One of my financial goals for 2015 is to maximize my savings with the Ibotta app. This app is one of the quickest ways to earn those extra dollars! The directions are specific, the offers are extensive, and I use about 60% of the products anyway. If you don’t have Ibotta already, you can get it here.

I’ve had the Ibotta app for two years and I’ve saved a total of $293.75. That’s about $150 per year! I’ve decided that my goal for 2015 is to increase my Ibotta earnings by 33% (which would increase my yearly earnings to $200). Here are six tips that will help you get more out of Ibotta this year.

1. Know that each store has different offers

I learned this lesson the hard way. I assumed that the offers at Walmart would be the same offers at Target, but I was very wrong! A lot of offers are store specific, so be careful about this before you plan your shopping trips.

Bonus tip: I’ve found that Walmart tends to have the most offers and drugstores tend to have the least amount of offers. 

2. Always read the fine print

I can’t encourage this enough. Recently, I got a deal at Walgreens for Cottonelle wipes. When reading the fine print of the Ibotta deal, there wasn’t a limitation on size. I purchased a 10 count of Cottonelle wipes for $1.29, submitted a $0.75 Ibotta rebate and paid $0.54 (which makes it only $0.05 per wipe). If I had used the Ibotta rebate for the regular size of wipes for $4.29, I would’ve paid $0.08 per wipe.  You should always take advantage of rebates that don’t have a limit on size—you can pay even less in these situations.

3. Do price comparisons

I made a special trip to Walmart just to take advantage of some great Ibotta offers. I scored a 40 count box of Zing Stevia sweetener, which was $2.49; there was a coupon on the box for $1.00; and there was a $1.00 Ibotta rebate (making my final price $0.49). Just to make sure I was getting the best deal possible, I decided to check out Harris Teeter’s price for Zing sweetener. The shelf price was $3.49 with no coupon on the box! So, if I had used the Ibotta offer at Harris Teeter, I would’ve paid $2.49 for the same product. This just goes to show how important it is to find the best price possible before you shop!

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

There’s a “help” button in the top left corner of the app and you’re able to get guidance and submit an email if you’re having a problem. Anytime I’ve contacted Ibotta, I’ve received a response in a timely manner. If you submit a request and don’t receive an email response in 24 hours, you can resubmit the issue. Ignoring a problem could keep you from saving!

5. Update, update, update

One of my least favorite things to do is update my apps because I always forget the passwords to my accounts. So naturally, I tend to hit the “update later” button. This is a huge mistake. The updates exist to make shopping and use of the app easier! Plus, if you update the app regularly you can make sure to stay on top of all of the latest offers that Ibotta is adding such as the “Travel” and “Arts & Crafts” categories.

6. Use the product scanner

There’s nothing more frustrating than grabbing an item at the store, scanning it into Ibotta after you get home, and then realizing that you purchased the wrong item. To avoid this mistake, scan the item to make sure it’s the correct one (before you even put it into your cart).

Bonus tip: If you’ve read the description and feel that the item should match—scan another identical item. I’ve had this happen several times, and almost every time that I rescan an identical product—I’ll score the rebate!

6 Tips to Maximize Your Ibotta Savings