SavingStar is a rebate app that gives you cash back when you purchase certain products. Although it’s been around for a while, here are a few tips we want to share with you!


1. You don’t need a smartphone to sign up or redeem offers.

Unlike Ibotta or MobiSave, you don’t need a smartphone to use SavingStar. Selecting and redeeming offers can be done right from your computer! Theres’s even a “Print List” feature for computer users that allows you to print off a list of your activated offers to easily match products in-store. You may find using your smartphone is easier, though—especially when it’s time to scan bar codes and submit receipts. SavingStar is available for iPhones and Androids.

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2. Most new offers are released the first day of every month.

Although most offers are released the first of the month, I recommend checking SavingStar at least once a week. Sunday is a good day to check your account as offers sometimes appear on random days. I check mine every day!


3. Offers go quickly, so add every offer as soon as it becomes available.

There’s no limit to the number of offers you can add to your account, so I suggest adding every single one you see. The brands that sponsor SavingStar offers limit the number of activations, which means any of your inactive offers could easily sell out and disappear overnight, even if the expiration is far away.

New and inactive offers have blue headers. As soon as you click the orange “I Want This!” or + button, the header or “I Want This!” button will turn green. When you’re in-store and want to see if a product qualifies for an offer, just scan the bar code using the SavingStar app.



4. SavingStar’s Healthy Offers are released every Tuesday and can be used on any brand.

A new Healthy Offer is released every Tuesday and expires the following Monday. Unlike regular offers, which give you a pre-determined amount back, Healthy Offers are for 20% cash back on the purchase of fruits and vegetables—no matter the brand!

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5. Redeem One or Many offers after multiple shopping trips.

These offers will give you cash back once you spend an established amount on select products. First activate the offer, then go shopping. Purchases may be made over multiple shopping trips, and you can easily track your progress online or in the app.

For example, say there’s a $5 One or Many offer on Frito-Lay products. According to the offer, I need to spend at least $25 before the $5 will be added to my account. The expiration is months away, so I know that I can buy a couple products now and a couple in a few weeks and still take advantage of the same One or Many Frito-Lay offer.


6. Reach a One or Many spending goal faster with a Boost.

With One or Many offers, you must spend a certain amount on select products. When a Boost is available on a One or Many offer, SavingStar is giving you the opportunity to get a specified dollar amount added to your spending goal. To get the Boost, you may have to share your offer information and profile with the sponsoring brand, or watch a short video. Look for the rocket symbol next to offers for a Boost.


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7. Stack SavingStar offers with store coupons and sales.

So even though stacking manufacturer coupons with SavingStar offers will work, SavingStar specifically says their savings aren’t intended to be used this way. SavingStar’s offers are considered manufacturer savings just like the savings you’d receive from a printed manufacturer coupon. And if you read the fine print on most coupons, you’ll see “Limit one coupon per purchase.” Treat SavingStar offers like manufacturer coupons and you’re good. Instead, stack SavingStar offers with store coupons and sales for more savings.



8. Watch out for Freebie Offers released on random days.

Offers for free items used to be released every Friday. They recently changed the Freebie offers to random days; Freebie offers no longer appear weekly. In the past, there were offers for free candy, dish soap, tomato sauce, and others. Always check KCL for SavingStar freebies!


9. You don’t need to upload a receipt if you link your loyalty card at stores like Rite Aid and CVS.

Stores like Rite Aid give you automatic-savings, no receipt submission required. Just link your loyalty card to your SavingStar account and get credited within 2-10 days after purchase. If you have more than one store loyalty card registered, SavingStar offers will load to all of them. However, there are some offers that are only available at certain stores, and those will be marked with a yellow banner indicating which store. Just don’t forget to activate offers before your shopping trip!

Tip: If you download the app, just scan your Rite Aid or CVS card directly into the app for faster registration.


10. Get automatic savings at other stores like Albertsons when you register your key tag or phone number.

SavingStar was originally developed by, a site that helps families save for college. So at stores like Albertsons and Festival Foods that use Upromise key tags, just link your SavingStar account, then scan your key tag at checkout to receive offers. Other stores like Shaw’s and ACME allow you to enter your MyMixx phone number at the register to get SavingStar offers—just remember to register your account!

Here’s a full list of participating grocery stores where you can receive automatic offers as well as stores that require a receipt upload.


11. Submit your receipt up to three days after an offer expires.

As long as you purchase the specified items before the expiration date, you’ll still get cash back for an offer. To redeem offers, you’ll need to scan the product bar code (if using your smartphone) or type it in (if redeeming from your computer) and send a picture of the receipt. Savings typically get posted to your account within 1-5 days; expect an email as soon as your submission is accepted.


12. You only need $5 to cash out.

Pick your payout once your account reaches a $5 balance. Cash out to your bank, Upromise, or PayPal, or get Starbucks, iTunes, or AMC Theatres gift codes. You can even donate your funds to a charity if you want.




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12 SavingStar Tips Every Shopper Should Know