Here are the directions for the Scary Bat Mirror and Pom Poms from our Budget Halloween Party.  To learn where to find the best deal on all supplies needed for this bargain party, read more about our $50 Party Challenge and recreate this party for yourself!


Spider Webs

Spread faux-spider webs all over the room. Think of putting them on light fixtures (but NOT directly on the light bulb as this poses a fire hazard), on mirrors, and on any artwork in your space. My bag of spider webs also came with some spiders, so have fun putting those in the webs, too.


Download the bats
Black construction or card stock paper
White crayon or white pencil

  1. Using a pair of scissors, cut out each bat from the template.
  2. Take the cut out bats and place them on your piece of black construction paper or card stock. Depending on the size of your mirror and the effect you want, you'll want to trace 4 to 5 of each size of the bats with either a white crayon or white pencil.
  3. Once you've traced all of the bats, start cutting away!
  4. Take some one-sided tape and roll it so that you're able to attach the bat directly to the mirror. Using double sided tape or glue dots will make it difficult to remove later. Once you've arranged the bats in a formation you like, go back and have fun bending some of the bats’ wings: it gives a 3-D effect of them flying!

Paper Pom Poms

These are so fun to make and such great decorations for any party!

8 pieces of purple tissue paper
16 pieces of black tissue paper
10 yd spool, 1/8" Black Ribbon
10 yd spool, 1/8" Purple Ribbon
3 – 6 baggie ties (like you get with some garbage bags) or floral wire
Push pins and or tape

  • To begin, you'll want to take out 8 pieces of your purple tissue paper. Since tissue is so thin, it can be a pain to separate the layers. So take your time counting and re-counting to get the 8 pieces you'll need. Once you have all of the pieces, put the other 12 pieces aside for now.
  • Starting from the shorter side of the tissue paper, make approximate 1 inch accordion folds from bottom to top.
  • When you're done, take your baggie tie (depending on how long your garbage bag ties are, you made need to tie two together to get enough length) and tie around the middle of the pom-pom.
  • You can leave the ends of the tissue paper as they are, or you can add another layer of dimension by cutting a "v" into the ends (like I did) or by rounding the edges. For those that don't have the brute strength and patience to cut through so many layers of tissue paper (believe me, it's kind of tedious to do this with just scissors), leave the ends as they are. Trust me, it will still be beautiful.
  • Spread each side of the pom-pom open as best as possible. Now, ever so gently, take the top piece of tissue paper and pull it toward the middle. Continue to do this to the next 3 pieces.
  • Stop here and go to the other side of the pom-pom. Repeat the same steps.
  • Now, turn the pom-pom over and repeat the same steps, again.
  • Before fluffing up your pom-poms, cut out a super-duper long piece of purple ribbon. It's best to just eyeball the length of the ribbon because everyone's ceiling height is different. I cut a piece about 60 inches in length. Sounds long, but when you knot it and attach each end, it's not as long as you think. Now is a great time to "fluff" up your pom-poms to fill in any holes.
  • Repeat the previous steps with your black tissue paper for two more pom-poms. In this case, however, you'll need 16 pieces of black tissue paper in total. I chose to make my black pom-poms smaller to add interest. So I simply cut about 4 inches lengthwise off and continued my steps as usual. Be sure to save the tissue you cut up because you will need it later.


  1. When hanging your pom-poms, make sure the knotted end of the ribbon is in the middle of the pom-pom versus where you're going to hang the pom-pom from the ceiling.
  2. Now, to hang your pom-pom, grab a step stool (I needed a ladder because I'm vertically challenged), a push pin (I find these hold the pom-poms better) or tape, and your pom-pom. Fasten to the ceiling. Place in any fashion you see fit to beautify your space. Presto! Bea-u-ti-ful pom-poms!

What are you supposed to do with that leftover tissue paper now? Grab your shredder and shred the purple separately from the black. Don't have a shredder? No problem. Take some scissors and have fun cutting away! Bag separately and set aside.

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This party was planned exclusively for KCL by Simply Chic Living.  
Photographed by Profinish Design.

$50 Budget Halloween Part: Scary Bat Mirror and Pom Poms