1. Use the top of a water bottle to turn a bag into a pourable container.


2. Turn a milk jug into a scoop.

Use the scoop for pet food, gardening, and more!


3. Cut off the top of a bottle and use the bottom as a planter.


4. Water your plants while you’re on vacation.

Use a small drill bit or nail to poke 1-4 holes into the cap of a plastic water bottle. If you need to water bigger plants, use a 2 liter bottle, keeping in mind that the more holes you have and the wider the holes, the faster the flow of water. Fill the bottle with water and replace the cap.

Quickly insert the filled bottle into your plant’s soil. You may need to press soil around the bottle to keep it upright. And that’s it! Water will drip slowly out of the bottle’s cap while you’re away.



5. Use a bottle as a mailing tube.

What kid wouldn’t love to receive colored pencils and other treats in a water bottle?!


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6. Play glow-in-the-dark bowling.

Insert dollar-store glow sticks into bottles filled with water, and use a ball to knock them over.


7. Create an i-spy bottle.

This is perfect for road trips! Fill a bottle with rice, small toys, and beads, and create a checklist (visual or text) for kids. Have kids cross off items as they find them.

TIP: Use super glue to keep the cap tightly screwed if you’re worried your child will dump out all the rice and toys.


8. Show kids how to inflate a balloon with baking soda and vinegar.

Using a funnel, fill an old water bottle a third of the way full with vinegar. Dry the funnel, and use it to pour baking soda into a balloon. Fill the balloon halfway with baking soda.

Cover the top of the bottle with your baking-soda balloon, but make sure you don’t let the baking soda spill into the bottle prematurely.

When you and your child are ready, lift the balloon and let the baking soda fall into the vinegar. Since baking soda and vinegar create an acid-base chemical reaction as soon as they’re combined, the balloon will start to inflate, filling up with the carbon dioxide gas created by the reaction in the bottle.



9. Blow bubbles with a bottle.

Clean an empty water bottle, then cut the bottom off, making sure the cut is even. Dip the cut end in bubble solution.

Blow through the mouth of the bottle to create bubbles.


10. Use a milk jug as a watering can.


11. Separate the yolk from an egg white.

A water bottle with thicker plastic works perfectly. Crack an egg over a plate, then squeeze the empty water bottle slightly to suck up the yolk.


12. Make reaching the faucet easier for toddlers.

Use a knife or scissors to cut off the narrow lid and make the channel for the water. The plastic around the lid is thicker, so it may be a little harder to cut through. Also, depending on your faucet and how curved the spout is, you may have to adjust the extender’s holes or use a different bottle so it stays on.


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