Amazon grocery shopping has been around for years, but Amazon couponing is next level. This makes grocery shopping on Amazon a more affordable option for frugal shoppers like us.

While you can definitely apply coupons and save big on your purchases, I’ll help you understand all of Amazon’s core shopping features, so you can walk away with the best deal. To shop Amazon like a digital couponing ninja, you’ll find Amazon Prime and Subscribe & Save are the best ways to save.

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What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a subscription service that offers its members exclusive Prime benefits, like free same- and two-day delivery, Prime video unlimited streaming, shopping perks at Whole Foods, and much more. Membership costs $12.99 a month, or $119 annually if you pay up front.


Where can I find Prime coupons?

Prime offers exclusive savings opportunities to its members with Prime Member Coupons, which you can find by clicking “Coupons” in the main menu.

There are two types of Prime coupons to be aware of:

  1. Percent off coupons (like “save 20% on Twizzlers”)
  2. Dollar off coupons (like “save $3 on LED string lights”)


How can I use Prime coupons?

If you’re on the Amazon Coupon page, you’ll see all current percent and dollar off coupons. You can clip the coupon or just click the offer and it will automatically apply the coupon. When you check out, you’ll see the discount applied to your total.

You won’t be able to combine these coupons, as you can only use one coupon per item. But, you can clip as many coupons as you’d like!



What is Amazon Subscribe & Save?

Subscribe & Save is a free program for Prime and non-Prime Amazon members that offers a savings incentive worth 5-20% off for shoppers willing to automatically reorder the product in one- to six-month intervals.


How do you sign up for Subscribe & Save?

To get started with S&S, head to Amazon’s homepage, hover over “Account & Lists,” and click “Your Subscribe & Save Items” (even if you don’t have any yet). Once on the Subscribe and Save landing page, click “Shop Subscriptions” on the right-hand side.

Click any item and you’ll see “Set Up Now.” Click it and you’ll see “Confirm subscription” and that’s it.

Super straightforward, right? But you’ll only get 5% off your total if you’re subscribed to four or less items. Just so you’re aware, you’ll also see which discount you’re eligible for with the 5% and 15% label next to the price, like this:

How much does S&S save?

Subscribe to one item, and you’ll usually save 5%. Once you subscribe to five or more items in one month, the savings on ALL items in your S&S cart jumps to usually 15% (20% on baby items for members of Amazon Family).

For example, I subscribed to a monthly delivery of bubly 18 packs, which usually cost $10.99. After subscribing (note I only subscribed to one item), the 5% discount shaved off $0.55:

Buy 1 bubly Sparkling Water, Tropical Thrill Variety Pack, 12-ounce can 18-pack (reg. $10.99)
Use S&S Discount for one-item subscription: 5%
Final Price: $10.44


What’s shipping like with Amazon Subscribe & Save?

Subscribe & Save deliveries have the slowest shipping of any Amazon program. On your first delivery, you’ll select a shipping day which must be at least ten days out. Once you select, let’s say it’s the seventh day of each month, you’re locked into that delivery day every month unless you change it.


Subscribe to five or more items to unlock the 15% discount on subscriptions.

Once you’re subscribed to five or more items, you’ll notice the 15% off label is highlighted — that’s how you know you’re getting your five item discount.


Add inexpensive filler items to your order.

You can find cool items on Amazon for under $5 to add to your Subscribe & Save order. This will help you reach the minimum of five items to get 15% off your purchase.


Where do you find Subscribe & Save coupons?

Many Subscribe & Save eligible items are linked to digital Amazon coupons, which can save you up to 45% on one item on your first purchase. Those coupons appear on the product details page and require only that you select them before subscribing in order to automatically receive the discount. Like Amazon Pantry coupons, Subscribe & Save coupons may feature dollar-off savings or percent-off.



Percent-off coupons are calculated before Subscribe & Save discounts, which means you save more!

At checkout, you’ll see your 5% subscribe & save savings and your coupon savings as two distinct line-item discounts.

For example, I subscribed to a Gatorade Super Shake 12 pack (reg. $19.99) and got the initial 40% discount plus a 5% S&S discount for subscribing to four or less items.


How do you apply Subscribe & Save coupons?

It’s the same as Prime coupons: You can either click “Clip Coupon” or click the offer and it will automatically apply itself. You’ll see the discount on your Order Summary at checkout.


Subscribe & Save coupons apply only to your first delivery.

Subsequent subscription deliveries will charge you the current selling price, which could be above or below your original subscription price, and will not apply any coupon savings. Watch for an email three days before each subscription and examine prices, or you could end up overpaying.

In order to get the best deal, cancel items you don’t want to overpay for after you receive a confirmation email that your order has shipped. Then, resubscribe.


What are Amazon store brands?

Amazon is rapidly growing its store brand offerings and undercutting national brands, which should surprise no one. After all, Amazon is taking over the world.

If we ignore their eventual world domination for a moment, we can benefit from the price competition these new brands are introducing into the online grocery marketplace.

So that you’re getting the best deals, compare reviews and unit cost on the following Amazon brands across grocery and household categories:

  • Solimo: Coffee, pantry and household item categories include beauty products, food, household supplies, and even vitamins and supplements.
  • 365: Grocery items and household essentials
  • Wickedly Prime: Snack food bars, chips, nuts, soup, tea, trail mix, and more
  • Happy Belly: More snack foods
  • Presto!: Bath tissue everyday essentials aisle. You’ll find paper towels, toilet paper, and household cleaners at prices that rival the big box stores. Just be prepared to buy a lot at once. We’re talking 12 or 24 rolls of paper towels minimum or 48 rolls of toilet paper. Since these are the types of products people tend to stick to the same brand of, Amazon offers a Presto! Promise that if you don’t like them, they will refund your money.
  • Wag: Pet food, pet supplements, pet toys — just all things pets
  • Amazon Basics: Batteries and lots of non-grocery home goods like furniture


Amazon Couponing: How to Save Money Online Grocery Shopping