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Sunday papers are some of the BEST places to find savings, and it’s where you’ll get coupon inserts. Inside each Sunday paper are coupon booklets, also known as “freestanding inserts.” There are four different inserts that come out on a regular basis: Smart Source (SS), Save (formerly RetailMeNot Everyday and Red Plum), Unilever Super Saver Coupons (USS), and Procter & Gamble (PG).

But a single Sunday newspaper copy can easily run $3 or more. Signing up for a Sunday paper subscription typically will save you money in the long run when factoring in coupons. Plus, many publishers give the option to subscribe to just the Sunday edition.

Read our tips for ways to get them super cheap. And if you’re wondering why you need a Sunday newspaper, we have all that for you too.


1. Only pay for Sunday papers if you just want coupon inserts.

a person cutting coupon inset out of newspaper

There’s no sense in paying for a week-long subscription if you just want the coupons. Coupons only come in the Sunday edition of the paper, and most newspapers offer a Sunday-only subscription. If you’re only looking for coupon inserts, skip the rest of the week for a cheaper price tag.


2. Check Discounted Newspapers to save 20% on your Sunday paper subscription.

A screenshot of the Discounted Newspaper website showing some of the discounted subscriptions available for users.

Discounted Newspapers is an online distributor that will get your local paper to you for cheap. They’re the most consistent with deals, too.

Just enter your zip code to see savings. I can have my local Sunday paper delivered for 20% off. On Discount Newspaper, I can get the Sunday newspaper for $2.20, compared to $2.71 if I went straight to Tampa Bay Times (without haggling, of course).

Want to learn how to get Sunday Newspaper Coupon Inserts for free?


3. Look at daily deal sites like Groupon for up to 91% off.

hand holding a cup of coffee above a phone on and newspaper

Sometimes Groupon and LivingSocial will offer discounts on local newspapers. The deals vary, but right now I’m able to get my local Sunday paper — delivered — for 91% off! Just make sure you start your subscription within 30 days of purchasing the deal.


4. Purchase a Sunday newspaper subscription directly from your local paper.

a person grabbing a newspaper from porch

Once you’ve explored the saving options mentioned above, give your local newspaper a call. You can normally negotiate a better price for being a new subscriber or when it’s time to renew. You’ve already done the homework on what other deals are out there, so the ball is in your court. I’ve told my newspaper publisher the price I’m able to get from Groupon and they’ve matched it!

Like with anything, sometimes it depends on what representative you receive. If they’re not willing to give you a discount, I would try calling back again at another time. If that doesn’t work, you always have the discount deal from one of the methods above.

We’ve done a little research for you and pulled the Sunday-only subscription prices per week for the top 25 newspaper publishers.

A table of Weekly Subscription Prices for Sunday papers which lists the Newspaper names, the days they are delivered, and their price per week.


5. Get your Sunday paper from Dollar Tree.

Skip the subscription altogether and head to the Dollar Tree. They sell newspapers (even Sunday!) for $1.25. Just make sure to check that the coupon inserts are included in the newspaper before you check out.



6. Don’t pay for Sunday newspaper delivery if you only want news content.

tablet with digital newspaper subscriptions

If you aren’t interested in coupons or ads, then consider skipping the traditional newspaper delivery service and opt for digital only. You can always hit up a newsstand if you just have to have an actual paper once in a while.

Most papers offer a digital subscription for around $12 (or less!) per month. My own paper is offering a deal where you pay $1 for the first two months then only $9.99 per month after. Visit your local newspaper website for details.

TIP: This would be easy to split with a friend — $5 per month to stay in the know!


7. Don’t grab your newspaper subscription from Amazon.

a person holding cellphone with amazon newspaper subscription

I know what you’re thinking…a newspaper subscription from Amazon?! You won’t be able to get your local paper from Amazon, but you can get a few nationally-distributed newspapers, like The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

If you’re looking for coupons, be sure to get the paper subscription — not the digital one. But there’s no savings in getting a paper subscription from Amazon compared to directly with the vendor. In fact, some subscriptions are more expensive.


8. Get your news fix on an Amazon Kindle.

An Amazon Kindle laying on a table displaying The New York Times digital copy front page.

Subscribe to many local papers through your Amazon Kindle app and receive at least a 14-day trial period for free. These subscriptions will be digital, so you won’t get any coupons, but you’ll get the info! Look for Lightning Deals on Amazon for cheaper subscriptions. Like with paper subscriptions, be sure to compare prices. Going directly through the publisher can sometimes be cheaper.

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How to Get a Sunday Paper Subscription for Cheap