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Depend Products Can Cost $55 - $141 per Month: Here's How to Save

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Let’s talk about a topic people usually avoid: adult diapers. We tend not to talk about it because there’s a ton of stigma around needing to purchase them. But real talk: it’s a part of life. And it can be an expensive one.

So today, we’re pulling back the stigma and bringing you all the ways to save on Depend products so you can bring your monthly expenses down. Some of the biggest opportunities for savings come from utilizing Ibotta for cashback, maximizing your Walmart+ benefits, and even using your health insurance or HSA/FSA to offset these medical costs.

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There’s no shame in needing Depend protection.

person wearing depend underwear looking in closet

There is a lot of stigma around adult diapering needs, but there shouldn’t be. If Roy Kent can admit to pooping his pants after eating too much dairy, we should all be able to recognize our own human condition.

In all seriousness, medical conditions that lead you to buy Depend products are more common than you think. There shouldn’t be any shame in purchasing them, and if you need them, know that you’re not alone.


Depend underwear is a more comfortable postpartum alternative.

box of depend protection with tabs underwear on shelf

I feel like when I had kids, everyone worked hard to prepare me for the realities of childbirth, but no one prepped me for the postpartum period. I had no idea I’d be getting sent home with ice packs and mesh underwear, and massive, messy pads.

I wish someone had filled me in because if I had known what was in store, I would have packed a box of Depend in my hospital bag that first time. They’re way more comfortable and easier to clean up during that postpartum period.


Fifty percent of women experience urinary incontinence.

Beyond the postpartum period, 50% of women experience urinary incontinence, according to the Mayo Clinic. The odds that you’ll experience this increase with age: up to 75% of women age 65 or older experience the same condition.

So, more of your peers are probably (and discreetly) wearing Depend products than you think. If you need them, it’s not just you.

But just because something is common doesn’t mean it’s ‘normal.’ There are treatments available, and you’ll want to get the underlying cause of your condition addressed by a professional. So, don’t just buy Depend protection and consider yourself done. Be sure to have a conversation with your doctor, too.


You may need Depend products for other medical conditions.

person wearing depend underwear pulling on pants

Women aren’t the only ones who experience urinary incontinence. It can happen to everyone, including men. And there are so many other medical conditions that may necessitate the need for Depend underwear.

For example, you might want to pick up a pack or two after you get a colonoscopy. You might also need them if you have Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or MS.

Medical conditions are no cause for shame. And purchasing products that help you live a better quality of life should not be stigmatized.


The monthly cost of Depend products can range from $55 – $141.

three packs of depend adult underwear products in a walmart cart

It’s true — adult diaper needs can be expensive. Let’s say you only need them for urinary incontinence at night. You’d probably need about four boxes of Depend Night Defense per month, which would run you about $54.96.

If you need them during the day, too, you’ll need three to four boxes per month of Depend Fit-Flex. If you were to get four, this would cost you $86.16.

Combined with your nighttime needs, you’d be spending a total of $141.12 on Depend products per month. That’s not a small bill!

Luckily, there are ways to make it more affordable. Let’s check out some savings tricks.


Depend products are HSA, FSA, and Medicare Advantage eligible.

Have money stashed away in an HSA or an FSA? You can totally use these savings to pay for your Depend purchases. If you have both, you might want to spend the FSA money first, as that expires every year, whereas the money you have saved in your HSA can follow you forever.

While you can’t make purchases at Walmart directly with your HSA or FSA card, you can make the purchase with another method of payment and then submit your receipt to your plan administrator for reimbursement. If you’re going this route, you’ll want to ring up your Depend items on a separate order from your non-FSA/HSA purchases to get a separate receipt.

Depend items are also Medicare Advantage eligible, so depending on your plan, you may be able to get them covered by health insurance.

TIP: Have a child with urinary incontinence needs? You may be able to get their diapers or nighttime underwear covered by insurance too — especially if your kids are on Medicaid and over age 3. (Policy varies state to state.)


Get $2 – $3 back on your Depend purchase with Ibotta.

depend silhouette underwear product and phone screenshot of ibotta cashback savings

There are currently four different Ibotta offers available for Depend, which vary by which product you’re buying:

  • $2.00 back on Depend Adult Underwear 14 or 16 ct, limit 3 (exp 3/5)
  • $3.00 back on Depend Adult Underwear, 22 ct or larger, limit 3 (exp 3/5)
  • $3.00 back on Depend Silhouette or Night Defense, 18 ct or 20 ct only, limit 5 (exp 3/5)
  • $2.00 back on Depend Real Fit, Silhouette, or Night Defense, 10 ct or 12 ct only, limit 5 (exp 3/5)

There is also an Ibotta Bonus available when you redeem at least one of these Depend offers — you’ll earn an extra $2.00 back when you redeem one Ibotta offer on Depend products!

Let’s take a look at what this would look like across three different products:

In-Store or ONLINE Deal
$9.74$13.74(29% off)
Pickup: Free
Price Summary
Pay $13.74, submit for $4 in Ibotta credits
ONLINE or In-Store Deal
$16.54$21.54(23% off)
Price Summary
Pay $21.54, submit for $5 in Ibotta credits
In-Store or ONLINE Deal
$22.82$27.82(18% off)
Pickup: Free
Price Summary
Pay $27.82, submit for $5 in Ibotta credits
Let’s say that as a woman who needs daytime and nighttime protection, you purchase your entire monthly stock before Mar. 5, 2023. With these cashback offers, your savings can really add up!


Earn 2% Walmart+ rewards on your Depend purchases.

iphone screenshots showing walmart rewards for members details

If you’re a Walmart+ member, you can earn 2% back in rewards on your purchases. If you’re buying both daytime and nighttime protection, you could add up to $2.82 to your Walmart+ Rewards every month — or $33.86 per year.


Get your Depend products shipped to your home for free.

Another perk of ordering Depend products as a Walmart+ member is that you can get them shipped to your home for free. Shipping is pretty speedy too. It takes just two days or less.


Order free grocery delivery to discreetly purchase your Depend products.

If you need your order fast, you can also shop discreetly at your local Walmart. Walmart+ members get free grocery delivery from store to home, so you don’t have to awkwardly lug around incontinence underwear in your cart or avoid eye contact with the cashier.

TIP: If you’re like me and live in one of those rare zones where Walmart doesn’t deliver, you can also discreetly purchase Depend by placing a Walmart curbside pickup order.

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