First, Walmart did away with price matching.

But they tried to make up for it by giving us Savings Catcher, a tool within the Walmart app that scans your receipts, monitors prices from competitors and gives you the difference if you could’ve bought the item cheaper elsewhere.

Now, Walmart is making important changes to Savings Catcher, and you’ll want to pay attention.


As of Oct. 29, you’ll have to create an eReceipt in Walmart Pay to use Savings Catcher.

Wait, what? Basically you’ll now have to use the Walmart Pay scanner at checkout — using your phone to scan the QR code displayed at the register.

That creates an eReceipt in the app, which Savings Catcher will use.

You can do a split payment at the register — paying first with cash or another payment type, and then paying the balance via Walmart Pay (which is connected to a credit or debit card). Just make sure Walmart Pay is in the mix.


This means no more scanning receipts, either online or in the app.

You used to be able to input your receipts to Savings Catcher by submitting photos from the app or a computer. No more.


Don’t worry — you can print your eReceipt to use with Ibotta or Fetch Rewards.

When you get an eReceipt, you won’t get a paper copy. But what if you still need one for your cash-back apps?

Just select “Purchase History” in the Walmart App, and email yourself the eReceipt. You can then print it from home and scan it.



It’s bad news for people who don’t have a smartphone.

The change means that Savings Catcher is no longer available to anyone who doesn’t have a way to use the Walmart Pay app.

The change also fights Savings Catcher fraud.

Shoppers have been known to scan others’ receipts — even ones they pulled out of the trash or from the parking lot.

By forcing people to scan QR codes at the register, Walmart is ensuring that people are only getting credit for the purchases they made.

And truthfully, eReceipts are pretty handy because you don’t have to hang on to paper receipts anymore, making returns super easy.


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Walmart Making BIG Changes to Savings Catcher