1. Use your Crock-Pot to cook two dips at once.

Use heavy duty foil to create a snug barrier that cuts across your slow cooker. Then use a slow cooker liner to keep two different dips separated.


2. Keep everyone entertained with Super Bowl Bingo.

Print out these free bingo sheets and keep even the non-sports fans entertained throughout the game.



3. Buy alcohol at wholesale clubs without a membership.

Alcohol isn’t the only product you can buy without a membership at wholesale clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club. You can also purchase prescription drugs and take an eye exam without a membership card.


4. Keep your TV dust-free during the big game with fabric softener.

Dampen a dusting cloth with fabric softener to prevent static cling on plastic surfaces — especially your TV. Use a small amount of liquid fabric softener on a microfiber cloth to wipe — and keep — dust off static-charged plastic surfaces.



5. Make cleaning up easy by lining your trash can with three or four bags.


6. Turn a chip bag into a chip bowl.

Roll the top of an opened chip bag inwards for a cleaner-looking edge. Then, poke the bottom corners of the bag in so it stands on its own. As the chips are eaten, roll the bag up from the bottom.


7. Make your own chip and dip set with a wine glass.


8. Make chicken wings in your slow cooker.

These wings from Damn Delicious may be the easiest you’ll ever make. Just throw thawed chicken wings into a Crock-Pot with a soy sauce mixture, and cook on high for 1 to 2 hours. Broil them in the oven for a few minutes for really tender, fall-off-the-bone chicken wings.

Get more recipes in 19 Crock-Pot Recipes That Are Perfect for Your Next Party.


9. Use a salad spinner to evenly coat your wings.


10. Have a sticky fingers station if you’re serving messy wings.

Keep wet wipes and paper towels in a designated place to avoid saucy messes.


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11. Serve chili and create an inexpensive fixings bar.

The cheapest thing you can serve is chili. Brew up a crock, then create an inexpensive fixings bar so your guests can dress up their chili as they like. I’m thinking baking potatoes (buy by the bag to save the most) and various shredded cheeses.

NOTE: Buying a block of cheese and shredding it yourself versus buying a bag of already shredded cheese cuts your cheese costs significantly.


12. Make cleaning up easy by covering your tables with kraft paper.

Use a permanent marker directly on your paper tablecloth to label food.



13. Cut down on dishes by using food as serving containers.


14. Use coupons on paper products to save 50%.

Find coupons and rebates for any item (napkins, plates, cups) or brands (Hefty, Chinet, Dixie) with the Krazy Coupon Lady app. Print coupons from your phone before heading to the store.

Download the free KCL app – available on Apple and Android phones.


15. Shop drugstores for cups and napkins.

We compared prices on paper goods like cups, napkins, even paper towels across supermarkets, wholesale clubs and drugstores and found that if you wait for a sale, drugstores actually beat out competitors on pricing!


16. Cool drinks fast by wrapping a towel around a beverage and sticking it in the freezer for 10 minutes.


17. Or, just store beverage glasses and cups in the freezer.


18. Freeze water balloons and use them to keep drinks cold.


19. Making pulled pork or buffalo chicken dip? Use your KitchenAid to shred the meat.



20. Print Super Bowl photo props for free.


21. Get rolls, baguettes from the clearance bakery rack and save 50%.

Warm them in the oven or serve toasted and you’ll never know they weren’t baked that day.


22. Section off dips in a serving tray to make an edible football stadium.

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23. Tailgating? Keep food warm in a cooler.


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