JCPenney Return Policy


JCPenney's return policy is…a lot. At first glance, it looks generous, allowing you to make returns for up to 90 days and sometimes even beyond, no receipt required.

But there are so many exceptions to the standard return policy that you really need to research each individual item. Don't stress, though. I've done the legwork for you.

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1. How many days is the JCPenney return policy?

JCPenney Returns

Typically, you have 90 days to return your JCPenney purchase. If you make it in time for the 90-day window, your refund will be issued via your original method of payment or via gift card.

JCPenney's return policy has a laundry list of exceptions, though. Most items will actually need to be returned prior to the sweeping 90 days given in the general return policy. Make sure to research your individual item if you're making a big purchase, as you'll likely have a shorter time frame. I'm going to cover a lot of these exceptions for you further down in this article.

2. Can I return items at JCPenney after 90 days?

People standing in customer service line at jcpenney

You can technically return JCPenney purchases after 90 days. However, you're only going to get the item's lowest selling price over the past 45 days. Refunds after 90 days are issued via store credit.

3. Can I make returns at JCPenney without a receipt?

JCPenney receipt with pots and pan set

You can make JCPenney returns without a receipt, though again there are a lot of specific product exceptions we'll go over together below.

Just like returns made after 90 days, you're only going to get the item's lowest selling price over the past 45 days, and the refund will be issued via store credit.

You will need to show a valid ID to make a receiptless return per the JCPenney return policy. They'll monitor how many returns you make this way, and eventually they'll cut you off. So it's not a great idea to make it a habit.

4. What items cannot be returned at JCPenney?

Face masks

There are some items that cannot be returned at JCPenney. All sales are final on the following items:

  • Face masks.

  • Gift cards.

  • Body jewelry.

  • Any items that have been altered.

  • Personalized or monogrammed items.

  • Ear piercing kits.

  • Perishable food items.

  • Services purchased through JCPenney.

5. What is the JCPenney return policy for jewelry?

JCPenney earrings

Select items have a shorter return time frame, and jewelry is one of them. You have 60 days to return fine jewelry and watches – and you must have your receipt. Your jewelry items cannot be worn or altered, and you must have all the original packaging.

If you purchased a jewelry box (or an armoire,) you have 30 days to make your return. If it was shipped to you directly from one of JCPenney's vendors, you only have two days after delivery to report any defects or damages. You won't be able to make your return in-store – you'll have to mail it back. You'll also be charged a 15% restocking fee.

Long story short: Be mindful of your jewelry box and armoire purchases! They could cost you if you need to make a return.

6. What is the JCPenney return policy for electronics?

JCPenney Small Appliances

If you purchase electronics from JCPenney, you only have 30 days to make your return. You must have your receipt.

If the item's large enough that it needed to be delivered, you'll have to pay an $85 pick-up fee plus a 15% restocking fee, which is ridiculous. On top of that, you'll only have 48 hours after delivery to report any defects or damages to make your 30-day return possible.

7. What is the JCPenney return policy for fitness trackers?


Fitness trackers are another exception to the 90-day return policy. You only have 10 days to make these returns, and you must have your receipt.

JCPenney will not accept your return if the fitness tracker was worn or altered, and you've gotta hold onto all the original packaging when you make your return.

8. What is the JCPenney return policy for mattresses?

JCPenney Mattresses

You have 120 days to return your JCPenney mattress. If you're returning because of defects or damages, you must report those to JCPenney within 48 hours of your mattress delivery.

If you're making an exchange, you will be charged a 15% restocking fee, but no pick-up fee. However, if you're making an all-out return for a refund, the restocking fee goes up to 20% and you'll be charged a pick-up fee of $85.

If you ordered online, you can just return ship it yourself, but those return shipping fees will be on you. JCPenney will not cover them. Mattresses are one item that cannot be returned in-store.

TIP: JCPenney charges a lot of fees for mattress returns. Look to other retailers like Costco who have much more flexible mattress return policies.

9. What is the JCPenney return policy for furniture?

Baby Crib

JCPenney's return policy for furniture is similarly cumbersome. Defects and damages must be reported within 48 hours, and then you have 30 days to make the actual return with your receipt.

You'll be charged restocking fees (15%) and pick-up fees ($85) here, too. If you ordered online and choose to return via UPS, you'll be left holding the bag on all return shipping fees.

10. What is the JCPenney return policy for fitness equipment?

Woman running on treadmill

Crazily enough, you only have two days to return fitness equipment purchased from JCPenney. Other than the return window, similar rules apply here as they did to furniture returns:

  • 15% restocking fee.

  • $85 pick-up fee.

  • Online orders can be returned via UPS – but JCPenney won't shoulder the cost of return shipping.

