I love Ibotta. It’s a simple way for me to save money on everyday purchases. I just find the offers I want, add them to my account, and scan my receipt to begin accumulating rebate dollars.

I used to have to wait until I hit a $20.00 rebate threshold to cash out my savings (and 48 hours for rebates to hit my account), but Ibotta’s new Pay With Ibotta feature is changing the game.

Keep your eyes on the Krazy Coupon Lady’s Ibotta deals page to start cashing in! Here’s what you need to know.


No more waiting — get your cash back instantly with Pay With Ibotta.

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Register a payment card or PayPal/Venmo account with Ibotta, and then when you buy select products at participating retailers, your rebate dollars are immediately credited to your account.

Don’t you see what this means? You could jump right back in line and use your rebate money!

Even if you have like $2.00 in your account, you can use it to help pay for groceries, movie tickets or dinners out — right away.


Your Ibotta rebates basically function like a gift card.

Your earned rebate dollars are immediately accessible to be used like a gift card at the register.

You can spend your earned rebate dollars on a future purchase — like a gift card — using your unique Ibotta code. No more waiting to amass $20.00 in rebates.


Old Navy, Lowe’s, Applebee’s, Sephora and AMC Theatres are among the retailers that accept Pay With Ibotta.

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There are plenty more restaurants, stores and entertainment companies that’ll be taking it. Take a look at some of those stores that accept Pay With Ibotta.


Pay With Ibotta is currently in beta testing but is looking for early adopters.

On the Ibotta website, just enter your email address to request early access.


Get $50 in credit by referring 5 friends to Ibotta.

Gotta do it within a calendar month to get the bonus.


Stack Ibotta offers with coupons to save even more on food and household items.

Ibotta + couponing = true love, so stack Ibotta rebates with your coupons.

Since Ibotta offers reset every few days, you can even buy multiple items in separate transactions on the same day and unlock the offer every time it renews.

Learn more about how to use Ibotta to save an extra $500 per year.


Returning something you purchased with Pay With Ibotta? No problem.

Most items purchased with Pay With Ibotta can be returned for store credit, just like with a gift card. You’ll want to check with your individual stores to get specific details.


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