Every grocery store is different and has its own intricacies and oddities that take a few trips to figure out. However, Trader Joe’s has a few more differences and unique elements than most. There’s a certain look and feel that every Trader Joe’s has, from the Hawaiian shirts to the bells at the register.

One thing that took some adjustment for me were the price tags. They aren’t the standard typed and printed tags that show the name of the item, the price, the size and a few sets of cryptic numbers. The tags at Trader Joe’s look handwritten, are large, easy to see and are in different colors. This obviously adds to the look and feel of the store. But I couldn’t help but wonder if there was any rhyme or reason to the colors.

After a few trips I figured it out and it’s helped me ever since. Read on to discover an easier way to shop at Trader Joe’s!

It’s in the color

As I started to transition from conventional foods to organic foods, it dawned on me. There was not only a reason for the colors, but the reason made my shopping trip a little easier. Depending on the type of food and the section of the store, the signs will vary from orange, violet, blue, yellow and white. But even more importantly, organic items are green. This is such a great help when I walk the aisles! There’s no stopping or wasting time looking for the organic emblem. Instead, the large green labels lead me straight to the products I need and help me make my selection quickly and easily. 

If you have any additional dietary restrictions or preferences, check online or ask in store for a list of items that meet certain guidelines.


Decipher Trader Joe's Price Tags for Easier Shopping