Here are the directions for the Spooky Black Tree Centerpieces from our Budget Halloween Party.  To learn where to find the best deal on all supplies needed for this bargain party, read more about our $50 Party Challenge and recreate this party for yourself!


Glittered Potting Tins

(2) 28 ounce tin cans or formula cans thoroughly washed and dried
(1) Floral Foam
Shredded Tissue Paper
Purple Glitter
Spray Glue Adhesive or Elmer's Glue

  1. Take your clean, dry 28 ounce tin cans (or baby formula cans as I've used in the picture), and spray an even layer of glue adhesive all over the outside of the can. Don't have glue adhesive? No problem. You can use plain old Elmer's Glue. Just take a cheap sponge paint brush (found at your local craft store or the Dollar Tree) and brush a light layer all around the tin. Make it as even as possible to avoid a clumpy look when applying the glitter.
  2. Grab your purple glitter and start shaking a light layer onto your glue surface. Be sure to stop every once in awhile to shake off the excess glitter. It's best to have a paper plate around when doing this so it collects the glitter that falls off in the process. The glitter that falls off can be poured back into the bottle for re-use. So, glitter, glitter, glitter…shake, shake, shake until you get an even layer all over the surface.
  3. When done, set aside to dry for at least 2 hours.
  4. Krazy Tip: If you're using glue adhesive, be sure to use it outside on a piece of cardboard or newspaper. You don't want glue on your favorite piece of furniture or clothing! Same goes for the glitter. Trust me, it will get!  It's messy, but the end result is worth it! If you can afford it, I would recommend picking up some sort of sealant to coat the tin can after the glitter has been applied, too. It will prevent the glitter from getting all over your hands every time you pick it up.


Twiggy Trees

3 – 6 Branches found from your backyard or from a neighboring area where they've fallen off
Black Spray Paint (I used a high gloss as seen in the picture, but any will do.)

  1. Take the branches and be sure to trim them down at the base. You'll want this so that the branches can easily fit into your floral foam in the upcoming step. In general, if you find that the branches are too long for the size of the space where you're using them, go ahead and cut those down, too.
  2. Now, take your branches to a well ventilated area, preferably outside or your garage (be sure to open your garage enough to get some airflow going.) If it's windy outside, try to find an area that will shield the wind as best as possible otherwise you'll waste a lot of spray paint.
  3. Get some newspaper or a piece of cardboard and place your branches on it.
  4. Take your can of spray paint and shake it vigorously to mix the paint before applying it to the branches. When applying it, stand about 6-8 inches away and be sure to do swift, even, back and forth movements for the best overall result. If you stand too close or spray in one area too long, it will start to drip and/or clump up.
  5. Once you've done the front side of the branches, let them dry for about a half an hour before turning them over to do the other side. If you pick them up too soon, the paint will get all over your hands which is a big mess.



  1. While the branches are drying, go grab the DRIED glittery tin cans. Get a piece of your floral foam that you got from the Dollar Store and cut it in half with a knife. Any knife will work well as the floral foam slices like buttah! Take each piece and stuff it down into the can. Make sure there's no floral foam peeking out over the edge of the can.  If it is, take the floral foam back out of the can and shave it off until the floral foam fits just under the lip of the can.
  2. Once the branches have completely dried, ever so gently push them into your floral foam in your glittered tin cans.
  3. Take some of the shredded black tissue we shredded earlier and cover the floral foam so none of it shows anymore.
  4. Step back and take a look at them. Aren't they amazing? Place them on your black table cloth on either end of the table.


Spooky Ornaments

  • 3 pages, bat tag template.
  • 10 yd. spool of Purple Ribbon; Cut 12, 6" pieces of ribbon
  • 1 box, Ghost Peeps
  1. Cut out the row of bats and put the other hang tags aside for a future project. (You can use those other tags on your trees if you want to.)
  2. Using a 2" circle cutter, cut out each bat. You'll have a slight white edge around the tag which is what you want. I actually find it easier to take a pair of scissors and trim off just a bit from each side of the row of tags so that my circle cutter can get close enough to the tag for the perfect cut. If you don't have a circle cutter, don't run out and buy one! Unless, of course, you've been wanting to buy one! Krazy tip: Look around your house for a small glass or tin can that is 2" in diameter and grab a pencil. Place the glass or tin over the tags and circle it with your pencil. Simply take a pair of scissors and cut out. You should have 12 tags now.
  3. With a hole punch, punch out a hole in the top of each tag, about a half inch down from the top of the tag. Put aside.
  4. Take your purple ribbon piece and put it in the hole of the tag and tie into a knot. Repeat until all tags have ribbons in them.
  5. Place the bat tags on different levels of the trees in any fashion you like.
  6. Take your Ghost Peeps and also arrange them on the trees. You want to make sure that they're stable so I suggest that you actually push them onto a small branch of the tree so that it stabs into them and holds them in place. It's important to let your guests know that these are NOT for eating as they're in contact with chemically based paint. These are just for décor. If your guests would like to eat some, I suggest putting some inside their goodie bags that we're going to get to in a bit.


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This party was planned exclusively for KCL by Simply Chic Living.  
Photographed by Profinish Design.

$50 Budget Halloween Party: Spooky Black Tree Centerpieces