Where would we be without lamps to light our world? Whether chandeliers, table lamps, or floor lamps, these fixtures are vital to the comfort of our homes.

Knockout: Pottery Barn’s Stacked Crystal Floor Lamp. The polished nickle base has solid crystal spheres running down the full length of the lamp. It sells for $290.00, and you’ll need to add a large lamp shade to complete the set. The PB Basic Linen Lamp Shade in large size costs $54.00. Add the 10 percent shipping costs, and you’re looking at a total of $378.40.

Knockoff: Overstock’s Endless Sphere Off White Shade Floor Lamp. As the name suggests, this lamp is also built with spheres stacked one on top of the other over the brushed nickel base. The shade is included in the price of the lamp, which runs $149.99 with free shipping.

Total Savings: $228.41 or 60%

Knockout Knockoffs: Pottery Barn Stacked Crystal Floor Lamp