The newspaper is one of the BEST places to get coupons. But a single copy can easily run $1.50 or more (for daily) and $3.00 or more (for Sunday).

Read our tips for ways to get them super cheap.


1. Get your paper from Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree stores sell newspapers (even Sunday!) for $1.00.


2. Check Discounted Newspapers to save 59%.

Discounted Newspapers is an online distributor that will get your local paper to you for cheap. They are the most consistent with deals, too.

Just enter your zip code and see what you can save. I can have my local Sunday paper delivered at a 59% discount and my daily newspaper subscription for 67% off the regular price.

That’s at least a $10.00 savings per month. Definitely worth checking out.


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3. Look at daily deal sites like Groupon for up to 93% off.

Sometimes Groupon will offer discounts on local newspapers. The deals vary, but right now I’m able to get my local Sunday paper — delivered — for 93% off! Just make sure you start your subscription within 30 days of purchasing the deal.

They aren’t offering a deal for the weekly paper right now, but they have in the past.


4. See what kind of discounts the newspaper is offering new subscribers.

If you haven’t previously subscribed, or if it’s been a while, then your local paper may offer a significant discount for a limited time. Right now my local paper is advertising a $15.00 discount if I subscribe to 7-day delivery for 13 weeks.

Also, if you’re already a newspaper subscriber and want to pull your subscription to save money, call them first — they want to keep you and will likely give you a discount.


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5. Look for extra savings around the holidays.

They will likely even offer a holiday discount to go with the shortened subscription.


6. Don’t pay for delivery if you only want news content.

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If you aren’t interested in coupons or ads, then consider skipping the traditional delivery service and opt for digital only. You can always hit up a newsstand if you just have to have an actual paper once in a while.

Most papers offer a digital subscription for around $10.00 (or less!) a month. My own paper is offering a deal where you pay $1.00 for the first two months then only $9.99 a month after. Visit your local newspaper website for details.

TIP: This would be easy to split with a friend. $5.00 a month to stay in the know!


7. Read them at the library for free.

Libraries carry multiple copies of the local and national newspapers for anyone to read. You likely can’t check them out, so bring your coffee and relax while you’re there.



8. Get your news fix on the Kindle.

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Is there anything you can’t get on Amazon these days? Subscribe to many local papers through your Kindle app and receive the first at least a 14-day trial period for free.


9. Don’t pay for the whole week if you only want the coupons.

Since most newspapers offer a Sunday only subscription. If you are only looking for coupon inserts, skip the rest of the week for a cheaper price tag.


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