as $13.45

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