When you make your return, make sure to include all the instruction manuals and accessories.

11. What is the JCPenney return policy for glasses and optical care?

Hand holding stack of contact lens boxes

If you want a full refund on your custom eyewear, you'll need to make your return within 24 hours.

But you can make exchanges for up to 60 days – with the exception of opened contact lenses. You cannot exchange those ever.

TIP: If you're shopping in Puerto Rico, you have 30 days for optical returns and 90 days to claim a lens exchange due to changes in prescription.

12. You must return these items within 30 days.

JCPenney Home Services Desk

The following items must be returned to JCPenney within 30 days, with receipt in hand:

  • Beauty items.

  • Healthcare items.

  • Massage items.

  • Grooming items.

  • Floor care items.

  • Garment care.

  • Air purifiers.

  • Home care.

  • Certain gift items.

13. Can I return JCPenney portrait purchases?

Family portrait

Believe it or not, you can! You have up to 60 days to return physical copies of your portrait package. You must have your receipt, though. If you don't have a receipt, you can make an exchange, but you won't be eligible for a refund.

TIP: You can't return purchases of digital photography or any CDs you may have purchased as a part of your portrait appointment.

14. Can you return Sephora products to JCPenney?

Sephora store front

Yes! You have 60 days to return Sephora products inside JCPenney. If you want your refund issued to your original method of payment, make sure to get yourself back into the store within 30 days. Between days 31 and 60, refunds are only issued via store credit.

You'll want to check out the Sephora return policy to learn which items can and can't be returned generally. And you'll also want to bear in mind where you made your purchase. If you purchased inside of a JCPenney, you can return inside a JCPenney.

But if you made a Sephora purchase at Kohl's or a freestanding Sephora store? No JCPenney returns. You'll have to take your makeup back to the chain where you made the purchase.

TIP: Sephora online orders actually do come with free return shipping from JCPenney via USPS. Rejoice!

15. How do I return something I bought online at JCPenney?

Laptop showing

LaptIt really depends on what the item is. If it's something larger, you'll want to review all the exceptions listed above, accounting for restocking and pick-up fees.

But if it's just a small item, you can initiate your mail-in return by logging onto your JCPenney account. Then, click the 'Start a Return' option to initiate the process.

You can also return many online orders in-store, noting the exceptions we covered above.

TIP: If you paid with PayPal and return in-store, your refund will be issued in cash.

16. Does JCPenney charge a return shipping fee?

They sure do! If you can return your order in-store, it's going to be cheaper for you.

But if you want to mail your return in, you'll be charged a flat return shipping fee of $8. You may end up paying much more if your item is covered in the exceptions above.

TIP: Remember that you won't have to pay return shipping fees for Sephora purchases.

17. Does JCPenney refund original shipping charges?

In rare instances, JCPenney will refund your original shipping fees. This only happens if:

  • Your item was delivered to the wrong address.

  • JCPenney sent you the wrong item.

  • They got you the right item, but it arrived damaged or defective.

18. How long will it take to get my refund?

Hand holding a JCPenney Credit Card Pamphlet in store

JCPenThat depends on how you paid.

  • JCPenney credit card

    : 3-4 days.

  • Other debit or credit card

    : 7-10 days.

  • Cash: Immediately upon return

    . Obviously this only applies to purchases you made in-store.

If you ordered online, your refund won't be issued until JCPenney receives and processes your return, so you'll have to build in a buffer for the time it takes to ship your purchase back to the returns processing center.

19. How do I make returns from my DoorDash Marketplace order?

DoorDash delivery person carrying doordash bag

You can make returns if you placed an order through DoorDash Marketplace. But JCPenney will only issue your refund in store credit.

You'll need both receipts to make these returns – the one from JCPenney and the one from DoorDash. If you don't have these receipts, you'll still be able to make your return, but you'll only be refunded the current lowest selling price. It's in your best interest to have your receipt so you get all your money back.

20. Does JCPenney do price matching?

Shopper looking up prices of bags at JCPenney on phone

They do. In order to claim it, you'll need to bring the flyer or email advertising the competitor's lower price into the store within 14 days of purchase. Then, you'll be refunded the difference.

If you ordered online, you can call customer care at 1-800-322-1189 to initiate this same process.

21. Will I lose my rewards points when I make a return?

Sephora inside JCPenney storefront

If you earned JCPenney rewards on your purchase, those points will be deducted from your account if you end up returning the item.

Now let's say you used rewards to make your purchase. When you return the item, you'll only be refunded the money you actually paid. And those rewards points you claimed? They'll disappear into thin air – they won't be reissued or refunded.

So that's the complex JCPenney return policy in a nutshell. Have any questions I missed? Leave them in the comments!