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11 Genius Tips to Make Cleaning the Bathroom Easier

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It gets a lot of use, but no one wants to clean it. Bathrooms take a beating from all sorts of messes, so cleaning it is part of life. With our bathroom cleaning hacks, your lavatory will be smelling and looking brand-new in no time. And hey, while you’re in there, find out how to never pay full price for toilet paper.

Before you start cleaning, remove any items that don’t belong in the bathroom. This will make it easier to clean surfaces and fixtures. Keep all the cleaning tools and products you need in one place so you can easily access them. I imagine that you’ll want to get this process over with soon, so get your area set up for success.

Most cleaning products that I mention can be found around the house, but there are plenty of cleaning supply coupons that can save some bucks. And our ultimate cleaning guide has the details on how to clean everything from a glass stove top to rings.


1. Shine your chrome faucet with a piece of wax paper.


Yes, using a piece of wax paper to shine a chrome faucet is a great cleaning hack. The wax in the paper helps to remove any water spots or stains from the faucet and leaves a protective layer that helps prevent future buildup.

Just rub a piece of wax paper over the entire surface of the faucet, then buff it with a clean cloth to bring out the shine. This can be done as part of your regular bathroom cleaning routine to keep your chrome faucet looking great.

2. Scrub your bathtub with half a grapefruit dipped in salt.


Raid your fruit basket and scrub your bathtub with half a grapefruit dipped in salt. Seriously, it can be an effective and natural way to clean your tub. The acidity in the grapefruit helps to break down any dirt or grime, while the salt acts as a gentle abrasive to help remove stains and buildup.

First sprinkle a layer of salt onto the cut side of a grapefruit half. Then use the grapefruit to scrub the surface of your bathtub, paying extra attention to any areas with stains or buildup. Rinse the tub thoroughly with water when you’re finished.

The acidity in the grapefruit can potentially damage certain finishes or materials. Test a small, inconspicuous area first before attempting to clean the entire surface with this method.


3. Get rid of the soap scum on a shower door with a dryer sheet.


Who knew using a dryer sheet could get rid of soap scum on a shower door? The fabric softener in the dryer sheet helps to loosen and dissolve the soap scum, making it easier to wipe away. It’s pretty genius.

Wet the dryer sheet and use it to scrub the soap scum on your shower door. You may need to apply a bit of pressure and scrub for a few minutes to remove all of the buildup. When you’re finished, rinse the shower door thoroughly with water and wipe it dry with a clean cloth. If the door has stubborn or heavy scum buildup, you may need a commercial cleaning spray to loosen it.

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4. Clean your shower curtain liner in the washing machine.


Here’s a quick and easy cleaning tip for your cotton or plastic shower liners. Throw in some regular detergent or baking soda along with a few towels with the liner to help scrub away the toughest stains.



5. Prevent rust stains by painting the bottom of metal cans with clear nail polish.

Shaving cream cans rust no matter where I put them in my shower. To solve this, clean and dry the bottom of the can, then paint the bottom with clear nail polish to help prevent rust stains. Let it dry thoroughly (store it upside down) before using.

Rust forms when water and oxygen come into contact with metal. Painting the bottom with clear nail polish creates a barrier that prevents water from reaching the metal and causing rust.

This tip is generally effective at preventing rust stains, but it may not be suitable for all types of metal cans or finishes. Storing metal cans in a dry, cool place can help minimize the risk of rust.

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6. Use a clean mascara brush to clean around the sink drain.


Sponges can only reach so far, but using the small, narrow bristles of a mascara brush can effectively clean hard-to-reach areas. This goes for the ring around the drain, where dirt and grime can accumulate.

Please don’t use a mascara brush to pull things out of a drain if it’s clogged. Instead, use a snake or plunger to unclog it. The bristles of a mascara brush are usually fragile and may break off inside the drain, which could create a new blockage or further clog the drain.

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7. Spray a dusty exhaust fan with canned air.


Compressed air dusters aren’t just for dusty computer keyboards. Spray it in your bathroom’s exhaust to dislodge the months (or years) of old dust. Leave an empty space on your bathroom floor, then sweep it up.

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8. Sanitize your toothbrush holder and soap dish in the dishwasher.


In my experience, hand-washing toothbrush holders and soap dishes doesn’t seem to be effective enough. The high heat temperature of dishwashers makes for the perfect way to quickly and easily kill germs or bacteria and sanitize them.

Place the holders on the top rack and run a heated dry setting to make sure they’re thoroughly sanitized. Only holders and dishes made of dishwasher-safe materials like ceramic or plastic should be placed in the dishwasher.

As long as you’re using the dishwasher, I’ve got tips on how to clean a dishwasher with vinegar — it’s super easy.


9. Wipe down a mirror with strong brewed black tea.


Dip a clean, lint-free cloth into brewed tea and wipe down your mirrors. The tannic acid in the tea cuts through any grime. To make this a cost effective cleaning project, head to Dollar Tree for a box of tea.

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10. Remove bathtub mold with cotton coil and bleach.


Soak cotton coil (commonly found at beauty stores like Sally’s) in bleach and place it anywhere along the perimeter of your tub where mold is growing. Let the cotton sit for a couple of hours or overnight.

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11. Prevent water stains on shower doors with auto glass water repellent (like Rain-X).


An auto glass water repellent like Rain-X can be an effective way to prevent water stains and soap scum buildup on shower doors. Since it repels water, it can help prevent scum and stains from sticking to the glass.

First clean your shower doors thoroughly to remove any existing water stains or soap scum. Then spray the repellent according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Not all auto glass water repellents are good for use on shower doors, so check the label.


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