Price matching is one of the greatest tools you can use as a couponer. Most drugstore chains like CVS and Walgreens don’t price match, however. Instead, look to larger retail stores like Target and Walmart for some great price-matching opportunities that allow for even more savings. The most essential part of price matching is having a competitor’s ad. Some stores require proof of a competitor’s lower price, while others will simply verify prices on their own—either way, bring the competitor’s ad with you just in case! Printing a store policy that includes a retailer’s price-matching guidelines will also save you time and money (and stress!) at checkout. If you plan on price matching an item, be sure that all the details match. Below are some useful tips I like to keep in mind whenever I price match at these three mega retailers.

A few advantages to price matching

  • You can compare online prices to in-store sales. I suggest downloading the Amazon app and using that as a tool when price matching in-store.
  • If an item’s retail price decreases after you make the purchase, you can get a refund as long as it’s within a certain timeframe.
  • You’re able to price match for the same item at a more convenient location or retailer.

Price matching at Target

Here are some quick tips for matching prices at Target from the following:

  • Although not a true competitor, there are times when Target’s prices online don’t match those found in-store. To price match, the item must be an active sale on the website and validated by a Target team member.
  • Competitor ads: The product must be shown in an active ad and be a current sale.
  • Within 7 days of a purchase: You must bring the original Target receipt with proof of a lower price available.
  • Online offers: The offer must be printed or shown from your mobile phone. A Target team member must verify on their computer.

Example: Target is a great place to price match for movies and music. It’s easy to find the lowest price available by doing a simple search on Frequently, movies and CDs are already reduced on, which allows for even better prices. I used to price match a movie that retailed for $19.99 in-store. After showing Target the price I found on Amazon, I scored the film for just $2.99! For Target’s coupon policy and price matching guidelines, check here.

Price matching at Walmart

Price matching at Walmart is super easy. Just keep the following in mind:

  • Walmart only price matches local competitor ads.
  • The customer doesn’t have to have the ad in their possession.
  • The matched item has to be identical to the competitor’s ad.
  • Walmart doesn’t match their website prices, but you can normally order an item online and have it shipped for free to your nearest Walmart location.
  • The store manager typically determines who a “local” competitor is.

Example: Your nearest Target (that’s 20 miles away) has an ad for a 20-inch girls’ bike for $79.99. The Walmart that’s only two miles away from you has the same bike for $99.99. Because Walmart is closer, you decide to purchase the bike there for the same price Target is advertising. For Walmart’s coupon policy and price matching guidelines, click here.

Price matching at Staples

For those of you with small businesses, you may want to consider price matching at Staples for a better deal on your office essentials.

  • Staples will price match products within 14 days of their purchase.
  • The item you’re price matching must be identical to the competitor’s product.
  • Price match guarantee is available when calling in an order to Staples.

For Staples’ coupon policy and price matching guidelines, click here.

How to Get Bigger Savings by Price Matching