Plastic grocery sacks have many great uses around the house, and we all know we should be reusing them to ease their burden on the environment. The only problem: they can be a pain to store! Solve this dilemma by reusing an empty laundry pod container. It fits nicely under a sink and will keep these bags organized and handy.

Materials Needed:

  • Laundry pod container
  • Craft supplies (optional)
  1. Rinse and dry your empty container
  2. If you are feeling crafty, decorate with scrapbook paper, contact paper, stickers, ribbon etc.
  3. Fill with bags, LEGOs, or whatever clutter seems to get out of control at your house, and instantly feel more organized!

If you don’t have a need to store plastic bags, here are a few other ideas of how to use this versatile container:

  • LEGO or block storage: Those tiny blocks are hours of fun for the kids but a mess for Mom. Solve that problem by repurposing this container as toy storage!
  • Samples: There is so much opportunity to get free samples of shampoo, cleaners and lotions. Keep organized by throwing those samples into one of these containers.
  • Art supplies: This container is perfect for markers and pens!
  • Bathroom supplies: Keep those cotton balls and Q-tips nice and organized.
  • Hair supplies: If you have girls in your house you no doubt have bows, ties and ribbons galore. Throw them in here to keep everything in one place!



DIY: Repurpose a Laundry Pod Container to Corral Clutter!