Confession: I love kitchen gadgets more than I love cooking.

Or maybe kitchen gadgets make cooking more fun. Either way, I can only justify spending the money if I can get cheap tools.

The best part? They are all under $10 if you’re a Prime Member. If you’re not, you need to crawl out of that rock you’ve been hiding under and sign up now.


1. Keep your herbs fresh for up to three weeks longer with an herb saver.

For best results, remember to replace the water with fresh every 3-5 days.

Cost: $10.00


2. Strip leaves from the stem with a kale stripper.

Cost: $4.99


3. Create perfect-sized ice for water bottles with these ice cube trays.

Cost: $9.99


4. Cut, pit and slice avocados in a breeze with this avocado slicer.

Cost: $9.89


5. Avoid messy spills with this hands-free food storage bag holder.

Cost: $7.32


6. Cut herbs from your garden with these herb scissors.

Cost: $7.99


7. Enjoy Oreo cookies without the mess with this cookie spoon.

Cost: $8.99



8. Separate the yolk with an egg separator.

Cost: $4.99


9. Keep your glass-top stove in perfect condition with a spill-lid stopper.

Cost: $7.99


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10. Use a tea infuser for tea, herbs or fruit.

Sure, you can use this for loose leaf tea — but I also find these infusers perfect to use to infuse herbs into soups or broths as well as fruit to infuse my water.

Cost: $8.99


11. Keep your avocados in top condition with this avocado holder.

Cost: $3.97


12. Cut bananas in one press with this banana slicer.

Cost: $5.80


13. Save money by using reusable K-Cup coffee pods.

Cost: $9.99 for a set of six


14. Protect your fingers when cutting foods with this finger guard.

Cost: $4.99



15. Avoid cluttering your cupboards, and buy a clip-on strainer.

Cost: $7.97


16. Make zucchini, carrot or sweet potato noodles with a spiralizer.

Cost: $7.99


17. Make stuffed burgers with this burger press.

Add about 1/3 pound of ground meat to the base cup then compress the meat to create a pocket for the stuffing ingredients.

Add whatever stuffing ingredients you like, and top it off with another 1/3 pound of meat. Use the press cap to seal the meat and form the perfect patty.

The best? Bleu cheese stuffed burgers.

Cost: $7.98


18. Cut perfect slices with pizza scissors.

Sure, you could use normal kitchen scissors, but the template that attaches to the scissors gives you the perfect size slice every time.

Cost: $8.99


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