I like to eat out…and I love to eat in.

The only trouble with this is that in the past I've found that options for "ordering in" are more limited, and often not as healthy.

These three apps aim to change all that, giving us access to thousands of eateries and (in some cases) even pointing us to the healthiest options on each menu! If you’re hungry for more—head over to the Krazy Coupon Lady’s Dining Deals section!

1. Eat 24 (iOS, Android)

Not only does Eat 24 give you access to an ever-expanding nationwide network of eateries, but with two special programs (Cash Coupon and VIP email list), you can earn rewards and credits towards future purchases!

Cash CouponWhen you order from an Eat 24 restaurant that displays the Cash Coupon logo, you’ll automatically earn a credit (10% of your total order price) towards future Eat 24 orders.

VIP email list: Subscribe to the email newsletter (at the bottom of their website) and get Eat 24 coupons via email. You can also view the blog posts online for current coupons.

  • Details: 1,500+ cities; 30,000+ eateries
  • Reviews: 4+ out of 5 stars
  • Special features: Make notes and take pics of your meals, view Yelp reviews in-app, store your credit card/Google Wallet/Paypal info in-app, save favorite past orders and 24/7 live chat support.
  • Get the app: http://eat24hours.com/mobile
  • Website: http://eat24hours.com/

2. Grub Hub (iOS, Android)

Grub Hub is designed to make ordering in quick, easy and cheap. In addition to email and social media coupons, Grub Hub occasionally offers "Free Grub" promo codes, which gets you (you guessed it) free grub at any restaurant in the database that accepts prepaid orders.

  • Details: 800+ cities; 30,000+ eateries
  • Reviews: 4+ out of 5 stars
  • Special features: Pay with cash/credit/Paypal, save your past favorites, save your info with auto-fill, find out about coupons as you browse restaurants.
  • Get the apps: https://www.grubhub.com/mobile_home/
  • Website: http://grubhub.com

3. HealthyOut (iOS, Android)

No matter what your dietary preference or restriction may be, HealthyOut is the app that can match you with a restaurant that can meet your needs. Low calorie, gluten-free, heart healthy, Paleo, low-carb and other needs are easily met (restaurants are tagged with relevant designations for easy searches).

  • Details: 500+ cities; 20,000+ eateries
  • Reviews: 4+ out of 5 stars
  • Special features: Filter by "not a salad" to find filling meals that are still healthy, get detailed nutrition and calorie info on each menu item, find items that match every popular diet, make changes to eat healthier without spending hours researching where you can eat, receive coupons and/or be notified of promotions when you sign up with your email in-app and get healthy eating tips and recipes on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Get the apps: https://mobile.healthyout.com
  • Website: https://healthyout.com
3 Free Apps That Make Eating Out (and Ordering In) Healthy and Affordable