Deal shoppers, rejoice! Planning your shopping trips is about to get ridiculously easy!

With the latest Krazy Coupon Lady app update, creating and logging in to your KCL profile is easy peasy. With just one click, you can join millions of other shoppers who have used the free KCL app to access coupons, find deals, customize shopping lists and learn insider tips for saving at all their favorite stores.

Check out these updates:


Sign up and sign in to your KCL account easier than ever before.

No more filling in fields to create or log in to a profile — just use your existing Facebook, Google or email account.

Having a KCL account is a must if you’re serious about saving serious money. With an account, you can create personalized shopping lists and save free coupons right from KCL’s comprehensive database. Plus, you’ll receive a daily digest of the hottest deals right to your email inbox. You’ll never miss a deal again!

You can log in or sign up from the intro screen or by tapping the slide-out menu (aka the three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner of the app) and selecting “Log in” or “Create an Account” toward the bottom of the screen.

(Psst…if you forgot your account login info, you can now reset your password right in the app.)


Sign in to multiple devices with the same account to seamlessly access saved deals and coupons.


Now when you save deals and free coupons to “My List” from your computer, you can access your saved content immediately on your mobile device and vice versa.

Get ALL. THE. DEALS. on all your devices whenever you want!


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KCL App Update 2.1.0: Better Login, Better Connectivity