There are some products that I will only buy at Costco; organic spinach, string cheese, and Nutella are a few of them. Prices for those items are just too good to pass up. However, there are nearly a dozen items I’ve stopped buying there. Why? Because I can get them for so much less when I stack coupons elsewhere. These price comparisons may just change your mind about Costco:

1. Men’s razors that don’t even come with a handle.

Men will want to ditch the razor and go for hipster beards at bulk prices like this! To keep clean-shaven, you’re better off pairing Target and drugstore promos with manufacturer coupons to snag a razor handle AND cartridge for under this price. Check out all of our Gillette and razor coupons on

Costco: $3.56 per cartridge

Target: $2.49 for handle and blade

2. Battery-operated toothbrushes that cost about 70% less at Walgreens.

These Oral-B battery-powered toothbrush packs at Costco can be pricey. Instead, save up to 70% when you stack manufacturer toothbrush coupons with store promotions like Register Rewards at Walgreens.

Costco: $3.75 per brush

Walgreens: $0.99 per brush

3. Printer paper that you can get for A PENNY at Staples.

If you like printing coupons, then you’ll love saving big on copy paper. Skip Costco and snag the best deals on paper by frequenting office supply stores like Staples that have simple online rebates. You can frequently get a ream of paper for a penny!

Costco: $3 per ream

Staples: $0.01 per ream

Although there are a lot of things you can find cheaper outside of Costco, the warehouse store also has some unbeatable prices. If you don’t have a membership, consider getting one now. Here’s a GREAT deal: Costco Membership + Bonus Cash Card & Coupons, Only $55!

4. Women’s disposable razors that are 50% cheaper at Target.

Women’s disposable razors, even with a $5 Costco store coupon, are still a pretty penny. Score 3-blade women’s razors for half Costco’s price at drugstores or Target.

Costco: $1.93 per razor

Target: $0.90 per razor

5. Generic body wash—more expensive than the name brand stuff.

Why buy generic when you can buy the name brand for less? Sure, Costco’s Kirkland brand is comparable to name brand products, but I’m always going for the name brand if it’s cheaper. Buy Softsoap at Kroger for $0.11 less than Costco’s generic body wash.

Costco: $0.19 per ounce of Kirkland body wash

Kroger: $0.08 per ounce of Softsoap body wash

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6. Dove and Olay body wash that’s 70% cheaper at Target.

Nicer brands like Dove and Olay are pricey when you buy them in bulk. Head to Target for 70% savings when you use body wash coupons like these.

Costco: $4.99 per bottle or $0.21 per ounce

Target: $1.39 per bottle or $0.06 per ounce.

7. Crackers that will probably go stale before you can eat them.

Consuming 18 packs of Ritz crackers before they go stale is a toughie—even for my cheese-and-cracker-loving husband. For nearly $9 a box, it’s just not worth it—especially when you can get the same crackers for less at your local Kroger affiliate store. My Fred Meyer often has sales for Ritz that I’ll stack with Nabisco coupons for extra savings!

Costco: $0.14 per ounce

Fred Meyer: $0.08 per ounce ($1.12 for a 13.7 ounce box)

8. Awkwardly large and expensive boxes of feminine hygiene products.

Feminine care products like pads are at least 50% cheaper at Target and drugstores when you stack coupons. Plus, you can buy small, discreet packages instead of GINORMOUS boxes at Costco!

Costco: $0.11 per pad

Target: $0.06 per pad


9. $3 toothpaste that’s only $0.24 at Walgreens with coupons.

Keep those pearly whites sparkling for way less when you take advantage of drugstore promotions and free toothpaste coupons at KCL. Toothpaste deals at drugstores are just way too good to pass up! Stock up on tubes to last you all year when the price is this good!

Costco: $3 per tube

Walgreens: $0.24 per tube


10. Cereal that’s $0.06 more per ounce than what you’d find at Target.


Save on the most important meal of the day by stacking cereal coupons with store promotions to score boxes for under $1.25 each at Target!

Costco: $0.14 per ounce

Target: $0.06 per ounce

11. Shampoo that you can buy for 65% less at Walgreens.

The same brand of shampoo that you can find at Walgreens for $0.70 a bottle is $7 at Costco. The packaging may be different, but you’re still paying $0.11 more per ounce when you choose wholesale. Stack high-value shampoo coupons with sale prices and store promotions like Register Rewards at Walgreens to get huge savings.

Costco: $0.17 per ounce

Walgreens: $0.06 per ounce

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11 Products You Should Stop Buying at Costco