Thumbing though the latest home decor magazines and inspiration sites, I have noticed ceramic garden stools used throughout indoor and outdoor spaces. These versatile accent pieces add pops of color as a side table or ottoman. They come in a variety of designs from Asian-inspired to more European. Here is a collection of designer ceramic garden stools and their Knockout Knockoff counterparts:

This bold Bongo Ceramic Garden Stool in chartreuse green pulls its design from traditional Chinese style. It is 18 inches tall, perfect for a side table or extra seating. Amazon's price is $372.00. But wait — you don't have to use all your green on this stool! Fantastic Decor sells the same Ceramic Garden Stool for $89.99.

Savings: $282 (76%)


The double-coin design of this Finely Finished Ceramic Garden Stool gives it a unique, upscale feel. Luxurious Porcelain sells this 20.5 inch stool for $427. The Safavieh Ceramic Double Coin Stool is only slightly shorter at 17 inches, but has the same design. Through Wayfair it costs $99.72 with free shipping.

Savings: $327.28 (77%)


Horchow's Antique Garden Stool is handmade with intricate swirl designs and comes from the Chinese city of Shiwan. A true antique, each stool dates 120-150 years old and comes with a certificate of authenticity. You will pay $760 for this one-of-a-kind item. If your wallet cannot afford a treasured antiquity, the Urban Trends Ceramic Garden Stool is nearly identical without the luxury pricing. It costs $196.00 and includes free shipping.

Savings: $564 (75%)

Add a touch of whimsy to your space with this Wise Owl Ceramic Stool from Amazon. It is perfect for indoors or out and measures 18 inches tall, but costs $129.95. Wise up and save some money with the same stool from eBuy-Store, where you’ll pay only $59.95.

Savings: $70 (55%)

Knockout Knockoffs: Ceramic Garden Stools