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When everything costs only $1.25 or less, it’s hard not to get excited. We all know that when we shop at Dollar Tree, we’re going to find some great deals—especially when we can use coupons. And yes, Dollar Tree accepts coupons! Sometimes we get so excited about the potential savings that we make mistakes. Here are the top five mistakes that many of us have made when shopping and couponing at Dollar Tree — along with tips to avoid making them again!


1. Not reading the fine print

Dollar Tree has many name-brand items that we get so excited about. The difference between many of these products at Dollar Tree — compared to other stores — is the size. Dollar Tree carries products with very different sizes. When we find a coupon for these name brands, we need to make sure to read the fine print very carefully to make sure everything matches up.

Fine Print


2. Assuming all stores have the same inventory

Even though Dollar Tree is a national store, individual store inventory varies. It’s the worst when we gather up all our coupons to get a bunch of freebies, only to find our store doesn’t have what we want. Sometimes we have to visit a number of different store locations to find what we’re looking for. If you ever have a question, just call your Dollar Tree beforehand.


3. Not having the coupon policy on hand

Many people still don’t realize that Dollar Tree accepts coupons. We seem to find that many Dollar Tree employees don’t realize this fact either. Make sure to always have the coupon policy with you just in case you run into any problems.


4. Not understanding the coupon policy

Even though Dollar Tree accepts coupons, there are still restrictions. Make sure to read the coupon policy carefully. Dollar Tree accepts up to two printable manufacturer coupons and up to four newspaper coupons per person, per visit. You can’t stack coupons on a single product, and they don’t accept competitors’ coupons.


5. Not checking every corner

Many times, we find the best products in the weirdest spots. Make sure to check the bottom shelves, top shelves, shelf ends, and every little corner. The name-brand products we look for are usually not front and center. Here are a few products I found tucked away in hidden places:

Dollar Tree
Don't Make These 5 Mistakes at Dollar Tree!