If you’re like me, you may enter the store to take advantage of the weekly savings and end up getting overwhelmed at the sheer magnitude of pulling off a successful deal. Becoming an expert at making multiple transactions can really require a lot of practice, but there are a few things you can do to make it easier on you. Check out these eight tips for making multiple transactions so that you can begin saving with finesse!

1. Preparation is key

Some type of list is required to successfully complete multiple transactions. Either use your sales paper to circle your items, or write out a list. I make a specific shopping list for each store I plan to visit and attach my coupons. If I find an unexpected deal online I take a picture of the written deal with my smart phone (so I can reference it when I get to the store).

2. Organize your cart

I place my items for each transaction in each corner of my shopping cart with the coupons tucked under the items (along with any rewards for that specific transaction). This saves time when I get to checkout, and I’m not scrambling to make sure I used the right rewards and coupons.

3. Share your plan with the cashier

My first action when getting to the register is to alert the cashier that I have multiple transactions to complete. Typically, the cashier will appreciate the heads up and be extra careful to make sure each transaction works out. I’ve found that they’re even willing to make sure your items ring up correctly if you ask them nicely!

Bonus tip: Rite Aid can print a receipt prior to completing the transaction so you can check your prices.

4. Do one transaction at a time

Doing one transaction at a time and leaving other transactions in your cart might take more time, but it can also ensure that your transactions are more successful. Consider the small register space at CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid—the checkout area is full of other products that can get mixed up with your purchase. I do one purchase, then place the next items on the counter with the appropriate coupons to help the cashier (and me) avoid any mistakes.

5. Manage the number of items in each transaction

Many times I take two trips to Walgreens in a week to purchase multiple items since two trips tends to be easier than doing six separate transactions in one visit. Plus, the line starts to back up behind you if you do more than three transactions. I also try to limit my items in each transaction to five items or less. Many times (as long as I’m well organized) this can get me in and out of the store in 10 minutes.

6. Decrease distractions when checking out

Concentration is the key to making successful multiple transactions. Don’t answer your cell phone during the transaction. If an item rings up incorrectly, make the decision as to whether you want to discuss it or move on. Time delays are what can be frustrating to the cashier. If something doesn’t go my way, I just tell the cashier to void it and I’ll regroup outside of the store!

7. Manage your rewards correctly

Register Rewards at Walgreens can’t be rolled on the same type of item you received the reward for. +UP rewards at Rite Aid can’t be used until the next day. CVS rewards can be turned around instantly. Knowing the rules of the reward system for your store can help you avoid making multiple transactions a disaster—know before you go, and it’ll make your transactions organized and flawless!

Avoid Multiple Transaction Madness with These 7 Tips