I just have to say it—the toothbrush is a mighty cool invention.

It’s great for cleaning teeth, but it’s also surprisingly great for a number of other jobs.

If you have an old toothbrush, give some of these hacks a try and see for yourself!

1. Apply hair dye and dry shampoo.

A toothbrush handily coats hard-to-reach roots with hair dye (it can also make the ombre style easy to do at home). It can also work to easily apply dry shampoo when you don't have time for a full wash.

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2. Remove stains from floors, walls, and clothing.

Have a small stain you want to get out? Apply some stain removal solution and gently scrub with the toothbrush.

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3. Clean under muddy fingernails.

Gardening and other outdoor chores can push dirt up under fingernails—the tiny bristles on a toothbrush can get it out in a snap!

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4. Clean small kitchen implements.

A garlic press, cheese-encrusted fork, waffle iron, mason jar lip, baby bottle lid, even a corn cob covered in silky hairs—toothbrush bristles are perfectly sized for these tasks.

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5. Tame eyebrows and lashes.

Lost your eyebrow brush? A child's toothbrush is a great stand-in! And if your mascara clumps on your lashes, a toothbrush can help separate them.
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6. Ease out splinters.

Make a paste of baking soda and water. Pat on with toothbrush. Wait a few minutes. Then stroke the bristles in the direction you want the splinter to come out and watch it emerge with ease!

7. Oil bike chains and clean battery terminals.

A toothbrush is the right size to oil up those hard-to-reach chains on your favorite riding bike. They also work great for cleaning around battery terminals under the hood.

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8. Exfoliate your lips.

Lips need grooming too. Dab on some Vaseline or lip moisturizer and exfoliate by moving the light bristles on the toothbrush in circular motions across your upper and lower lips.

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9. Remove ingrown hairs.

Using a bit of your favorite exfoliating solution, scrub lightly with the toothbrush bristles in the direction the hair needs to come out.

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10. Make children's paintbrushes.

A toothbrush is first and foremost a brush—and quite an interesting one too! Let your kids make art with toothbrushes, and notice how different bristle qualities and sizes make different brush strokes.

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11. Re-gift them to the family pet.

Your old toothbrushes can easily become your pet’s new toothbrush!

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12. Make plant name stakes.

Use a permanent marker and write the plant name on the non-brush end of the toothbrush. Stick the brush side into the dirt. 

13. Stir paint.

The long handle of the toothbrush makes a great stirrer for small paint pots—perfect for touch-up or accent jobs.

14. Clean out grates and screens.

The screens on your windows, the end of your hairdryer, the back of your portable heater, the blades and metal casing on your portable fan—all are challenging to clean…unless you have a toothbrush!

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14 Awesome Toothbrush Hacks to Save You Time and Money