1. Make your glass stovetop look new again.

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2. Clean the rubber bottom of shoes.


3. Wipe away permanent marker on glass.

Having a party, but don’t have glass markers? Just use a permanent marker to label whose glass is whose. Then, easily scrub off names when the party’s over.


4. Remove sticker residue.

Wet a Magic Eraser and wipe firmly across any sticker residue repeatedly until removed.



5. Erase cooked-on stains from pots and pans.


6. Get rid of wet-nose marks from pets on windows and doors.

This works like a charm on car windows!


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7. Remove scuffs from walls and baseboards.


8. Clean the gunk off your flat iron.


9. Remove red-sauce stains from plastic food containers.


10. Clean computer keyboards.


11. Wipe away stuck-on splatter stains in the microwave.

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